One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1485 - Walk the red carpet with me.

1485 He especially loathed her like this. Initially, he did not approve of her career choice. It had nothing to do with his prejudice toward the entertainment industry, but as a man, he felt that it was his duty to be the provider for his wife. The wealth he had was enough to support a thousand, ten thousand, or even a million of her without a hitch. This was no exaggeration. He felt that she did not have to work, but she said that if he took care of her, she would feel like a fettered canary in a cage. She wanted to work and be financially independent. She wanted to earn enough money to support herself at least. He respected her and, therefore, promoted her secretly, yet for her job, she was willing to make such sacrifices. … He only hoped that her beauty and everything good about her was only for him. He did not want anyone else to lust for her beauty. The woman furrowed her eyebrows, displeased that he would assess her career in this way. To her, it was an accident that arose from many causes that she could join show business. When she was studying in the media faculty in college, her dream was always to be a superb actress. She loved performing; it was not about the limelight but more about the art. She loved to take up the challenge for any difficult role. Whenever her performance received an acknowledgment, she would feel a strong sense of achievement. As for the issue about children, she was unlike his impression of her. They were not even officially married yet. Was it not too early to be discussing having kids again? Moreover, she already had two little buns; she did not want to take the risk of Youyou rejecting them if they were to have another child. Would Little Yichen reject it, too? At that time, if the younger boy rejected their new baby, what would they do? Not just the two fellas, she herself was not ready for another commitment. Therefore, she held his face and said coquettishly, "Let's not talk about this now, alright? I'm still not ready. Plus, I'm not your wife by name yet, so why should I have another baby of yours?" The man was a little stunned. He quickly circled his arms around her waist and declared without allowing any excuses from her, "You are my, Mu Yazhe's, wife! You need not consider this question at all!" "I may be unwilling to marry you!" She snorted but her words were laced with slight petulance. He narrowed his eyes dangerously at her. "What? You're unwilling?" The woman raised her lower jaw and smiled elegantly in response. "It depends on your sincerity!" With that, she pushed him aside and stood up. She raised the bottom of her gown a little and walked over to the mirror. The more attractive part of this gown's design was that the lower half slanted to the side. It made use of muslin design, specifically black European muslin, and stretched to the ground in all its extreme beauty. She looked at the mirror and did a small pose. Her proud and confident appearance was definitely the most stunning. There was a point that she did not say explicitly. The reason she wanted to become an actress was— He was such an outstanding man. Before she became his wife, she wanted to be more excellent than before. She wanted to become someone that could match up to him. Yun Shishi looked at herself in the mirror and angled her jaw higher, the corners of her lips arching into a gorgeous smile. All of a sudden, the man's indifferent voice spoke from behind her. "Tonight, walk the red carpet with me." "Huh?" She turned around quickly and gawked at him in shock.