Chapter 424: He Said &#8216;Poo Poo' EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation Shui Anluo thought and carefully looked outside. Since Chu Ningyi did not come upstairs, she looked down evilly to teach her son. "Papa, papa..." The pronunciation for daddy was not as easy as papa so Shui Anluo had decided to start simple. She also wants him to experience how it feels to miss out on the first time his son called him &#8216;papa'. Shui Anluo thought wickedly and continued to teach him in a soft voice. "Ah, ah..." The little darling blinked and cried out, unable to pronounce the word &#8216;papa'. Shui Anluo gritted her teeth. She looked up and checked outside again to confirm that no one was coming up before continuing. "Say papa and mommy will give you milk," Shui Anluo said and made a gesture to lift her top. The little darling was all too familiar with this movement and his eyes instantly lit up. His large eyes shone as he stared at his mommy. Oh, it has been so long since he had his little rice bowl. "Say &#8216;papa' and I'll let you eat. Say &#8216;baba'." Shui Anluo continued persistently. The little darling blinked. He saw that his mommy had refused to lift her shirt and his eyes turned anxious. He babbled, gurgled, and cried out as if to say, hurry up, mommy, hurry up. Shui Anluo's resolve was steadfast as if she was determined to have her revenge. Chu Ningyi pushed the door open and saw the scene through the half-opened door. Shui Anluo had her shirt half lifted and was carrying their anxious-looking son as she taught him how to say &#8216;papa'. Chu Ningyi instantly understood what the woman was trying to do. He secretly chucked and thought, "What're you doing?" Chu Ningyi suddenly asked. Shui Anluo, who was in the middle of committing a crime, nearly threw her son away. Chu Ningyi rushed over and caught his son. "Poo... Poo...<sup>1</sup>" The little darling cried out suddenly after he was caught. His little mouth curled, his mommy was bullying him again. Shui Anluo wailed and threw herself onto the bed. She had taught him for so long yet Chu Ningyi still manages to hear it the first time their son said the word. Why did she seem to hear the sound of her heart breaking? Chu Ningyi heard the little darling's soft little voice and his entire body froze. This was an even more emotional moment for him than when his son had first said &#8216;mama'. Chu Ningyi looked up at Shui Anluo in disbelief. "He... Called me &#8216;papa'." Director Chu was in a flurry of emotions. Shui Anluo gritted her teeth and said, "You heard it wrong, he said &#8216;poo poo', &#8216;poo poo'." It was &#8216;poo poo' and definitely not &#8216;papa'. She was so angry, so angry! "Baby boy, say it again." Chu Ningyi lowered his head and gazed at his son. He certainly did not care if it was &#8216;poo poo' or &#8216;ba ba'. To his ears, his son had called him &#8216;papa'. What was this feeling? It felt like he was facing the sea with spring blossoms. Any honorific form of address could never compare to his son's tiny, soft cry of &#8216;papa'. In this world, some called him &#8216;Director Chu', some called him &#8216;Second Master', some called him &#8216;Crown Prince', some called him &#8216;Private Chu', some called him &#8216;Boss'... However, these forms of address, regardless if it had come from admiration or respect, were nothing compared to this tiny cry. Shui Anluo smacked her pillow angrily then looked up at the foolish-looking man. He only said &#8216;papa', did he have to be so emotional? "Eh, Director Chu, be more reserved, your wrinkles are showing." Shui Anluo scoffed icily. Chu Ningyi's expression changed a little, wrinkles? Does this woman consider him as a seventy to eighty-year-old man? She deserves a slap!