The Queen of Everything

Chapter 81 - Surprise!

Chapter 81: Surprise! Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio When she had called the police, Su Cha had already planned on teaching Qiu Yu a lesson. She called the police just to find Qiu Yu since it was impossible for her to voluntarily tell her where they were. After the police left, Su Cha started. She had been subjected to pettiness in her first life. Should she go on swallowing her pride in this life? Su Cha did not know how to do it. As a polite person, she would not curse people but just beat them directly. After she reached home, she looked at the time. It was two hours before midnight. Su Cha went back to review her homework. She could not let any of this affect her studies, no matter what. Late into the night, she finally finished reviewing. She closed her books and went to bed, but she could not fall asleep. She wanted to sleep but some ideas kept waking her up. It will not be easy for me in the long run. I cannot dodge a bullet without any protection. My personality will also cause me bigger troubles, especially after I join the entertainment circle. Su Cha did not want to rely on Bo Muyi’s protection. On the contrary, she wanted to protect him. She closed her eyes and breathed out gently. She got up and sat in meditation. She persisted in trying. Maybe her meridians had been cleared a little after two days’ exercise. She would try if she could use her last life’s Mental Practice. In her last life, the imperial government had a close connection with the kung fu world. She was Empress Dowager, but if it were not for her superb and masterful martial arts, she would not have been able to keep control of the changeable and complicated kung fu world. Mental Practice was to read silently. It would seem ridiculous in other people’s eyes. 1Is it because you’ve watched too much TV drama? A modern person would ask so. But Su Cha was serious. She kept reading silently. At the moment, that was all she could do. In late-night, she was completely immersed in a trance. If a cultivator saw her, he would probably say that Su Cha showed great promise. A soft breeze started to blow outside the window and finally entered the room as if it were tracking something. It became a little chilly. It was hot in the day, but cooler at night in May. If there were a high-end sophisticated camera here, it would have detected a blast-like smoke that seemed to be whirling at the center of Su Cha’s room. It revolved slowly at first and then flowed into Su Cha’s body from her fingertips. Su Cha immediately felt an air current flowing in her body. She paused and relaxed her body exactly how her teacher had taught in her last life. She read silently and the air current seemed to flow faster. It was like a temperate spring was washing her organs. She felt extremely comfortable. Su Cha immersed herself in it quietly. When she opened her eyes, it was already dawn. She had sat like this for the whole night. She was rested, but not in a regular way. Now she was in superb spirits. It’s 6 o’clock! Su Cha curled up her lips and went up. She sniffed a special smell from her body and rushed to the bathroom. Unexpectedly, she had made it. She wanted to just try in the first place. But she seemed to have made progress after exercising these past few days. Her meridians had cracked a little. She had successfully started a stance of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi! It could not compare with the Origin Qi before, but it was still a great surprise to Su Cha. Her meridians had been completely blocked. She had just cleared them a little, which was far from enough.