Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1231 - Your Honor

Chapter 1231: Your Honor Transn  Transn Su Mo was very excited. His heart was filled with excitement as he looked at the Demonic Soul inside the crystal ball. “Swish!” Su Mo attempted to grab the crystal ball, but a mysterious power from the altar protected it from his reach. No matter how hard he tried, he could not reach the crystal ball. “What’s going on?” Su Mo said while confused. He examined the altar closely, and found an invisble power that was continuosly pouring into the crystal ball. “Brother Su, this Demonic Soul is strange!” Nie Qian said in a deep voice as he and Han Ying approached Su Mo. They had checked all around the hall, but there was nothing here except for this altar and that crystal ball. “What’s strange about it?” Su Mo asked. “Demonic Souls are like Fighting Souls, although they can leave the material body, they cannot live long without the energy from the wielder’s physical strength. However, it has obviously existed for a long time in this place.” Nie Qian turned a little grim, and continued, “Thus, this Demonic Soul should be dead for quite some time now. Yet, why would a dead Demonic Soul be protected in such a place? This is so confusing!” “This Demonic Soul couldn’t be still alive, right?” Han Ying asked in a quiet voice. She shivered just at the thought of that possibility. “That’s impossible. It exists at least ten thousand years. It can’t possibly be alive!” Nie Qian shook his head and rejected that idea. Su Mo contemplated in silence. He agreed that this Demonic Soul was surely dead. If it was still alive, it would have moved on to its next life, why would it stay here? Yet, why would a dead Demonic Soul’s aura be this strong? He examined the Demonic Soul again. This Demonic Soul was extremely tall, almost the same size as the Armor Devils. Its body was covered with heavy armor, while his face was that of an elder. The only difference between it and an actual Armor Devil was its illusory body. It was not made of real flesh. Su Mo did not know what to do with it. He thought for a while, and decided to break the crystal ball and devour the Demonic Soul forcefully. No matter how strong it was, a Demonic Soul with no consciousness could only become his fodder. “You guys move away, I’m going to break this crystal ball!” Su Mo said and waved towards Nie Qian and Han Ying, signaling them to back off. Nie Qian and Han Ying nodded and retreated. Su Mo was very careful to avoid harming the Demonic Soul inside the crystal ball. He withdrew all the sword radiance on his Demonic Sword and let its power condense on the body of the sword. “Crack!” Su Mo let out a light shout as he flew on top of the crystal ball and thrashed his sword on it. “Swoosh!” The Billion Demonic Swords cut through space, each shining of light, and landed heavy attacks on the crystal ball. “Boom!” A loud explosion roared all around. The crystal ball exploded instantly, its broken pieces spattered everywhere. Su Mo controlled his strength in time and withdrew his long sword. The Demonic Soul was not hurt at all. He then immediately activated his Devouring Martial Soul and started devouring the Demonic Soul. At this moment, the eyes of the Demonic Soul that were close shut were suddenly wide open and started shooting Demonic rays all around. Its powerful demonic aura exploded in an instant and filled the entire hall. “What?” Su Mo was extremely shocked. This Demonic Soul was still alive? How is this possible? The Demonic Soul moved its body and charged towards Su Mo. “No!” The Demonic Soul moved too fast that Su Mo did not have time to escape. All he could do was motivate his Devouring Martial Soul to its fullest, hoping that it would devour the Demonic Soul. However, the Demonic Soul was too close to him, and charged into his body. Su Mo suddenly felt horrified, this Demonic Soul was going to seize him! Su Mo withdrew his Devouring Martial Soul into his body immediately. He was horrified. Although his Martial Soul was the nemesis of other Martial Souls and Fighting Souls, this Demonic Soul was so strong that even he could not afford to be careless. After the Demonic Soul rushed into Su Mo’s body, it tried to control him. A strong sense of Demonic Spirit rushed into his consciousness ocean, attempting to destroy his Spiritual Soul. “You’re asking for your death!” Su Mo shouted angrily. He put all his strength in motivating his Martial Soul to devour the Demonic Soul while defending his consciousness ocean. His willpower flowed out of his Spiritual Soul like tides of water and transformed to invisible knives, charging towards the Demonic Spirit. “Rumble!” Explosions kept coming from Su Mo’s consciousness ocean. His Spiritual Mind and the Demonic Spirit were fighting nonstop. The Demonic Spirit was incredibly strong, forcing Su Mo to back off and break apart his Spiritual Mind. Cold sweat started to come out of Su Mo’s body. He was pale as white paper. He was in a severely dangerous state, one bad move could lead to the destruction of his Spiritual Soul. “This…!” Nie Qian and Han Ying were astonished. They did not see this change of events coming. This Demonic Soul who has been here for who knows how long was surprisingly alive! Yet, there was nothing that the two could do to help. “Brother Su wouldn’t be possessed, right?” Nie Qian asked in horror. “That’s highly possible!” Han Ying nodded. Her face was extremely pale as she backed off a few steps unconsciously. This Demonic Soul was so strong that even Su Mo could not survive. If he got possessed, the Demonic Soul would control Su Mo’s body, and his power would increase substantially. When that happened, they had little chances of survival. “Should we run now?” Han Ying asked. “Let’s wait just a little longer! Brother Su’s Martial Soul has that special ability to devour Fighting Souls, maybe he can turn the tables around!” Nie Qian said while shaking his head, “When we confirm that Brother Su is possessed, we leave immediately!” “Okay!” Han Ying nodded. Although they did not run away, they flew to the entrance of the palace to be ready to escape in any minute. Su Mo’s body was shaking fiercely above the altar. He was reaching the crutial moment that would determine his fate. Even with the influence of the Devouring Martial Soul’s devouring power, the Demonic Soul was still incredibly strong. Its Demonic Spirit was limitless, destroying Su Mo’s Spiritual Mind. If this continued, Su Mo’s Spiritual Mind and Spiritual Soul would be completely destroyed within a few seconds. “You bastard!” Su Mo was outraged but kept on enduring. If his willpower was not so strong, he would not have survived even a second. “Thy willpower is not lacking valor for a mere human, but thou don’t standeth a chance fighting against me!” A deep voice came out of the Demonic Spirit. This voice spoke in the post-archean times speach, and sounded like it traveled through time and eternity. “F*uck, I won’t let you possess me even if I die!” Su Mo roared. His eyes turned bright red. If he actually got possessed in the end, he would kill himself in the last second. Even when he was dead, he would not let anyone else control his body. “Thee should beest honored that I am taking control of thy body!” The Demonic Spirit spoke again without any emotion. “Honor my ass!” Su Mo howled. Getting possessed was an honor? What an arrogant bastard!