The City of Terror

Chapter 573 - – Little Girl?

Chapter 573: Chapter 573 – Little Girl? Exodus Tales  Exodus Tales The Mutated Farmer’s Market had no choice. With the Cheng Clan Dojo in between, it would not be able to chase after Wei Xiao Bei with its area size. It was like a big elephant trying to catch a small ant that circled around a tree. If the elephant did not destroy the tree, then it would never be able to step on the ant at all. Wei Xiao Bei began to watch in excitement as the Mutated Farmer’s Market once again fought the Dojo. However, his excitement quickly faded. When the Cheng Clan Dojo shot out lights toward the Mutated Farmer’s Market, it had also sent a few cuts in his direction. If Wei Xiao Bie had not always kept his guard up, he might have already become a corpse. Even if that were so, more wounds appeared on Wei Xiao Bei’s body once again. It was very clear that this was a warning that the Flying Double-Edged Sword was sending him. Nobody would want to become another person’s tool. It was clear that the intelligence of the Flying Double-Edged Sword exceeded Wei Xiao Bei’s expectations. He could not stay there anymore. Wei Xiao Bei frowned. He did not hesitate and turned his body toward the direction of Cui Hu University. When the Mutated Farmer’s Market once again pulled back from the Cheng Clan Dojo, Wei Xiao Bei’s figure already became a dot in the distance. The Mutated Farmer’s Market with its little bit of intelligence roared. The cement continued to surge and increase in speed as it moved in Wei Xiao Bei’s direction. As for the Cheng Clan Dojo, the Mutated Farmer’s Market did not have a way to eat it at the moment, so it could only leave it behind. Wei Xiao Bei ran from the Cheng Clan Dojo to Cui Hu University a few times already. He was very familiar with the way and passed right through a few walls, distancing himself more than 1,000 meters away from it. Wei Xiao Bei was not worried that he would throw off the Mutated Farmer’s Market. Leaving aside the fact that it could sense Wei Xiao Bei’s position, even if he threw it off, it would still be a good thing. Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei needed to go to Cui Hu University in advance to check the situation. This was because a few Weakling Pigs that had entered the place had disappeared. He did not think this disappearance was strange. After all, there were strange Spirits staying there. Those Weakling Pigs’ [Weakling] skill could pass by many creatures, but they appeared to have not passed through the Spirit’s sights. Moreover, those Spirits probably hated him to the bone. They probably noticed that his aura was on the Pigs, so they did not hesitate to kill them. Before he got close to Cui Hu University, Wei Xiao Bei sensed that the strange aura of the Spirits increased several times. It appeared that the students of Cui Hu University had given these Spirits a bit of strength. Toward this, Wei Xiao Bei could only express deep regret. After all, he did not pay attention to these students playing around. “Don’t go there! It’s dangerous inside!” As Wei Xiao Bei was pondering whether to go into Cui Hu University or to stay there and wait for the honored presence of the Mutated Farmer’s Market, a voice could be heard from beside Wei Xiao Bei. This startled him, causing him to unconsciously charge at the person. When he pressed the person’s neck to a wall, only then did he come to. It was a girl that could be considered pretty. Her body shape wasn’t bad. Her clothes were slightly dirty, but she could be a princess that sold wine at Wild Doors. Naturally, just looking at a person’s expression could cause many misunderstandings. One might even have fallen into a trap without knowing it. Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes! …. Wei Xiao Bei’s gaze landed on Che Mei Han’s chest. It was not small. It was at least the size of a mature person. However, this was the first time Wei Xiao Bei saw a status that looked like a student’s record. Compared to other normal adults, Che Mei Han’s strength and agility were weaker. Her vitality was almost the same as an adult. On the other hand, her intelligence and awareness were outstanding! Her charm could also be considered normal. After all, a student like this should be the prettiest girl in school. Most of her skills were related to studying. As for [Home Cooking] who knows if it could level up into [Cooking]. Naturally, what Wei Xiao Bei paid attention to was her special skill. Hiding: Stopping in the original position can trigger this ability. Decreases other creature’s awareness of the user. Seeing this [Hiding] skill, Wei Xiao Bei came to an understanding as to why his [Response Pulse] could not find the girl appearing so close to him! Naturally, her item on hand had caused the effects of hiding to increase further. Concealment Necklace: This object is a gold necklace brought into the Dust World by Che Mei Han and mutated by the Dust World. It creates a concealing effect on the holder’s body and increase the effects of the Hiding Skill. Every time the host succeeds in hiding, the object’s effect is strengthened slightly. When he looked at its description, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but secretly ridicule. This was the second object that he had seen that could evolve by itself. Its fundamental ability was the same as Zhu Xin Yi’s Mirror of Confusion. It could increase the effect of the user’s special skill. Compared to Zhu Xin Yi’s Mirror of Confusion that increased the effects every time she successfully charmed a creature, this Concealment Necklace was even more of a cheat. Every time Che Mei Han successfully hides, the effect of the necklace would increase. There was no doubt that [Hiding] was a lot easier to do than [Charm Control]. Anyway, Che Mei Han was a normal person. She was not a hallucination nor a monster. Wei Xiao Bei relaxed his left hand, causing Che Mei Han to roll down the wall into a coughing fit. She had tears flowing down her cheeks. From Wei Xiao Bei’s point of view, he was already holding back a lot, but for a normal person like Che Mei Han, it was quite strong. After her neck was choked she started to cough. Che Mei Han was now scared of Wei Xiao Bei. She had originally wanted to warn him with good intentions to stop him from entering a terrifying place. However, Che Mei Han never imagined that the man was actually quite fast. She only felt everything darken and the other party was already choking her by the wall. In that instant, the murderous face came towards her, making her feel as if she would die the next moment. Even if Wei Xiao Bei relaxed his hand, Che Mei Han took a while before coming back to her senses from her frightened state. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were a monster.” In the subject of comforting women, Wei Xiao Bei did not have much experience. Although Zhu Xin Yi was a girl, the first time he met her, she did not cry at all. Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, Che Mei Han relaxed slightly as she thought that he was not a bad person. “It’s dangerous inside. Uncle Wang and the others went in and disappeared. There are terrifying brushes and saucers inside. It was very difficult for me to escape from that place.” *Cough, cough* Saying this, Che Mei Han could not help but tremble all over her body as she recollected the terror. It’s no wonder my Weakling Pigs were attacked. Previously, Wei Xiao Bei had given an order to his Pigs to follow the humans. Those humans had entered Cui Hu University and the Weakling Pigs followed them. Afterward, the group was annihilated, or they might have fallen under the Spirit’s control. Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes landed on Che Mei Han’s flushed face and white neck with a blue handprint. “Drink this. You should feel slightly better.” Wei Xiao Bei took out a porcelain bottle and gave it to her. Che Mei Han took the bottle with a bit of hesitation. As an orphan, she had to study and raise herself from 12 years old. The things that she had experienced were things that a normal person could never imagine. This was especially so in nightclubs where knockout drops, aphrodisiacs, and other medicines were used. She had a good understanding of them. It was difficult to discern the contents of the porcelain bottle. However, Che Mei Han strangely felt a bit of trust toward Wei Xiao Bei. After a bit of hesitation, she drank the medicine. Naturally, Che Mei Han did not know that her trust was caused by Wei Xiao Bei’s high charm skill. Luckily, this place was the Dust World, and Che Mei Han had already been frightened a lot. After drinking the medicine, Che Mei Han immediately felt something warm flow from her stomach to her entire body. The pain in her throat quickly disappeared and even her fright had dissipated a lot. “What is your name?” Wei Xiao Bei asked with a smile. Naturally, he already knew her name. However, he could not completely trust this girl. Thus he had to test her character. “My name is Che Mei Han, what about you?” The girl did not think too much and gave her name while asking for his. Naturally, speaking to Wei Xiao Bei had caused the girl to be somewhat shy. “My name is Wei Xiao Bei. This place is not safe. Come with me.” Wei Xiao Bei looked behind him. He had already wasted a bit of time. Although the Mutated Farmer’s Market was a lot slower than him, after taking a look at the time, it should already have caught up.