Sword Among Us

Chapter 561 - Change, Five Elders of Sky Demon Sec

Chapter 561: Change, Five Elders of Sky Demon Sect EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation Happy’s points had jumped from six to seven in one go! That was originally something that was worthy of happiness, but to Happy, the six points were enough to be ahead of all the Dragon Tiger Arena elites. Vast Heaven had four points, and the others in the area did not have a lot of points either. Aside from One Emperor and Silver Wolf who had four points, the others only had three or two points. Happy already had the title of champion of the martial arts tournament in the bag! The one point was basically just adding perfection to something that was already perfect… But that perfection also came with some problems. Yang Xuyan was the most powerful assassin among the younger generation in the evil cult. Even though he had been injured heavily with a single palm strike, it was really just a great coincidence. Yang Xuyan had been on guard against Zhang Wuji, who was his assassination target, but he had been blocked by One Emperor, and his first slash had been negated. His attention was then diverted. After that, Silver Wolf withstood his second blow. It diverted his attention once more, and he forgot that there was someone else behind him. The last coincidence was that Happy had suddenly thought of testing out the damage of Arrogant Dragon’s Regrets against an Inaction Realm martial artist. It was only when all the coincidences were added together that Yang Xuyan fell into misfortune! He did not check the Chinese Almanac when he went out, and the first time he showed up in the game, his reputation got ruined. He was heavily injured by a nameless Life and Death Realm Murong Clan disciple, so his name in the evil cult would definitely plummet to the ground. Happy could be considered to be the second unlucky sod after him. He might have received a point after heavily injuring Yang Xuyan and left a rather good impression on the hearts of Zhang Wuji and Ming Cult, but his identity as the strongest martial artist among the younger generation in the righteous sects were already set in stone. His rewards would not increase, but he would become treated as a thorn by a very powerful assassin and regarded as someone troublesome by a group of evil cult elites. Even though Happy had always sought to become part of the plot, lately, he did not have time for that, and he did not wish for this damn karma to affect him while he was busy trying to do the Nine Yang Divine Skill quest and obtaining the very important Wudang Sect’s Nine Yang Skill… Hence, even if he received the system notification for the reward, Happy still felt incredibly gloomy. “Let’s go!” When Zhang Wuji shouted loudly, and the group went on its way again. Most of the cleaning work ahead of them was done pretty well. There were not many evil cult disciples left in their way. When the remaining ones saw the group before them, they were all terrified into fleeing. No one recklessly ran toward them to try and block them. The group quickly caught up to the main group! What surprised them then was that the situation at the gate was very chaotic! There were dozens of corpses strewn all over the villa. The five elders of Sky Demon Sect led a group of people to fight against the various elites from the righteous sects. The players were also involved in the fight. They were attacking a group of evil cult elders with awe-inspiring presences and extraordinary skills. Wind Chimes, Momo, Little North, Thunderous Battle, Lin Xiao, and the others were all involved. “What’s going on?” Before Happy got closer, he shouted loudly, “Why aren’t we breaking out?” “Cult Master Zhang, Young Swordsman Happy, perfect timing!” The person who spoke was a Wudang Sect disciple whose legs were severed but whose bleeding had stopped. He lay unmoving on a pile of debris and corpses with sorrow and anger on his face while he shouted at them. “Those evil sultists suddenly rushed into the villa and slaughtered us. The sects fought hard to resist them, but we still suffered terrible losses. The sect leaders have already ordered us to kill this evil cult scum before we break out!” Silence fell. The expressions of Happy and the others changed. It might be another quest! As expected, they heard the person continue to speak in anger. “The five elders of Sky Demon Sect are the most ruthless among the evil cult! If you can kill them and take revenge for my brothers who sacrificed their lives, your name will surely ring through the world of martial artists in the future!” The familiar sound of the system notification rang. “Ding! “Received quest. You will obtain one point with every evil cult elder you kill!” ‘I knew it!’ Happy, One Emperor, Silver Wolf, Phantasmal Shadow, Dream Clouds, Zhou Yu, Lu Mingyue, and Night Rain Asura sucked in a sharp breath at the same time… Five evil cult elders meant five points. If they could get those points, they might be able to change the final ranking in Hero’s Mountain Villa! “Brother One Emperor, our chance is here.” Happy did not even think when he looked toward One Emperor. With One Emperor’s strength, there was a high chance for him to get points, and as of then, he only had four points, which meant that he had the same number of points as Vast Heaven and Silver Wolf. If he could get one or two more points, there was a high possibility for him to become the first runner-up of the martial arts tournament. One Emperor smiled faintly. “There’s five points here. Aren’t you afraid of me surpassing you?” Happy smiled and answered, “Nope. As long as I get one point from here, I’ll have my title as champion set in stone.” He did not bother hiding his intention of guarding his spot as champion. “But I can’t kill so many in one go, at most two.” One Emperor smiled before he narrowed his eyes slightly. He cast a glance at Vast Heaven, who occupied a corner on his own, and he arrogantly curled up the corners of his lips. The man’s Six Pulses Divine Sword moved freely, and no one dared to get close to him, but it was incredibly difficult for him to take down an Inaction Realm evil cultist. Their skills were even greater than those of the sect leaders of the six great sects, after all. Blood Robes and Monk with Thick Eyebrows grabbed one evil cultist together. Blood Robes finally showed how strong he was in Hero’s Mountain Villa. His Star Sucking Great Skill was executed at full power, and its might was astonishing. He could already somewhat fight against an Inaction Realm martial artist. Even though it was a little difficult, when he worked with Monk with Thick Eyebrows, they could take care of the enemy. Another one was in Mu Clan’s hands. Thunderous Battle, Little North, Momo, Ancient Wind, and Feng Zhi worked together with Wind Chimes, whose reputation had now spread far and wide. Not only had they managed to encircle one evil cultist, they even managed to help Lin Xiao and Red Dust encircle one too. When the elites from the two top-class elites helped each other, it left many of the other great and ambitious players helpless and frustrated. Even though Chivalry Sect’s Lin Xiao and Red Dust appeared to be slightly weaker, Chivalry Sect had spread through the entire world. The area south of Changjiang and most of the central plains were in their control! Mu Clan was a group of people who controlled Western Region’s desert as well as Changjiang River Basin. In fact, even Class One Hall, who were situated to the north, had to be careful and show respect to Mu Clan. If anyone stamped on either those two sects’ tails, they would basically have no place left for them in the game. Even if they were very strong, as long as they were not stronger than Happy, it would be useless. The other two evil cultists were split between the other great players. However, since they were fighting for their own gain, their strength was incredibly scattered. Quite a few people failed at trying to gain an advantage but were instead heavily injured by the evil cultists, and they could not get up even after a long time. However, once One Emperor showed up, the situation instantly changed! He pointed at one of the cultists with his black sword, and the group of elites avoided him. They instantly gave up on their hopes of gaining points from the evil cultist. As for the other one, he was targeted by Lu Mingyue, Dream Clouds, and Zhou Yu at the same time once they charged over. Happy did not join in their fight. With their strength, even if they attacked together, they might not be able to end one evil cult elder’s life within a short amount of time. Mu Clan already had one evil cultist with them. He did not want to become a target of scorn, but he still had to make sure that he gained more than eight points. “Wind Chimes, Silver Wolf, work together with me. We’ll first get rid of this one.” When he joined the group, Thunderous Battle, Little North, and the others looked over with joy and took the initiative to make way for him.