The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!

Chapter 953 - He Didn’t Come Back (14)

Chapter 953: He Didn’t Come Back (14) Henyee Translations  Henyee Translations “Huh?” An Xiaxia turned around to see a man with unkempt hair and wearing an old denim jacket and leather boots, staring at Sheng Yize and her. He had a nice facial structure, but wore large black-rimmed glasses and had two black moles at the corner of his mouth. He was the type that one wouldn’t give a second thought to. Sheng Yize arched his eyebrows and was going to ignore him. However, the man charged at them, grabbed An Xiaxia by her shoulders, and shook her. “Don’t you remember me? It’s me! Me!!!” An Xiaxia was completely at a loss. She shook her head honestly. Sheng Yize pushed him away and asked coldly, “Who the hell are you?” The man threw a dirty look at him. “You want to know who I am? I’m not telling you!” How childish. “Fine, don’t tell me.” That successfully made the man choke. He then ranted, “Aren’t you curious at all?” “Nope,” said Sheng Yize indifferently. An Xiaxia couldn’t help but chuckle. In some sense, Sheng Yize was actually quite childish himself… And he was indeed capable of annoying others to the utmost. The man turned to An Xiaxia, looking hurt. “You really don’t remember me?” “Sorry… I’m the forgetful type…” An Xiaxia said in embarrassment. The man said in a melancholy tone, “I’m your middle school classmate! Anpanman!” Sheng Yize gave him an “are you nuts” look and mocked him. “Anpanman? I’m Gundam, then!” “Ah! I remember now! You’re Chubby Qian! The boy Momo shut inside the boys’ toilet, and you got your pants ripped off and were forced to sing ‘I’m a girl’!” An Xiaxia blinked. Qian Ming almost had a stroke. “Leave my humiliating history out of this!” Hearing how miserable the fellow had been, Sheng Yize said sympathetically, “It’s ok. It’s actually not that humiliating to lose to Brother Mo.” “…” The fellow was aggravated, but had to keep a smile on in public. Qian Ming said with a sullen face, “I’m off! Bye!” He strutted out of the airport, and none of the paparazzi saw through his disguise. Leaning on Sheng Yize’s shoulder, An Xiaxia told him all the silly things from her middle school years. Sheng Yize watched her with a gentle look on his face. He had been absent from the little woman’s life for quite a few years. He hoped he wouldn’t miss a minute of it from now on. – The hospital. Qian Ming suspiciously eyed the doctor who was smiling mildly at him. “He Jiayu? The guitarist from Starry Night?” He Jiayu smiled gently. “Do you know me?” “Of course. Don’t tell me you don’t know who I am?” Qian Ming raised his chin proudly. “Should I…” He Jiayu was embarrassed. What an egoistic patient! Qian Ming was hurt, and only managed to reply after a long pause, “I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with me. I just have difficulty sleeping and I’m irritable. Oh, and I get pain around this area all the time!” He Jiayu darted a glance at the spot he pointed at, which was around his kidneys, and asked calmly, “How active are you sexually?” “What’s that supposed to mean? Are you questioning my virility?” Qian Ming smacked the table with his hand. “I can do it seven times a night!” “…” He Jiayu was silent for an awkward two seconds before he replied out of politeness, “Wow. Awesome.” Annoyed, Qian Ming shot up from his chair. “Hey, just because you’re a senior in showbiz doesn’t give you the right to be so arrogant! It’s been a while since I was the leader of a gang! I’m telling you, back when I was in middle school, I used to beat the shit out of the primary school students next door!” Before he could go on, someone approached him swiftly from behind and threw him over her shoulder, and he smashed onto the floor. A crisp female voice said cheerfully, “Don’t worry, Cutie He! I’ve got your back!”