You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 878 - The Truth about Eight Years Ago (26)

Chapter 878: The Truth about Eight Years Ago (26) Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios She looked at Shen Liangchuan with tightly clenched fists. – By the time Shen Liangchuan woke up, he had slept deeply for six to seven hours. It had been a long time since he had slept like this. Perhaps it was the drip and the stabilizing effect it had so that he could sleep exceptionally well. To the extent that he seemed to have had a dreamless sleep. The deep sleep seemed to have replenished half of his strength. He sighed in relief. He knew it himself that if he continued without sleep, his body would not be able to take it much longer. This situation gave him a chance to breathe. He moved in an attempt to get up. But a searing pain shot through him all of a sudden. Never one to look delighted, he frowned without saying a word. Looking up, his gaze fell on his leg. What had happened before he lost consciousness came back to him, and he couldn’t help but start laughing. What was wrong with him then? How was it that he had seen Soul Fighter standing in front of that car? He was like a man possessed, dashing right towards the car. Xiao Qiao and Mom must have had a fright, right? As this thought entered his mind, he suddenly became aware and looked up suddenly. He turned to look at the sofa by the side of the room. Xia Yehua had fallen asleep on it. He paused for a moment. Where was Xiao Qiao? He frowned and was about to get out of bed to look for her, however, the ward door swung open and his wife’s familiar silhouette appeared. The moment he saw her, he was relieved. Qiao Lian stood there and said cheerfully, “Oh, you’re awake? Are you hungry? I’ve made pig’s trotters soup. They say one should eat what one wishes to heal. Since you’ve injured your leg, it means that for the next few days you’ll have to have pig’s trotters soup!” Seeing a mischievous and lively Qiao Lian, Shen Liangchuan nodded and said, “Ok.” He broke into a smile. That smile was like light sunlight, brightening the whole room. It made Qiao Lian’s eyes sting a little. Quickly, she turned away and walked over to pour some soup out for the man. Shen Liangchuan glanced at it—soybean pig’s trotters soup. It was food for pregnant women, it looked greasy and just a little disgusting. Frowning, he said, “It’s my bone that has been injured. Shouldn’t I be having pork rib soup? Why is it pig’s trotters soup? Qiao Lian turned frosty at once, saying, “Just drink whatever you’re given. Why so you have to talk so much?” At this, she thrust the bowl into his hands and ordered, “Hurry, drink it!” Shen Liangchuan looked at her with a helpless expression. Then holding his breath, he gulped all of it down. After he had eaten the soup, Xia Yehua woke up. Upon seeing Qiao Lian, she immediately said, “You’re back?” Qiao Lian nodded and replied, “Mom, you should go home. I’m here to mind him now.” Xia Yehua was still feeling uneasy and said, “But—” “Mom, no buts.” Qiao Lian looked at her and smiled. “He injured his leg and that’s all. It will be fine, but you don’t have the best of health. If you get stressed, your blood pressure might go up. What will we do then?” Xia Yehua could only nod and say, “Ok.” After the elderly woman left, Qiao Lian took out a bento box in which she had put together a nutritious mix of foods. After Shen Liangchuan had eaten, she tidied up for a bit. Then she took the utensils to the restroom and washed them. She walked back into the room when everything was done, looking busy like a little wife. Looking at her, Shen Liangchuan felt at ease.