Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 522 - You Have a Problem With Me Sleeping Here?

Chapter 522: You Have a Problem With Me Sleeping Here? Henyee Translations  Henyee Translations Seeing him come over, Ji Nuan clutched the quilt in her arms, shifted her hips back, and leaned against the edge of the bed. “Even if you can’t sleep in the study, the living room has a sofa to sleep on!” The man walked up to the bedside and said casually to Ji Nuan, who stared nervously at him. “I have been sleeping on the living room sofa for two nights. Leather sofas have poor air permeability and are uncomfortable to sleep on.” Ji Nuan: “…” She pursed her lips and still clutched the quilt tightly. “Then what do you want to do? Mo Jingshen, I warn you that I’m a patient…” She felt that emphasizing that they had divorced could not stop him from harassing her, so she could only show weakness to remind him that she couldn’t stand his torture now. Before she finished her words, he had reached out towards her. She was scared and was about to step back, only to see that he took one of the two pillows on the bed, took a quilt out of the cabinet and spread it on the floor. Ji Nuan: “…” So, he was going to… Sleep on the floor? Without any word, he spread the quilt on the floor, threw the pillow on it, and glanced at Ji Nuan, who was sitting nervously on the bed and staring blankly at him. “What are you looking at? You have a problem with me sleeping here?” “…” The CEO of Shine would sleep on the floor? Ji Nuan thought about it, put down the quilt, and said very insincerely, “CEO MO, if you sleep on the floor, I’ll feel very guilty. Let me sleep on the floor…” After all, she owed him, didn’t she? Even though she still hated him for how he treated her three years ago, she couldn’t just be an ‘ingrate.’ Ji Nuan thought reluctantly. Hearing her call him CEO Mo again, the man coldly glanced at her, and Ji Nuan, in fright, clutched the quilt again. Mo Jingshen’s voice was even colder than the air-conditioned temperature. “It’ll be more practical for you to invite me to sleep with you on the bed. Aren’t you a patient? Why are you still so chatty? Why haven’t you gone to sleep? Are you too vigorous to sleep?” Ji Nuan: “…” She went straight under the quilt, rolled over, turned her back on the man under the bed, and slept. However, even though he was sleeping on the floor, they shared the same room. Ji Nuan rolled over again and looked at the man who still looked so domineering sleeping on the floor and wanted to ask him why didn’t he sleep on the living room’s floor? But when the words came to the tip of her tongue, she saw Mo Jingshen was already lying flat on his back under the quilt, his eyes closed. She knew that he hadn’t slept. After all, he had just laid down, but when she looked at his closed eyes, the words came to her mouth again and again, and eventually, all became gentle exhalations. Ji Nuan was about to roll over again when the man’s voice rang under the bed. “Have you been looking at me secretly to see how I’ve changed over the years?” Ji Nuan couldn’t help rolling her eyes and didn’t answer him. Mo Jingshen lifted a corner of the quilt and patted the seat beside him. “Would you like to come over?” Ji Nuan still looked silently at him. His bright and calm eyes, like sparkling starlight in the dark and quiet bedroom at this moment, affected her emotional control. During the day, she could quarrel with him at will, but in the night, she would think of many things, especially when she could not sleep. She lifted the quilt but just turned over. She straightened the quilt and coldly said, “I just heard that you haven’t been sleeping very well in recent years, so I want to see how a person feels when losing sleep. After all, I have never been so calm and crazy to endure everything by myself. These years, unlike you, I ate well and slept well. Nothing could bother me, and I fell asleep as soon as I went to bed.” Hearing her words, the man frowned and looked at the woman on the bed with her back to him. Even though she rolled over and lay under the quilt, her slim figure still looked small and delicate under the quilt. Mo Jingshen had known from the beginning that she would not forgive him easily, but he had never expected that her evaluation of him would be ‘calm and crazy.’ Ji Nuan closed her eyes. It was late at night, and she soon fell asleep. The man who slept on the floor had also fallen asleep in the place that had kept him awake all night for three years. They both slept soundly. —- The next morning, when Ji Nuan awoke, the quilt Mo Jingshen had placed beside her bed had been taken away. She sat on the bed in a daze. After a while, she raised her hand to rub at her hair that was a bit messy from sleep, walked out of the bedroom, and found Mo Jingshen was not here. She took a look at the time. It was already nine o ‘clock in the morning. She slept the whole day yesterday but still got up very late today. Her body clock was out of order these days. It was so close to his company here. He must go to his company. But how about her? She was busy and couldn’t just stay here, let alone that she didn’t have a cell phone. Ji Nuan didn’t want to waste time here and planned to go back to her company or Yuehu Bay to wash up. She walked straight to the door and opened the door, only to see Auntie Chen outside, who was about to input the password of the door. Auntie Chen’s hand froze in the air, and she looked straight at Ji Nuan. “Auntie Chen.” Ji Nuan reacted very quickly, and a gentle smile immediately appeared on her sleepy face. “Mrs. Mo!” Auntie Chen was so excited to see that she forgot to change the way of addressing her. “You’ve woken up? You had been sleeping every time I came here these past two days, so I didn’t disturb you. Mr. Mo told me to come over in the morning and cook breakfast for you. How are you feeling now? Does your head still hurt?” Ji Nuan’s gaze fell on the vegetables and fruits Auntie Chen was carrying. Before she spoke, Auntie Chen had pushed her back to the door with a smile, excitedly holding her hand. “I heard that you had been in England for the last few years, and I thought I would never see you again. I didn’t expect to see you again. It’s great!” “Auntie Chen, you don’t have to make me breakfast. I’ll go back to my company to eat breakfast. It’s late now. I’m going to my company.” Ji Nuan took Auntie Chen as her family, and she felt very warm in heart seeing her. “No! You are still a patient. Mr. Mo has a meeting to attend, so he specifically asked me to buy some of your favorite ingredients to cook for you. Come on, sit down, and take a rest.” Auntie Chen led her to the sofa, asked her to sit down, and then took some fruit that Ji Nuan often ate before from her shopping bag. “I’ll wash you some fruit. Just a minute!” Ji Nuan wanted to slip away from here when Mo Jingshen was not around. It was the daytime now. Even if she didn’t have money or a cell phone with her, she could still find a way to go back to her company. But Auntie Chen was so happy to see her again and seemed to be going to have a good talk with her, so she had to give up her ‘escape plan’ and hoped that Mo Jingshen’s meeting would last longer and he wouldn’t come back too soon.