She was born into a wealthy family

Chapter 688 - An extra chapter, Jiang Xiying

Chapter 688: An extra chapter, Jiang Xiying Qian Feifei MACHINE TRANSLATION Jiang Xiying had already been in the ICU for ten days. When he was conscious, no matter how painful it was, he would look at Qian Shuishui’s photo. He heard that she was going to get married. Would she think of him He smiled self-deprecatingly. That man probably wouldn’t let Shui Shui come to see him, and he should know about his current situation. Little Lin, do you know I have never thought that love is so simple. Love is love. The people around him did not understand why he could care so much about a woman he had not seen many times, especially the manager who had followed him for many years. They did not understand, but he could not tell them because no one would believe it. Even he himself would find it strange. He had thought that this was God’s kindness to him, but he did not expect that it was not his. In the end, it was not. “Xiao Lin, I should be the only one who knows your name. ” He looked at the photo. The look in his eyes was so familiar. “I really want to see you, do you know that? But I know that I shouldn’t see you in my current state. I don’t want to see you in this state either. I want to leave my best appearance in your memory. ” He didn’t dare to look at himself in the mirror He didn’t dare to see his current appearance. “knock knock. ” The door was pushed open. A young nurse came in with a new IV bottle. “Mr. Jiang, it’s time for the injection. ” “Okay. ” Jiang Xiying didn’t say anything. He pressed the photo under his pillow and closed his eyes. He let the young nurse give him the injection. He didn’t even look at the pity in the young nurse’s eyes. He wasn’t afraid of all this, but he probably couldn’t accept the look in Lin Lin’s eyes. After the injection, the nurse reminded him, “I’ll keep an eye on the time. I’ll come over later. If there’s anything, just arrange the bell next to me. ” “okay. ” Jiang Xiying still didn’t open his eyes. After the nurse left, he opened his eyes and looked out the window. “Why can’t I be the one to give you happiness? ” Jiang Xiying didn’t even know that there was a crazy thought in his heart, but that thought quickly disappeared. Another person came in. It was APEI. He forced a smile. “You’re here. ” “Mm, I left those newbies with my friend to help bring them along. I wanted to come and see you. Can’t you be a little more cheerful? Maybe there’s a miracle Aren’t there some new articles now reporting that some patients have overcome their illnesses because they actively faced them I believe you can do it too. You’re Jiang Xiying after all.”APEI couldn’t tolerate Jiang Xiying’s current self-abandonment No desires, no desires. How could it become like this Because of a woman who did not love him and was prepared to marry someone else He did not understand. He really did not understand. Jiang Xiying stretched out a hand that did not have an injection, but the back of the hand was already bruised. “So, this is something that you can not understand. These things, only I and she understand. But the person she loves is not me, not me. ” “You know that the person she loves is not you, so why are you entangled in this? ” Apei really did not understand. Now that he was seriously ill, he still could not forget Qian Shuishui. What kind of charm did she have He was also going crazy. To him, Jiang Xiying was not only his artiste, but also his friend and younger brother! Every time he came to see Jiang Xiying, he felt his heart ache. “Forget it, I’ll accompany you for the next few days. Watch the news for a while? Actually, there will be some interesting things from time to time. ” APEI turned on the television by himself and then played the news. For three consecutive days, Apei came to accompany Jiang Xiying, hoping that he could face the illness with strength. However, he saw that he was getting weaker and weaker, and the time for him to wake up was getting lesser and lesser. At night, Jiang Xiying woke up. APEI raised the bed so that Jiang Xiying could see the television. “What a coincidence, you woke up right after you turned on the television. ” “Maybe I sensed that you were here. ” It was rare for Jiang Xiying to make fun of him. His Gaze was fixed on the confession incident that happened at the Amusement Park that was broadcasted on the television. The romantic flowers and the fireworks confession, would she like it? No one noticed that a teardrop from the corner of Jiang Xiying’s eye slid down and landed on the white pillow. The strength in his body began to dissipate. The corners of his lips curled up into a smile, and his eyes slowly closed. He could also be considered to have seen her happiness from another perspective, so he should be satisfied.