The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 676 - Xiao Yue’s Rage

Chapter 676: Xiao Yue’s Rage Under the 18th floor of the dungeon, Ye Mo ate the Heart piece. Such suicidal behavior made Feng Wu very worried. In the Desolate Mountain, the one and only private fight in history was taking place. Private fights were forbidden in the Desolate Mountain. It was the rule. At the moment, both Xiao Yue and Chu Tian generated their Transcendence Golden Bodies. Xiao Yue’s Transcendence Golden Body was the giant poison curser power phoenix. It hovered in the sky. Every strike of its wings could shake the mountain. Chu Tian, on the other side, floated in midair, holding the huge Sky Killing Sword. Facing the poison curse phoenix, he knew this was going to be a tough battle. In fact, it wasn’t Xiao Yue’s attack that scared him. He was afraid of the poison curse power. Every time their attacks collided, the poison curse power would penetrate his Sky Killing Sword and weaken its strength. But Xiao Xue’s attacks were getting strong every time. Kee-eeeee-arr! The poison curse phoenix screeched as it swooped down from the sky. Its body glowed with the flame of the poison curse. It beat its wings fiercely and rushed at Chu Tian. “Xiao Yue, I’ll show no mercy!” Chu Tian shouted coldly. Suddenly, the Sky Killing Sword in his hand started to shake violently. Rings of shining Profound Qi surrounded his body. With the real power of Profound Qi, Chu Tian hacked at the poison curse phoenix furiously! Boom! In a blink, the attack shook the sky and earth and blew the giant phoenix away. “Profund Qi? You just used Profound Qi? Are you about to advance to the Profound World Realm?” Xiao Yue shouted in shock. She sensed the power of Chu Tian’s attack was boosted significantly. Profound Qi was only controlled by Profound Realm experts. What indeed is the state of Profound? The state of Profound was Profound Meanings, Profound Qi and Profound Mysteries. None of them were easy to understand. The state of Profound was an extremely mysterious and obscure power. The Profound Power came from the earth and sky. A Half Profound expert could combine the Transcendence Qi and True Origin Power to generate Profound Qi. But they couldn’t use the Profound Qi directly. They needed insight into how to create a Profound Mark in order to really use the power of Profound Qi. “Haha!” Chu Tian burst into laughter. “I couldn’t believe it myself that I can already use the Profound Qi. Xiao Yue, you should know that the Profound Qi is the symbol of entering the Profound World Realm. I can master it now, meaning YOU CAN’T BEAT ME!” Chu Tian’s Profound Qi deterred Xiao Yue’s attack. With Chu Tian mastering the Profound Qi, Xiao Yue couldn’t harm him anymore, no matter how powerful her poison curse was. “Chu Tian, I have to admit that you’re quite talented. As I recall, you just advanced to the Half Profound Realm not long ago, and now, you’ve even mastered the Profound Qi. But I’ll still kill Xue Can today. If you dare to block my way, I’ll have to fight you with my life.” While Xiao Yue spoke, she formed a silver armor covering her phoenix. The armor was gleamed, radiating silver. “Now what?”Sensing the change in Xiao Yue’s Transcendence, Xue Can and Chu Tian both panicked. They could tell that the silver armor must be an extraordinary technique. “Why don’t you try it yourselves?” Xiao Yue said. In a flash, the poison curse phoenix opened its giant beak and spat out a flame of poison. Chu Tian swung his sword with Profound Qi and the fatal sword ray split the poison into two parts. Ding! The devastating sword ray hit the phoenix, making the sound of metal scratching. But the Giant poison curse phoenix just tilted its body slightly. “How is it possible? How did my attack do nothing?” Chu Tian was in shock. Chu Tian was certain that one strike with Profound Qi could break Xiao Yue’s Transcendence Golden Body. But now his attack was useless, all because of Xiao Yue’s armor. Xiao Yue wasn’t hurt at all. “What’s the deal with that armor?” Chu Tian asked in surprise. “No comment!” Xiao Yue ignored Chu Tian’s question. She floated at the center of the poison curse swinging the long sword rapidly. The phoenix flapped its wings, sending a violent flow of poison curse at Xue Can.