Chapter 684: Chapter 683: the sound of a gunshot Carefree MACHINE TRANSLATION "No, no, I'm just wondering if there's some misunderstanding between Miss Sheng and Mr. Ji? " The housekeeper saw that Sheng Fenghua was unhappy, so she started to explain. "There's no misunderstanding. He's the one who did this. If the housekeeper doesn't believe me, bring him back for a trial and everything will be clear. " With that, Sheng Fenghua ignored the housekeeper and directly got into the car sent out by the castle. Seeing that Sheng Fenghua was angry, the housekeeper glanced at Ji Jinglin in the car again and then ordered the security guards, "bring him back first. " "Yes! " The security guards answered and got Ji Jinglin out of the car, ready to take him back to the castle. But at this moment, gunshots were heard. Those people in the dark night were chasing after Sheng Fenghua, but the traffic police had delayed them. They were already very angry. It was not easy for them to get here. When they saw that Ji Jinglin was going to be taken away, how could they hold their temper So, they immediately fired. The sound of the gunshots gave everyone a big scare. Sheng Fenghua curled her lips and sneered. Didn't this housekeeper not believe her words? Now she should believe it. The Butler was startled by the sudden gunshots. He looked up and found that there were a few unidentified cars along the road, in addition to the police cars. The gunshots were coming from those cars. At this moment, he could still see the rolled down window and the black muzzle facing them. As the gunshots rang out, the traffic police and the security guards of the castle quickly reacted and fired at the people in the dark night. After a series of gunshots, a loudspeaker suddenly popped out of the dark night car and shouted to the housekeeper, "put down factory manager Ji! " The housekeeper frowned when he heard this and thought to himself, "these people are actually coming for Ji Jinglin. ". Who are they? Could it be that they are Ji Jinglin's people and want to save him? With this thought, the housekeeper replied to those people, "I am a friend of Mr. Ji. Take him back to ask him something. Who are you people? " When the people of the dark night heard this, they looked at Feng Mian and asked, "brother Mian, how should we answer? " "Tell them that we are also Mr. Ji's friends. Tell them to keep him here. Otherwise, don't blame us for being merciless with our guns. " When the people of the dark night heard Feng Mian's words, they immediately relayed the message. At first, the housekeeper thought that Sheng Fenghua might have made a mistake, but after hearing the other party's words, he began to doubt Ji Jinglin's identity. He turned to look at Sheng Fenghua, who was already sitting in the car, and asked, "Miss Sheng, you already know that Mr. Ji's identity is not just the director of Jinglin Pharmaceutical, right? " "What do you think? " Sheng Fenghua asked in return. Then, she turned her gaze away from the housekeeper and looked at the cars blocking the road. With just a glance, she saw Feng Mian, so she winked at him, moved her lips, and silently thanked him. Sheng Fenghua knew that in the base, if it were not for Feng Mian's words, those people might not have let her go. "YOU'RE WELCOME! " Feng Mian replied to Sheng Fenghua, then looked at the housekeeper and the others. She was thinking about how she could make the other party release Ji Jinglin obediently and not bring him to the castle.