Chapter 582: Go and Meet That Man "Madam, are you alright?" The moment He Xiyan emerged from the bedroom, she ran into Housekeeper Lu who was standing at the corner of the corridor. He seemed to be waiting for her and in fact, he had been standing at the doorway the entire time and had heard everything that had gone on inside the room. He Xiyan waved off his concern and didn't even look at him. She walked to the corner of the staircase connecting the second and third floor and suddenly, her legs gave way and her body slid onto the floor. The floor was extremely cold and the iciness from the floor spread from the tips of her toes to every part of her body. However, this iciness was nothing compared to the iciness she felt in her heart. Housekeeper Lu stood at the staircase on the third floor and he held his phone in his hand as he recorded everything he saw and sent it to the woman who was awaiting his response. The woman jumped up in excitement from the sofa when she saw his response and yelled for her mother who was cooking in the kitchen. "Mum… quick, come here," Han Xue couldn't disguise the excitement on her face and reacted as though she had just won a top prize. Her mother quickly set her cooking aside when she heard her daughter's jubilant shouts. "What's wrong?" she asked as she looked at her daughter but from her daughter's expression, she could tell that her daughter had good news to share. "Mum, they've fought. They actually had a big fight," Han Xue strung her sentences and struggled to put her excitement in words. Then, she handed her phone to her mother. Han Qing looked at her daughter's phone and soon, a smug smile spread over her face that was caked in foundation. "That's great," she said with a cold laugh. Han Xue said, "Mum, I'm sure that they'll get divorced if this carries on. What should the next step of our plan be?" Her goal wasn't as simple as wishing for He Xiyan and Ye Hao to get a divorce but she wanted to take back everything that was supposed to be hers. Both Ye Hao and the status as the mistress of the castle should have been hers from the very beginning. Han Qing walked toward her daughter but she wasn't as excited or as anxious as her daughter. After all, she was a woman who was more than fifty years old, so she was a lot more scheming and cunning. "They aren't divorced yet, right?" she said as her lips curved into a cold smile as another plan formed in her mind. "But…" Han Xue tried to retort but her mother patted her shoulder and said, "You should act in accordance with my previous plan and meet that man." Han Xue asked, "Do you mean Mo Yixuan?" Han Qing nodded and her eyes gleamed cunningly as she said, "Yes, we'll have to count on Mo Yixuan if we want Ye Hao and He Xiyan to get a divorce and he's the only person who would be able to get He Xiyan to anger Ye Hao time and time again." —— The Mo mansion was exceptionally lively and almost all of Li Qin's family were present on this day. There were more than twenty of them at the Mo mansion, including her father who used to be a high-ranking official in the central government. Yuan Yuan was extremely excited since he realized that every uncle and aunty present would give him a red packet and he didn't even know how many red packets he had collected this time. Both Mo Ye and himself were carrying large bags that contained red packets. They didn't know what the significance of these red packets was but they knew that these red packets containing money. "Pa Pa…" Yuan Yuan accidentally opened one of the red packets that he had collected and several stacks of green bills fell out of the red packet, totaling 300,000 dollars altogether. "I want to buy toys," Yuan Yuan said as he stuffed the money in a big box. Then, he opened another red packet. Mo Yixuan watched from a corner and his lips curved upwards.