Chapter 214: Chapter 214 – Revived The silver-haired mage asked: [How is Cheng Wenchao doing?] Indeed, the appearance of the mage that Ren Suo selected this time was the silver-haired mage who ‘sacrificed’ himself in the first checkpoint! The commander of the Changjiang Team, ‘Luo Wenjie’ immediately replied: [Thank you for your concern. All thanks to your treatment, none of the Practitioners from Changjiang who entered the mystery realm to explore were killed!] The silver-haired mage said: [That’s great.] As the conversation between the silver-haired mage and Luo Wenjie was all in Mandarin, the people from other nations could only understand what they were saying if there were translations. However, Caroline, who was listening, seemed to understand them. The expression on her face changed as she walked over and asked: [Sir Mage, you have been… revived?] Ren Suo naturally knew what Caroline was getting at, and he controlled the silver-haired mage to reply: [Even when the body of a mage, who sacrificed himself while fighting for the World Tree, was turned to ashes, there would still be a time when the life in him would be rekindled.] Caroline asked anxiously, stuttering: [In– In that case, is the black-haired mage whose face was filled with scars alive?] Ah… Actually, Ren Suo merely wanted to use the concept of ‘revival’ to highlight the powers of the mages under the World Tree, but it seemed to have an additional critical impact on Caroline. He controlled Mage to reply: [Not yet, but the World Tree will never forget any mage who was buried on the battlefield.] Caroline replied: [That’s great, that’s great…] She heaved a sigh of relief, then softly muttered something to herself in longing. The other members of the Watchmen who saw Caroline widened their eyes—they had never seen their female ‘king’, who wielded a whip, in such a state before. “Tcch.” It was not that Ren Suo did not want Caroline’s love for the black-haired mage to be rekindled, but he was the only one in that world who knew that the black-haired mage was merely a character in a game. On the contrary, from the perspective of the people in the game, the black-haired mage was a real person who had saved countless lives. Ren Suo had no choice but to give the World Tree additional ‘settings’. He said: [Miss, I suggest that you should look forward to a new relationship. You would only be left devastated and with nothing in the end, if you continue pinning your hopes on the mage.] Caroline questioned: [Why?] The silver-haired mage said: [That is because, in the World Tree, love is prohibited. All mages are not allowed to fall in love with anyone else—including the mage’s companions.] [Mages remain alone forever. As we wander in the world outside, we can only heal our own wounds.] Caroline further questioned: [Why is that so? Wouldn’t warriors who have someone to care for and something to protect have a stronger will to fight in a battle?] The silver-haired mage responded: [However, what mages protect is not a certain person, a certain nation, a certain place, or a certain thing… What we guard and protect, is everything.] [This includes babies who are crying to be fed, young teenage girls, students who are studying diligently, adults who are working hard, mothers who have to bear children, and the elderly who are enjoying the final years of their lives… The road that a mage has chosen to walk on is a long one; one which cannot afford personal relationships.] [Furthermore, all mages do not know what is ‘love’, and it is not possible to fall in love with anyone. There are only mages who do not bleed and do not cry, and it is only with such mages can we shoulder the responsibility of guarding and protecting, which we have been doing for thousands of years.] [That is why, you should not continue waiting.] Caroline lowered her head in silence. She whispered: [Can there be… no exception?] “Tcch,” Ren Suo chided as he pulled the corners of his lips. Just how profound is this foreigner’s expression of love… The silver-haired mage continued: [You have not known him for very long, and you only became acquainted with him through the fight. Time will dilute your feelings for him. Although his revival is certain, the amount of time before then is not.] She remarked: [Sir Mage, don’t look down on us women.] Caroline seemed to be getting a grip of herself as she said: [I will wait until I see him again, whether it’s one year, ten years, or twenty years!] That’s impossible, you would never see him again after the game has been cleared; this is unlike “Holy Priest: Survival Battle”… Suddenly, Zach said: [Have you finished? There are so many mages under the World Tree, but why are there only so few of you here?] The silver-haired mage replied: [Because we are sufficient.] Zach looked at the horde of monsters and shook his head. He remarked: [I don’t think so.] The silver-haired mage said: [As long as we all die, it will certainly be enough.] Upon hearing the reply from the mage, Zach could not help but widen his eyes. He immediately said: [The Watchmen of the Federation is willing to accept the commands of the mages, please guide us.] After the forces of the various other nations also expressed their willingness to accept the commands of the mages, a sudden thought emerged in Ren Suo’s mind. He controlled Mage to say: [Mr. Zach, your combat power is comparable to us mages, please, go ahead.] Zach laughed and asked: [That’s interesting, how did you know about me?] The silver-haired mage replied: [I’ve seen your duel with Monkey King. It was very intense.] The fact that the mage could surf the Internet made everyone’s eyes light up. Zach smiled wryly and said: [Yeah, and I was beaten up intensely.] [Since Sir Mage has allowed me…] Zach stepped forward. The next moment, his body burst into a white glow of light and concentrated onto his face and back. The light turned into a half-coverage mask and Wings of Light. Then, he grabbed the air with his hands, and two light swords appeared in them! [Let me clear the monsters here!] The angel Zach flew into the sky and bashed into the horde of locusts, who were already suppressed with the firearms. With every swing of his light sword, streaks of light flashed through the air, killing countless locusts and opening a path amongst them! Luo Wenjie snorted: [The people of the Federation are not the only ones here.] He clasped his hands together, then pulled out an electric chain from his palm! The electric chain grew longer and longer and finally, turned into an electric spear. When it was thrown by Luo Wenjie, it turned into a polarizing light that penetrated the swarm of locusts! The other Practitioners with powerful long-range attack abilities also got down to work. Although the damage they dealt was not much stronger than that of firearms, the flashes of light which lit up the sky greatly boosted their morale. Incidentally, Ren Suo also acquired a powerful offering from the fourth checkpoint, which he put to good use here— Support offering, [Might of the Sacred Forest]! A streak of green light began spinning, jumping, and blinking amongst the Extraordinaires. The Extraordinaires who were struck by the green light felt their physical strength rise continuously, and their bodies filled with explosive energy. Their breathing currents flowed even faster, and their sense of Reiki energy grew stronger. [Might of the Sacred Forest: The bark shed from the trunks of ancient trees can release Holy Light, which is able to increase the strength of companions holistically.] Then, there was also the recovery offering that Ren Suo had just synthesized—[Sacred Flag]! The silver-haired mage erected a white flag on the ground, and a white-colored halo emerged from it. Anyone who was within the range of the halo would recover from their injuries more rapidly! [It’s sweet–] A strange, roaring voice emerged from within the town made of candy. A house made of candy in the town suddenly fell apart, and the locusts which had just eaten the candy of the house dashed aggressively towards the mages, as if they had gone berserk! Wherever he looked, it was all filled with ominous black ‘walls’ formed from the human-faced locusts! Even Ren Suo took a deep breath as he looked at the scene. It was simply too disgusting and too horrifying! There were simply too many locusts packed together! Even though the healing ability of Mage was such that ‘if he did not agree, you would not die’, in the face of so many enemies, Ren Suo was not fully confident that he could win against the huge group of monsters either! The difficulty of such 3+ star games became more evident as the game progressed. Did he really have to activate a Forbidden Ability already? At that juncture, blue light suddenly emerged from Luo Wenjie. The necklace around his neck burst in response to a huge wave of energy, and space was forcefully torn apart! A hole in space that was connected to the outside world opened in the arena! Ren Suo’s first reaction was: Was it Dong Chengling? However, looking into the hole in space, he did not see Dong Chengling. Instead, there was only a man who was sitting on an iron seat. On a huge iron chair with many pipes connected to it, sat a lazy young man. It was the first time Ren Suo saw him. Then, Ren Suo’s gaze was fixated on the computer to the right of the man. He paused the game, enlarged the picture, and further zoomed in… The wallpaper was… Nine-tailed Fox?! Moreover, it was a recreated high-resolution image of her?