Chapter 346: Soulmate “What are you saying? Tell me about it.” Han Zheng walked over with two bottles of mineral water too. He looked at his childhood friend who always had the aura of a soldier around him no matter what he did. He teased him, “Your Little Fox is the spotlight wherever she goes. I asked a random staff and he actually remembered her.” “They left four days ago. They only rested for one day. What good luck, A bus entered the county the next day and they managed to catch it. Master Xia, it’ll be hard to catch your Little Fox.” Xia Jinyuan drank half of a bottle of mineral water and closed the lid. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at his childhood friend. He smiled gently. “Do you think that my Little Fox is a brainless lady like all your girlfriends? She probably planned her trip long ago. What do you mean by luck? She never believed in luck. She only believes in herself and the truth.” Well, that was the truth. The entire trip was planned ahead of time. “F**k. There’s an advantage of having brainless girlfriends. I don’t have to worry about them.” Han Zheng was unconvinced. He refuted, “I can settle them with money. I don’t have to run around like you. How tiring!” He didn’t have the patience to chase a lady like this. Xia Jinyuan scoffed. “I can’t understand your way too. You spend money on women but none of them is reliable. Why are you still doing it? I have a hard time but I’m willing to do it. I’m finding a girlfriend that can fight with me and understands me. That is the highest level of love.” “People like you who spend money on brainless women won’t know what a real soulmate is. You’re destined to remain single.” It was impossible to act superior in front of Xia Jinyuan. He would slap you in the face. … Han Zheng got stimulated after losing to Xia Jinyuan all the time. He was so furious he squeezed his mineral water bottle until it changed shape. He gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t even know where she is. Why are you talking to me like this? Pfft!” Han Zheng remained stubborn outwardly but deep inside, he was really shocked by what Xia Jinyuan said. The women that he spent money to get were all unreliable while the lady he chased with effort could stand beside him and fight with him. No matter how he looked at it… he was jealous. Xia Jinyuan smiled when he saw Han Zheng’s thoughtful face. Then, he walked away elegantly without turning back. He felt pity that he didn’t see his Little Fox but it wouldn’t affect his mood. In this vast world, they left their mark in the same place. Even though they came at different times and didn’t meet each other, it was a perfect memory too. The sound of firecrackers could be heard faintly. Xia Jinyuan looked up the lunar calendar on his watch. It was the 21st day of the new year, the 6th of February. He spent his new year in the same place as Little Fox. The feeling was not bad. He jumped in the car and shouted at Han Zheng who was still in a daze. “We’re having barbecued lamb today. If we don’t leave now, those wolves won’t leave any lamb legs for us.” Han Zheng slapped his forehead after he regained his senses. He ran over. “I almost forgot. Lamb legs? They might not even leave some lamb feet. Hurry up and drive. I’ve been flying for almost 70 days so I need to maintain my weight. If I don’t have any meat now, my waist will turn weak.” Han Zheng jumped into the car and closed his door. He raised his eyebrows and gave a cunning smile. “Master Xia, what do you think is the consequence if a man doesn’t have energy in his waist?”