The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 174 - Unlimited Supply

Chapter 174: Unlimited Supply Yunxiao chuckled and did not comment on that. Firecrow Empire was nothing to him, if truth be told. He waved a hand, sending a gust of breeze to wake the several thousand warriors from their shock. “From today on, you will cultivate in this pill pagoda. I’ve prepared four regions with tenfold, one-hundredfold, one-thousandfold, and ten-thousandfold gravitational force for warriors of the Original realm, Two Forces realm, Three Powers realm, and Four Quadrants realm respectively. In the region for Martial Lords, what awaits you is not only a ten-thousandfold gravitational force, but also a surprise. Hehe…” Thousands of warriors all gasped at the same time. A tenfold gravitational force was just right for warriors, and one-hundredfold was already a very heavy burden for Martial Masters. One-thousandfold was almost like an extreme torture for even Great Martial Masters, while for a Martial Lord to cultivate under ten-thousandfold gravitational force was almost like killing him. Moreover, there was even a surprise…The members of Dubhe who had tasted the surprise all trembled when they heard that. Yunxiao saw everyone’s expression, and he said in a loud voice, “Walking down the path of martial arts is like sailing against the currents. Why is it harder to break through as you get to the higher level? It is not because the difficulty has increased, but your training cannot keep up!” He sneered. “You are a Great Martial Master, but you still train under one-hundredfold gravitational force. You are a Martial Lord, but you still train under one-thousandfold gravitational force. And you still want to break through? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Let me be honest with you, the reason you can’t break through your current realm is that you can’t break through your own limits! It is not because of lack or resources or talent, but entirely because you lack courage, determination, and perseverance!” The people present were all tough warriors with certain success in martial arts, not some ignorant newbies. Yunxiao’s words immediately removed their dullness of perception like an epiphany. ‘He’s right! The reason I can’t break through is that I don’t have enough pressure. If I train under a hundredfold or even a thousandfold gravitational force, I will be forced to break through even if I don’t want to. It looks like I’ve not suffered enough!’ Yunxiao went on, his voice as cold as ice, “I’ve once said that if you follow me, I’ll provide an endless supply of cultivation resources for you. In this pill pagoda, as long as you are willing to put in the effort, you will have medicinal pills, Primordial Stones, mystic weapons, and martial techniques. Before training, each of you can claim medicinal pills and Primordial Stones required for you to break through to the next realm. I’ll not impose any limit; you can claim as many as you want, and I don’t care if you want to take them as your daily meals. But, there’s one thing you need to remember: medicinal pills are only supplements, and you can’t rely on them entirely. Also, all the resources in the pill pagoda are provided only for your training. If anyone dares to bring them out, I will kill him without question!” That caused a sudden commotion to break out among the warriors while Xiao Qingwang and the others were so shocked that they were left speechless. It was impossible for any other power on the continent to let its people claim as many medicinal pills and Primordial Stones as they wanted. It meant that they no longer had to worry about cultivation resources, and they could focus all their energy on training. The members of Merak were the most deeply touched. They were all lone warriors before this, and what they lacked the most were cultivation resources. It was very common for them to fight to the death just for a medicinal pill or half a piece of Primordial Stone. Therefore, when they heard they would be provided with an endless supply of cultivation resources, they felt like they were dreaming, and they all looked at each other in disbelief. Neng Feichen was completely struck dumb as well. If Dhyana Sect could be so rich, it would not have stayed in Mount Qiyun for thousands of years and depended on others for a living. Even Qian Duoduo was speechless, with his mouth left hanging open. He was born in a superpower, and he had seen all kinds of resources. Apart from those ninth-tier medicinal pills, there was nothing that could surprise him. But now, he was completely shocked by Yunxiao’s generous offer. It was such a heaven-defying offer! Yunxiao looked at everyone’s dumbfounded expression with satisfaction. That was exactly the effect he wanted. It was only after getting the resources and Primordial Stones from Tianyuan Trading Company and Myriad Treasures Store, taking away part of the saving Dhyana Sect had accumulated for thousands of years, robbing everything from Supreme Palace’s treasury, and most importantly, with the full support of Zhang Qingfan and dozens of alchemists, that Yunxiao could activate the training mode with an unlimited supply. Even so, he also knew that it would not last long. Otherwise, Yanwu would soon become one of the top powers on the Heavenly Martial Continent, not to mention the number one power in Firecrow Empire. The reason why those superpowers on the continent were so fearful was that in addition to their great fighting strength, they had resources that they had accumulated for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. If they wanted, they could double or even multiply the strength of their sects in a short period. The immeasurable resource advantage was even more frightening than the apparent fighting strength. And the reason why the Sea of Soul Formation could become an existence beyond the Holy Realm was that it brought together the best alchemists in the whole continent, who constantly created all kinds of top resources that attracted the strongest warriors to trade there. The cultivation of warriors mainly depended on innate talents and fated chances, but the existence and continuation of those superpowers depended entirely on the accumulation of various resources. It was only when a sect was in a crisis that it would resort to the method of providing unlimited cultivation resources like Yunxiao did just now, and what he did now was a prelude to the rapid rise of Yanwu in the short term. Li Chunyang said worriedly, “The consumption is so tremendous that I don’t think we can last for too long. What should we do if we run out of resources?” He was a seasoned general, so he naturally knew the importance of wealth. Resources were what war was all about after all! Yunxiao chuckled and said, “Where do you think our resources came from? We borrowed, we robbed. When we are stronger, we will borrow and rob again.” His words sent everyone into a stupor. Looking at the unimpressed expression on the faces around him, Yunxiao said coldly, “Do you think I’m just talking nonsense? Tell me then, which of the major powers did not rob the rivers and mountains they have occupied? Are those rivers and mountains distributed according to needs? No! It is all about natural selection, and only the fittest can survive!” Everyone fell silent immediately. Although what Yunxiao said sounded exaggerated, it was the fact, and they knew it. Why could those major powers enjoy various natural resources while they had to risk their lives everywhere just to earn a living? “So, work hard, each one of you! Resources are fixed, and the more you consume, the more you will get. For those who fail to make progress, I’m sorry, but Yanwu doesn’t keep cripples.” After saying that, Yunxiao vanished directly from where he stood and came to the cavern beneath Mount Inch. The following tasks were handed over to Neng Feichen and Hong Bing. Everything was arranged properly, and they just had to follow the plan. As for Dubhe, it was originally under the command of Chen Dasheng, and after he died, Yunxiao intended to let Luo Yunshang take over the command. But, she rejected that offer, so he gave it to Yian. Meng Wu was still lying quietly in the array of life. Life force was rushing endlessly into her body, and it looked as if she were asleep, serene, and quiet, but she would never wake up. After examining her with divine sense, Yunxiao sighed and murmured to himself, “The Soul Nourishing Wood is produced by Kunwu Divine Tree through gathering a large amount of life force and energy essence in the Four Seas. It is a precious treasure of the sea clan, and only the four imperial families and the Bo family have some in their reserves. Asking is certainly useless…unless I can restore the peak strength of my previous life and rob it from them.” His eyes gleamed fiercely, but they dimmed down in the next instant. Even he had no idea when he could restore the peak strength of his previous life, and Meng Wu might not make it to that day. Yunxiao felt a stab of pain in his heart as he looked at her young, delicate face, which was gentle and graceful under the blanket of blue Primordial Qi with a hint of a smile. He turned away and dared not to look at her again. Darkthunder was still sleeping outside the array. It had not woken up since taking the Nine Orifices pill, but the demonic aura emanating with its breaths was growing stronger. Yunxiao patted its forehead and said softly, “Whether you can break through this barrier depends on your luck.” There was a strict lineage in the world of demon beasts. For example, Darkthunder was a fifth-tier demon beast, and it would stay as a fifth-tier demon beast its whole life. At most, it could climb up to the peak of the fifth-tier, and it was all due to the bloodline. Although demon beasts were powerful, they lacked the hope to advance to higher levels when compared to human beings. But, there were some special cases, such as taking rare herbs or having some mutations, which allowed demon beasts to break through the restriction of bloodline and reach higher levels. But, these cases were extremely rare. Darkthunder’s current aura was stuck right at the peak of the fifth-tier, and as it breathed, it was slowly accumulating power, as if about to break through at any time. “Eh? What is this smell?” Yunxiao lifted his head suddenly, his eyes flashed with a shocked look. With a blink, he disappeared from beside Darkthunder instantly and reached somewhere deep in the cavern. Wisps of green aura drifted out of a hollow about the size of a room, which was slowly corroding and dissolving the surrounding walls, causing them to produce a nasty smell. “Fu*k! I can’t believe this boy ate the whole poisonous egg in one go!” Yunxiao cursed and made Primordial Qi hover around him to form a barrier, then walked into the hollow. Meng Bai had turned green all over and was sitting cross-legged in the center. Covered with tiny blisters, his skin began to rot, and foul-smelling green fluid was seeping out from the parts that had festered. Beside him lay a broken eggshell, and its contents were all gone. “Not bad, eating raw is more nutritious. The purpose of the poisonous ferret is to trigger the natural toxicity in you, but judging from what I see, it is going to take a very long time. Well, let me go and find you a stronger catalyst!” While frowning, Yunxiao paced back and forth in the cavern. After pondering for a moment, he left the Divine Realm Tablet and headed toward Firecrow Empire alone. Within tens of thousands of miles around Yanwu, the best place to provide materials was naturally the place where the strongest alchemists of the empire gathered—the Alchemist Association of the Firecrow Empire.