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Chapter 250 - His Elder Sister Could Make Up for His Lack of Talent!

Chapter 250: His Elder Sister Could Make Up for His Lack of Talent! Leg hair! Could it be that… Xiaoyan trembled. “What are you thinking about?” Lu Ming said unhappily, “Find me someone who doesn’t have hair on their legs!” These few guys! They even discussed if his thigh was thick enough… In the blink of an eye, the topic had changed to leg hair? Crap! Who doesn’t have hair on their legs? There is leg hair as long as there are pores… If one pays close attention, one can discover a layer of facial hair above the upper lip of a woman… The denser ones look like a mustache… Besides… I’m a true man. What’s wrong with having leg hair?! Can’t I be extremely masculine? It was a pity… His disciples ignored him. “Senior sister, how do you know?” Xiaoyan asked discreetly. “I saw it when master was soaking his legs in water,” Xiaobai said quietly. “O-oh. Oh.” Xiaoyan suddenly realized something. “Come, senior sister.” Li Haoran said in a hushed voice, “I’ll give you a secret formula for hair removal. When you go back, let master use it. All his hair will be gone after soaking in tea…” “Okay.” Xiaobai was elated. She also felt that the hair on her master’s leg was unsightly. Although he was not as hairy as the average person, it could not escape the sharp eye of a cultivator. Lu Ming looked sullen. He kept having the feeling that he had wasted his efforts in nurturing these disciples… Also! What did he mean by ‘all his hair will be gone’! What if all the hair on my scalp were to fall out? I am no longer a programmer, alright?! … Not too far in the distance. There was total silence at the entrance of the school. Everyone then came to their senses. Seemingly, Zi Yang Combat College had been beaten to a pulp? Alright. They had been beaten to a pulp! From the students to the teachers to the school management! Furthermore, their opponents… were merely a sixteen-year-old teen and a twelve-year-old girl! It was too horrifying! It was too terrifying! … “So, this is what a genius is like?” “I guess so.” “If they are not geniuses, then how are the rest of the people going to deal with this?” “But then again…. Why is Lu Ming and his team so powerful?” “I don’t know.” People were perplexed. This was because the abilities they had released were new and unprecedented! Perhaps… This was the Sword Card master vocation! “Sword Card Master…” Some people had had a taste of it. Perhaps… They really had to take this vocation more seriously! In the past, they thought that this vocation was just fooling around. Judging from the current situation, the potential of this vocation was terrifying. This was an ultra powerful vocation! It was invincible! Damn it! They were even unequaled by people who were two levels above them?! … Among the crowd… An elder focused his gaze. “Xiaoliu.” “Yes.” “When you go back, send me all the information you can find about Sword Card Master.” “Yes.” “New vocation: Sword Card Master… Ah, it’s quite good. Perhaps now is the time for revolution of the outdated cultivator world…” … At this very moment… Near the school entrance. The students and teachers from Zi Yang Combat College wore ugly expressions. They had suffered a crushing defeat… It was a huge embarrassment! “Where’s the principal?” “He had been cultivating in seclusion.” “Should we alert him…” “Forget it. Don’t you find it embarrassing to fight with a student? The vice-principal has been beaten hollow. If the principal comes… It’ll be fine if he wins. But if he loses…” “Impossible?” “Haha, that’s what you said earlier.” The teachers glanced at each other and they didn’t dare alert the principal. Yes. What if they were to lose? It would not be honorable to win either! Even though the principal was a six-star and, logically-speaking, he could not lose. However, this thinking was useless when it came to a strange and mysterious guy like Lu Ming and this kind of new and amazing vocation… The principal… was already their best asset. Hence, the teachers no longer brought up the situation. A distance away, the principal was cultivating in seclusion in the depths of the college. Never did he, who had a stellar reputation for both his ethics and cultivation skills, imagine that he would unknowingly become their last resort. … “What exactly do you want?” A female teacher glanced at Lu Ming. “Get him to apologize.” Lu Ming’s expression dimmed. “Sure.” The female teacher asked the students to save the five-star Swordsman. Unfortunately, he was stuck too deep this time and they could not pull him out after a long time… After all… The door of the school entrance was not built with ordinary materials. After all… When the vice-principal was blasted out, there was only a small pit. The Swordsman had really been smashed too hard…. … “It’s okay.” Lu Ming smiled faintly. “That will do as well. Just wake him up.” “Okay,” the female teacher agreed. Lu Ming merely wanted an apology. That was reasonable. Well… Then… She got a few people to wake the five-star Swordsman up. … “Very good.” Lu Ming smiled faintly and looked up. “How’s your brother up there doing?” The five-star Swordsman was silent. He could apologize if he was not as good as the others! However… Why did he have to apologize here?! He was dangling from the signboard of the school? Suspended above the entrance of the college?! “I…” He felt extremely aggrieved. He could sense that everyone’s intense gaze was on him. Suspended above the school signboard, he felt extremely humiliated! Pfft! He spat a mouthful of fresh blood out. “Apologize.” The voice of the female teacher suddenly rang by his ears. “After you apologize, this will end and I will chase the crowd away. Otherwise, there will only be more and more onlookers watching you.” The five-star Swordsman looked at the crowd. True enough. More and more people were walking towards them out of curiosity. After all… Not many people could turn a five-star Swordsman into a spectacle. “I’m sorry!” the five-star Swordsman gritted his teeth and said. “Say it to my disciple.” Lu Ming pulled Li Haoran in front of him. “S-sorry!” the five-star Swordsman enunciated every syllable. “Very good.” Lu Ming was satisfied. “In that case, our exchange match ends here. There was no need to have such an intense competition in the first place. After all… It was a friendly match.” The female teacher was silent. She suddenly had a strong urge to punch Lu Ming. Endure it. She had to endure it. “Bye.” Lu Ming left with his disciples. Their exchange match finally came to a close. The onlookers also began to leave. They had been watching excitedly and even took many photographs and videos which they disseminated on the web. All of a sudden… The #Zi Yang College Exchange Match went viral! Sword Card Master! This was also the first time that the vocation truly appeared in the eyes of the public! A new vocation! And this vocation was that powerful?! … “Sword Card Master…” Countless people said the name quietly. At that very moment… Many young boys and girls who were contemplating their choice of vocation also had also seen the battle. When they saw the moment when Lu Ming dissipated the attack, when they saw the shocking power and the dominance of a three-star who fought a five-star head-on, they decided their dream vocation without any hesitation — I want to become a Sword Card Master! However… Their dream was crushed before it could even take flight. This was because of the prerequisites of a Sword Card Master! “Crap, these kinds of prerequisites…” “It’s the first time that I see such terrifying basic requirements!” “Swordsmanship talent, card creating talent, top-notch resources…” “Oh my goodness!” Everyone was in shock. It was no wonder that a Sword Card Master was that powerful! Such requirements… … The Sword Card Master vocation became famous. Unexpectedly, its popularity exploded. It was because this was a vocation that everyone could only look up to! Many people were unable to meet the requirements and could only ridicule it online. Nevertheless, this further increased its popularity. At the same time… The prerequisites of a Sword Card Master, its requirements, and even the joke about Lu Ming having a powerful sister were brought up again… “Who said that we have to meet all the requirements? I heard that having a sister like Lu Yan also works.” “Haha, that’s so true” “One Lu Yan is enough to meet all the requirements!” “Amazing.” … For the netizens, the prerequisites of a Sword Card Master transformed into either various kinds of strict requirements or having a sister like Lu Yan. This meant that if the applicant did not meet the standards or the prerequisites of a Sword Card Master, they could also make it up by having an elder sister! Furthermore… After everyone’s research, the conversation was getting more and more off topic. “Why does it have to be an elder sister?” “Is an elder brother okay?” “That won’t do.” “Why?” “I heard that the pioneer of the Sword Card Master, Lu Ming, chose this path because of his sister. There’s also a cultivation path which is customized for elder sisters and younger sisters… I heard that the brother can inherit a part of his sister’s talent.” “It’s that amazing?!” “What do you think?” Everyone was shocked. They were super geniuses indeed to be able to think such things. It was just that… What kind of mysterious secret technique did he inherit from his older sister?! Hence… Noble netizens searched for the information seriously and found some mysterious information about inheriting talent in some ancient literature. “I’ve found it!” “Look, the sister is the ‘yin’ aura and the brother is the ‘yang’ aura. Through such a method, the ‘ying’ aura will be certified by heaven and earth and then engraved on the ‘yang’ body…” “Will this also work for older brothers and younger sisters?” “Not really. It will only benefit the male.” “On what grounds?” “Because this is a mysterious technique of the ancient royal family and was created for the crown prince of that time. It is for the purpose of ensuring the kingdom’s prosperity and strengthening the power of the king…” “I see.” Everyone was suddenly enlightened. They were busy discussing Lu Ming. On their own initiative, they even found related official documents and mysterious techniques… It turns out that those tactics actually existed during ancient times! Hence… The initial joke of ‘Elder sister making up for the lack of talent’ which was meant to ridicule Lu Ming turned out to be true! It had been verified by the resourceful netizens! As such… A powerful elder sister was once again the requirement of becoming a Sword Card Master! “Did Lu Ming pick up this mysterious technique?” “I don’t know. However, even if it’s not the same one, it won’t be too far off. Otherwise, having a powerful elder sister wouldn’t be one of the requirements…” “Amazing!” “In that case, I want to give it a try too!” “You have such little talent, will it work?” “My talent isn’t enough but my elder sister is a super genius…” … “That… May I ask.. Is it too late to get my parents to give birth to an elder sister now?” “Of course not!” “It’s not entirely impossible. I heard of a forbidden place with disordered time. If you can get your parents to create a baby or bring back an elder sister…” “I’m begging you to give me the address!” “Begging for the address + 1!” [1. 1 is the Chinese internet slang which stands for agreement] “Begging for the address + 10086!” [2. 10086 is the Chinese Internet Slang which stands for ‘I absolutely agree’] … At this very moment… Somewhere. Standing on the rooftop of a high-rise building, Zhao Yunshan was overlooking the world at his feet. Beneath his feet… All the buildings had become very small. He was on a building that was too tall. It towered into the clouds! He loved this view very much, because it gave him a feeling that he owned the world, especially, since all the densely built buildings in his line of sight… belonged to his family! This was the business empire of his family. When he looked down… Everything that came into his view belonged to him. When he looked up… The things flying in the sky were also his. However… It was only restricted to a small part of this world and within this city. … He had seen how big the world was. He had been to forbidden lands filled with ruins, treaded on legacy sites between oceans, went to legacies in the heights of the sky and seen too many mysterious things… A legacy site! A Swordsman! This was the dream that he was chasing! It was a pity… His talent was truly lacking… The Lunar Shadow legacy had impacted him so much that he had to give up on his dream. As a Swordsman, his talent could not even be compared to a Card Creator! Lu Ming… Yes. He could not even beat Lu Ming. What could he use to compete with Lu Yan? Money? Hehe. Money is indeed almighty! It’s a pity… Some things are an exception… … Sword… A touch of radiance appeared in Zhao Yunshan’s hands but disappeared afterward. Forget it. What’s the point? Since he had decided to give up, he should focus on managing the company. However… At this moment. News suddenly popped up on the screen. Through the connected projector, it appeared virtually in front of him. On it was a combat scene… The fight where Lu Ming fought a five-star Swordsman head-on! Whoosh! Zhao Yunshan’s eyes widened suddenly. This… How could this be possible?! Lu Ming could actually fight a five-star head-on now?! Also… What was the Sword Card Master vocation? It had not been long since he left the Lunar Shadow legacy. Why did he feel as though he could not recognize this world anymore? Lu Ming’s combat ability… He was going to catch up with Lu Yan soon! Of course. more importantly… He saw Lu Ming’s attack and the Original Card floating… Wait a minute. A Card Creator could be that dashing? No. A Sword Card Master! Zhao Yunshan poured over the vocation requirements of a Sword Card Master and actually felt tempted for a moment, especially when he saw that thread about elder sister… His elder sister could make up for his lack of talent! It turned out that… This could do as well! A Swordsman! Sword Card Master… Shush! Zhao Yunshan suddenly felt excited. Dee— He simply called his father. “Dad, I agree to the deal between you and Auntie Mo!” “Really?” His father was suddenly emotional. Oh my goodness! His son actually agreed! When he last mentioned it, his son almost cut someone with his sword… After all, it was a mistake that he made when he was young… Unexpectedly! His son actually agreed now! “Yes. However, I just want to find something out.” Zhao Yunshan paused for a moment and said in a low voice, “Auntie Mo’s child. That woman… Is she really your flesh and blood, your biological daughter?” “Yes.” “So, she is biologically my elder sister?” Zhao Yunshan said in a low voice. “I’m sorry.” The person at the other side of the phone was filled with guilt. When he broke up with her and left her, he did not expect that she was already pregnant! Many years after Yunshan’s mother died, he remembered his past and returned to where he came from. He then discovered her secret! However… The mistake he made had greatly let down his two children… Unexpectedly… Yunshan actually agreed! “If you don’t agree, I…” He felt somewhat guilty. “No, I agree.” Zhao Yunshan was overjoyed. “Huh?” “It’s nothing. That’s decided then. Both of you should get married soon!” “Huh?” “The Civil Affairs Bureau is not open today… I think. Forget it. Let’s go and knock on their door directly.” “Huh?” … On the web. There were still heated discussions about ‘Sword Card Master’. At the same time, Lu Ming’s communication device also began to vibrate violently. One by one, applications to the Sword Card Master association kept coming in… Lu Ming was between laughter and tears. These people really believed that Sword Card Master was a good vocation? It was really… “Master, what should we do?” Li Haoran was excited. It had begun! It had begun! The Sword Card Master vocation had finally gained some fame. The next step was to expand it! “You can make the arrangements.” Lu Ming stretched himself lazily. He could not be bothered with these things. He knew that most people adopted the attitude of joining the fad and thus clicked ‘apply’…. After all… Given the stringent requirements to become a sword card master, how many could really become one? “No matter what, don’t lower the requirements,” Lu Ming instructed. “Understood!” Li Haoran looked serious. A Sword Card Master must not lower their standards! In his heart, his master was the blueprint of a Sword Card Master. In essence, even he and Xiaoyan had not met his master’s requirements! Only Senior sister could barely meet them! Since this was the case… How could he possibly lower the requirements?! Also… After his fight, there were many things that he wanted to write down. For example— “The Compulsory Ability of a Sword Card Master — Nurturing the Compact Disc Mental State!” Or: “Spectacular Performance During a Fight — Sealing During Combat: From Entry Level to Expert!” Wait a minute. There were too many things. This fight had been extremely rewarding. The combats fought by master and Senior sister gave them great clarity on the journey of the Sword Card Master that lay ahead. They were also more motivated to move on now! … Hence… When he returned to the hotel… He reviewed the documents and began to refine them. He handed the job of assessing the requirements of Sword Card Master to the teenager in black. He would look at it only if the applicant could meet the requirements. “Yo, someone met the requirements!” the teenager in black suddenly said. “Oh?” Li Haoran perked up. He had been reviewing for three hours and none met the requirements! “This….” “Eh? “Zhao Yunshan?!” Li Haoran took a closer look at his information. Only one word flashed across his mind – Amazing! Peak five-star Swordsman! He was not too old! He was willing to re-cultivate to become a Sword Card Master! He also had an elder sister who was terrifyingly powerful! And… A business empire! “It’s him, then!” Li Haoran was elated. There were in fact many grand plans in his mind. However, due to limited funds and other constraints, he could not launch them. However, if Zhao Yunshan were to join them… He could also re-organize the Sword Card Master guidelines and give other people some advice. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if they could not succeed? Well… The card spirit, mental spirit and so on should be part of the foundation. He began to review Zhao Yunshan’s information officially! … Perhaps… Another junior brother was going to join them, he thought.