Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 257 - Public Murder! Robbing Yang Dingtian!

Chapter 257: Public Murder! Robbing Yang Dingtian! The beautiful Dongfang Bingling descended from the sky slowly as she floated dozens of meters above the ground. Qin San’s complexion immediately changed when he saw Dongfang Bingling appearing. It was especially so when Dongfang Bingling did not even bother to conceal herself. She didn’t even wear her veil and had appeared before them with her true face. This represented a dangerous signal. After being surprised, Qin San’s complexion returned to normal very quickly. He went forward a step and bowed, “Northwest Qin City’s Qin San, Qin Liu, and Qin Qi greet fairy.” Qin San’s manners were extremely respectful. The respect he showed was only preceded by Qin Wanchou. Dongfang Bingling’s complexion was still cold as she pointed at Yang Dingtian casually, “This person belongs to me now.” Qin San replied humbly, “Reporting back to Fairy Dongfang. Military Advisor Shen is an important person in our Qin City. The three of us had gotten orders not to be even half a step away from protecting him. Therefore, I hope Fairy Dongfang would not make it difficult for us.” Dongfang Bingling no longer spoke after Qin San rejected her. Rather, she drew out her sword. Immediately, Qin San and the others formed a triangle around Yang Dingtian to protect him. “If this were in normal times, the three of us would never dare to make a move against Fairy Dongfang. However, Lord Qin had given us the order to protect Military Advisor Shen Lang with our lives. Therefore, if Fairy Dongfang is going to make a move, we will have no choice but to resist.” Qin San immediately replied even more respectfully, “I know that Fairy Dongfang is an outstanding genius. Ten years later, we will most likely not be your match even if the three of us joined hands. But today, you’re a Martial Supreme class expert, and the three of us are Martial Supreme class experts as well. Therefore, if we’re to injure Fairy Dongfang later during the exchange, there’s nothing I can do even if it meant ten thousand deaths.” Although Qin San’s attitude was extremely polite and modest, his tone had already shown hints of threats. However, Yang Dingtian felt that his words were very rational. Dongfang Bingling was already a Martial Supreme class expert when she was just 20 years old. It was truly too shocking, and such had never occurred in over a thousand years. However, she was still very young. Qin Liu and Qin Qi were 2-star and 3-star Martial Supreme, respectively. Qin San was even stronger. During that battle on the desert, Yang Dingtian had personally witnessed their powers. Yang Dingtian felt that although Dongfang Bingling was extremely powerful, it would still be somewhat hard for her to face against Qin San alone. If he were to add in Qin Liu and Qin Qi, Dongfang Bingling would not be a match for them. “Stop your nonsense, and make your move.” Dongfang Bingling replied coldly. “Excuse me then.” Qin San bowed before drawing out his sword. He spoke to Qin Liu and Qin Qi, who were behind him, “Protect Military Advisor Shen well.” Subsequently, Qin San turned into a green-ray and charged towards Dongfang Bingling, who was in the air. As before, Dongfang Bingling hovered in the air unmovingly. A cold ray flashed in her hand, and the Mystic Ice Soul Sword slashed down. In an instant, Qin San’s arm that held the sword was severed away and had flown out. The wound had been congealed by ice. Even the blood couldn’t be flown out. Meanwhile, the body that was charging towards Dongfang Bingling directly fell from the air. Immediately, Yang Dingtian was stupefied. Not only Yang Dingtian, but even Qin San and the others were completely rendered dumbstruck. Yang Dingtian was fully aware of how strong Qin San was. He felt that Dongfang Bingling would at most be equally matched with Qin San. Unexpectedly, Dongfang Bingling had directly negated Qin San’s attack with a single move, leaving no way for Qin San to retaliate. Qin San faced Qin Liu and Qin Qi, and said, “Quickly take the Military Advisor away.” Qin San was shocked and was in despair. He yelled before biting onto his tongue, causing it to spurt a blood fog. He had utilized an evil technique to instantly increase his cultivation by numerous times as he charged towards Dongfang Bingling again. Qin Liu and Qin Qi pressed against Yang Dingtian at either side and used their fastest speed to flee. “Dongfang Bingling, let’s die together…” Qin San roared frantically. Immediately, all of his blood spurted out crazily, and his body rapidly swelled. All of a sudden, he pounced towards Dongfang Bingling and was about to self-detonate. Qin San was fast, but Dongfang Bingling was even faster. In a flash, she arrived before Qin San as if she had instantly shifted over. Before Qin San could even self detonate, Dongfang Bingling had directly pierced her sword into his chest. Immediately, terrifying ice-cold energy spread out, and Qin San’s body had been completely frozen. Dongfang Bingling’s jade hands trembled lightly, and the frozen Qin San’s body immediately exploded. He had died horribly and was turned into ice cubes that splattered everywhere. “Third brother…” Qin Liu and Qin Qi cried out in alarm. Yang Dingtian was truly in awe of how sharp Dongfang Bingling’s murderous method was. He knew how formidable Dongfang Bingling was. But never had he thought that Dongfang Bingling’s true strength would greatly exceed his imagination. Dongfang Bingling didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation and chased after Yang Dingtian after killing Qin San. Qiu Liu and Qin Qi’s speeds were extremely fast. But it was nothing compared to Dongfang Bingling’s speed. It was as if Dongfang Bingling were instant-shifting over as the distance between them decreased from a thousand miles to dozens of miles in a span of a few seconds. Qin Liu and Qin Qi lifted their sword as they yelled at Yang Dingtian, “Teacher Shen, go! Remember, the Lord thinks very highly of you. Don’t let the Lord down.” Subsequently, the two of them charged at that female. Qin Liu and Qin Qi’s yells had shaken Yang Dingtian awoke. He stamped his foot and shot to the air. Subsequently, he hovered above the air and flew towards the west with all his effort. He used Sky Spirit Mystic Wings and Dragon Dance Nine Heavens to alleviate himself up the sky. The higher, the better. He circulated his mystic qi to its maximum and increased his speed to his peak as he flew frantically. He had used all his efforts to escape from Dongfang Bingling. While Yang Dingtian was in mid-air, he couldn’t help but turn around and look towards Qiu Liu and Qin Qi. However, he only saw that Dongfang Bingling continued to charge ahead as she flung the sword on her hand. Immediately, the atmosphere solidified. An incredibly strong ice-cold energy instantly froze Qin Liu and Qin Qi. Subsequently, that woman’s silhouette flashed and charged past Qin Liu and Qin Qi. After a flash, Qin Liu and Qin Qi’s heads were sent flying. The hovering Yang Dingtian was completely stupefied when he saw the tragic scene. Qin San, Qin Liu and Qin Qi did not have any friendship with Yang Dingtian. So much that Qin San had even interrogated Yang Dingtian with torture. Furthermore, this trio was completely loyal towards Qin Wanchou’s order of protecting Yang Dingtian. Besides, Yang Dingtian was able to feel that this trio held a hint of casual enmity against him. However, it was also this trio that had died for him so that they could protect him. Therefore, Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but turn teary. He almost couldn’t help but cry. Subsequently, he continued to put in all his efforts to escape. However, Dongfang Bingling stood at the same spot after killing Qin Liu and Qin Qi. She lifted her beautiful face and looked at the Yang Dingtian above her. When Yang Dingtian saw that she wasn’t chasing after him, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, it was clear that he had celebrated too early. A pair of transparent and beautiful wings appeared behind her back. Subsequently, she flew up and chased after Yang Dingtian. Yang Dingtian’s flying speed could be counted as extremely quick. However, Dongfang Bingling’s speed was completely like a meteorite. In just a few seconds, she had already arrived before him.