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Chapter 477 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 9)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 477: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 9)

    “Xiao Xi, bring a medicine box to the study on the second floor.”

    “Yes, young master!” Xiao Xi nodded, as she respectfully left while bearing the pain.

    Luo Qing Chen walked up the stairs as she asked Du Jiu Sheng in a confused voice, “Do the two girls of your house always treat your guest like this?”

    “They are very vigilant.” He said in a cool voice, “They used to have a little brother who was killed by an assassin, so they are sensitive to those words.”

    “Oh.” She nodded in understanding and said, “No wonder their faces changed when they heard that, I thought…..”

    “What did you think?” His expression didn’t change as his eyes turned deep.

    “Nothing.” She waved her hand as she followed him into the study.

    He waved the normal looking blue ring on his hand and the bookshelf slowly opened like a door.

    “This advanced?” She looked at the blue ring on his hand with a confused look in her eyes.

    This kind of feeling, it didn’t seem like advanced technology, rather it felt like when she used the Exquisite Ring.


    “Come with me.” He didn’t reply to her question and brought her to the secret room of the study.

    The secret room was quite small, only being around ten square meters, so everything could be seen immediately.

    There was a half a blood red thing in the glass box in the middle that looked like a pendant.

    There was one word clearly engraved on it: Life.

    “You brought me here this easily, you’re not afraid of me stealing it?” Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes at Du Jiu Sheng beside her as she asked this.

    After all, she was the number one agent of the shadow organization. Du Jiu Sheng was willing to show her the other half of the Destiny Life Map this easily, wasn’t this a bit too confident?

    In her opinion, if she used all her strength, she wouldn’t necessarily lose!

    “You can’t steal it.” There was a certain look in his eyes. The blue ring on his hand moved slightly and there was a light blue glow that appeared around the glass box.

    Light blue light? Electricity?

    “Is it really…” Luo Qing Chen knit her brows in disbelief.

    Du Jiu Sheng didn’t answer this, rather he looked at her and asked, “Where do you think that mister X would put this thing?”

    “You’re moving to the subject this quickly!” Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh before replying without hiding anything, “You know that mister X is a mysterious person without me telling you, how could he tell something this important to us puppets? But if you really want me to guess…..”

    “Un humph?”

    “It should be at the virus testing site.”

    “Is there any basis?” He looked at her as his expression changed slightly.

    Luo Qing Chen carefully thought about it as she said, “Although mister X formed the shadow organization, it isn’t like a public company. We rarely get to see mister X and there aren’t any agent meetings.”


    “But mister X would enter the virus testing site at a fixed time every month. Since the Destiny Life Map is as important as you say it is, it must be put in a place that no one else can go. This virus testing site is a place that we agents are not allowed to enter.”

    Du Jiu Sheng looked into her incomparably clear eyes and his lips couldn’t help curling into a faint smile.

    This was his first time having this kind of feeling, it really was strange.

    “Un, I got it.” He went out of the secret room, heading back to the study.

    He moved very quickly, leaving her standing in the ten square meter secret room. In front of her was half of the Destiny Life Map and he wasn’t worried at all that she would steal it.