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Chapter 478 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 10)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 478: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 10)

    Luo Qing Chen followed him back into the study.  He slightly raised his right hand and the two bookshelves slowly closed.

    He pointed at the sofa in front and said, “Sit as you wish.”

    Luo Qing Chen wasn’t polite with him.  She gave a shrug and casually sat down.

    Du Jiu Sheng came forward as his deep eyes sparkled and he slowly approached her.

    Her breathing stopped and she covered her chest as she said, “You….What are you doing?”

    My god!  It can’t be that something was going to happen, right!

    Or was he just teasing her?

    Du Jiu Sheng’s eyes were a bit cool, his slightly red lips were slowly pursed, as his handsome face approached.  It made her heart unable to stop from starting to beat faster.

    His right hand came up to her waist, but he didn’t touch her, as he went to the medicine box behind her.  He lifted it and placed it on her leg as he said, “Has young miss Luo seen too many special agent movies and likes to…..think too much?”

    She felt her face turn a bit red and she pretended to be calm as she said, “Who knows?  When most men see good looking girls, they can’t control themselves.”

    Un, the mutual teasing mode was on!

    “Un.”  He softly replied as a hard to see smile appeared in his eyes and he said, “Not only do you like to think random thoughts, you’re also a bit narcissistic.”

    “This is called confidence!”  She looked up slightly with eyes that were clear and without care.

    After all, on the mission panel, it had given her the highest values so far.  It wasn’t exaggerated to brag about them at all!

    His eyes had a faint smile as he slowly picked up her right hand with his hand covered in a medical glove and said, “Are all pain receptors of special agents this dulled?”

    Luo Qing Chen looked down and found that the wound from the fight with the two little girls was still bleeding.

    Un, this sir head was rather careful!

    His slender fingers picked up the iodine and carefully disinfected her wounds.

    Luo Qing Chen looked at the wound and her expression didn’t change at all.

    It was like it didn’t hurt that much…..

    Perhaps it was because she was trained as a secret agent since she was young that things like flesh wounds were common and her sense of pain was lower than normal people’s.

    He looked up with a sparkle in his deep eyes.  He looked at her without turning at all, seeing if she would reveal a look of pain.

    His heart unknowingly sunk.

    Luo Qing Chen also looked at him as she said, “What is it?”

    “Nothing.”  He shook his head and skillfully wrapped her wound with a bandage.

    There was a very strange feeling in the air that made them unknowingly nervous.

    After a while, Du Jiu Sheng spoke first, “The Destiny Life Map is like a genetic code.  The person who has it can restructure the genes in their body and obtain special skills that people in this world shouldn’t have.”

    “Special powers?”  Luo Qing Chen almost blurted out these two words as her eyes filled with shock.

    Could it be that because of this Destiny Life Map, the system couldn’t give her any skills and couldn’t even exist in this world?

    Her heart was filled with questions, but there was no one to talk to and no one to answer her.

    She suddenly missed her system a little.  Although it liked to give her random prices, at least with it here, she would feel much more assured…..

    However, when Luo Qing Chen said those two words, Du Jiu Sheng trembled.  He had only said special skills, but the other side changed it to special powers.

    It had to be known, this kind of thing was something that didn’t exist in this world.

    The ones who had it were not heroes, rather they were aliens.