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Chapter 778 - Joining the Wen Corporation

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 778: Joining the Wen Corporation

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    Wen Xinya was paying attention to the news regarding the Xia Family and hence, she was not shocked about the Xia Family seeking help from Xia Ruya. Xia Ruya would be too silly to think that she could stay out of trouble just by laying low and quiet.

    Because she wouldn’t allow it!

    Regardless of whether or not Xia Ruya had something to do with her abduction, she did not plan to let Xia Ruya off easily.

    She merely didn’t have much time to deal with Xia Ruya because the situation in the Wen Family had been rather chaotic previously.

    Xia Ruya would be too naive if she had thought that she could take the Wen Family’s money without facing any consequences. Alright, it was only reasonable for Old Mr. Wen to give Xia Ruya some money, she wouldn’t allow Xia Ruya to be at peace after taking it.

    It would be impossible for Xia Ruya to get out of the knotty relationship she had with the Xia Family, especially since they were so greedy. She would definitely make a huge loss in the process.

    On the other hand, the Xia Family was incredibly foolish to think that Xia Ruya was the last and precious straw they could hang onto for dear life. Given how scheming and careful Xia Ruya was, it was definitely impossible for the Xia Family to get any money from her. By then, they would realize how cold and heartless she could be.

    They would realize that they had merely had their hopes up for nothing, and the plunge from heaven to hell would make them see the truth. It was only a matter of time before they sold the plot of land to save themselves.

    Wen Xinya’s ultimate plan was to drive the Xia Family into a corner and at the same time, make use of them to deal with Xia Ruya.

    Xia Ruya was not the only one who knew how to be scheming and plot against others.

    Wen Xinya called Tianchao Private Investigation Agency and instructed. “Get someone to keep close tabs on her. Don’t let her escape!”

    Although the Xia Family had already been keeping an eye on Xia Ruya to prevent her from leaving, Wen Xinya felt that it was necessary to be more careful because of how cunning and conniving Xia Ruya was. She did not want to let her get up to any tricks.

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Xinya returned to the room.

    Zhou Tianyu pulled her onto the couch and said, “Seriously, aren’t you bothered by the mess that’s going on in your family lately? You finally get to come out and spend some time with us and yet, you still can’t stop worrying. You’re only 18 years old, not 28. Why do you have to be so paranoid all the time? From the way I see it, your position in the Wen Family and the upper-class society is already secure, and the most important thing for you to do now is to focus on your academics and have as much fun as you can.”

    Xu Tongxuan chimed in. “Tianyu is right. Look at you, you’re only 18 years old but you’re already like a naggy old Grandmother. You’re so worried about everything and just can’t take your mind off those issues.”

    Wen Xinya glared at Xu Tongxuan and retorted. “You’re the naggy Old Grandmother!”

    She could not stand being insulted that way.

    Her reaction made everyone else burst into laughter.

    After some boisterous chatter and banter, Gu Junling asked solemnly, “Xinya, when will the Ai Shang Group’s product launch begin?”

    Due to the various events that had been continuously happening to the Wen Family lately, everyone had been looking forward to Ai Shang Group’s product launch. She answered, “In another two weeks. The first batch of products will be launched in all Saint Laurent outlets nationwide, and there will be no discounts given. In the following week, the products will subsequently be launched in other outlets across Europe, America, and Asia. We will then begin partnerships with major departmental stores and counters.”

    The product launch required plenty of money, manpower, and resources. They had already begun planning for the launch of Ai Shang Group products at the start of the year. All of the processes from product development to contract discussions and advertising were all complicated and tedious. No mistakes were allowed.

    Gu Junling instantly understood what he meant. He was surprised that the Wen Family had such great confidence in Ai Shang Group, so much that they’d decided to launch their products across the globe within such a short period of time. “I’ll go back and consolidate a list of upscale advertisement spots under the Gu Family and hand it to you tomorrow. You guys may put up your advertisement posters in advance too.”

    The products would definitely gain more awareness and sales if combined with publicity and advertisements.

    Wen Xinya answered, “I’ll let the Wen Corporation’s marketing department discuss the advertisement issues with your company.”

    Wen Xinya was extremely touched to receive such great help from the Gu Family. The Wen and Gu Families had always been partners, and the advertisement spots in the Gu Family’s shopping Malls had always been in high demand and exclusive. Previously, Old Mr. Wen had already had intentions to work with the Gu Family for the advertisements. However, he dropped the idea after finding out about how exclusive the spots were, and also because of how much fame Ai Shang had already attained before the launch.

    She was surprised by how generous Gu Junling was.

    Ling Qingxuan said, “Inform me once the timing of the launch is confirmed. I’ll arrange for the celebrities signed to our company to head there and raise awareness. Feel free to approach me if you need help with the media too.”

    The citizens knew mostly about products because of celebrities, whose attitudes directly affected sales. Hence, plenty of brands would engage A-list celebrities to be spokespersons for the brand. Of course, it was extremely important for the media to publicize the products.

    “Of course. I’ll send some products to you another day. Let the celebrities signed to your agency try them out and see if they like the effects,” said Wen Xinya, who was extremely grateful towards Ling Qingxuan. The Wen Corporation had handed the television commercials for Ai Shang Group’s products over to Ling Qingxuan’s company and they were already in post-production. Wen Xinya knew that Ling Qingxuan had given them lots of help.

    Gu Junling said, “Xinya, you’ve already become an adult and you can take part in the Wen Corporation’s management. You should take the chance to show your abilities.”

    As the successor of the Wen Family, she had to show her abilities by taking part in the management of operations of the Wen Corporation. It was a rare opportunity for Wen Xinya. It would be a pity if she were to just miss it.

    Wen Xinya found that Gu Junling’s words made sense. She was rather enticed.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Xinya is going to sit for her final year examinations soon. How could she be distracted because of other issues? If Xinya doesn’t do well, she’ll be greatly affected.”

    She did not approve of it and felt that it was the most important for Wen Xinya to learn more and accumulate her abilities. Now that Wen Xinya had become the most prestigious heiress of the city, there were plenty of people who were eying her, and her reputation would be affected if she were to do badly.

    Ling Qingxuan said, “I think Gu Junling’s suggestion is great. The preparations for the Wen Corporation’s launch are almost complete. Xinya just has to be in charge of the commercials and publicity. The Gu Family can help with that. I have some media resources and connections too. Xinya’s revision won’t be affected.”

    As long as her abilities were recognized by the majority of the Wen Corporation, Xinya would be able to assert her dominance in the Wen Corporation and secure her footing.

    Xu Tongxuan agreed with a nod. “I think this is a plausible plan.”

    Although no one would doubt her position as the successor of Wen Corporation, everyone seemed to have shifted their attention to her capabilities and hence, she still had to gain the recognition of many.

    Wen Xinya said, “I’ll discuss it with Grandpa before coming to a decision.”

    Wen Xinya knew that Gu Junling and the rest were making plans for her. If she were to take on the job, they would definitely do their best to help.