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Chapter 82 - She’s so Beautiful But How is She so Scary

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 82: She’s so Beautiful But How is She so Scary

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    Su Cha was ecstatic. Initially, she had thought that success was unlikely as the world had changed, but she had succeeded!

    Although the vitality from the heavens and the earth still exists in this world, it is scarce due to air pollution. After an entire night of absorbing the vitality, Su Cha only managed to gain enough to cleanse her body internally. This explained her body odor.

    The vitality absorbed expelled all negativity and harmful substances from her body.

    The cultivation of martial arts was equivalent to developing a state of non-invasion, and that is the miracle of practicing martial arts.

    But to the current world, that seemed like a dream.

    Su Cha instantly understood that if she could absorb the vitality from the heavens and the earth, it meant that the world was not as ordinary as she once thought. There was a high probability that a martial arts master was hidden in this world.

    Because of the existence of the vitality, such a person would exist.

    The ancient tales of a hidden, recluse family was probably not just a legend.

    Su Cha could not help but recall the TV series that she watched and the novels that she had read, and her heart became tense.

    She had nothing to showcase right now. However, Su Cha believed that if she could reach half of what she had done in her past life, she would have sufficient ability to protect herself and Bo Muyi.

    She did not have many desires. Su Cha only hoped to begin her career steadily, and spend her life with Bo Muyi.

    After showering, Su Cha got dressed and headed out for a run.

    With just a trace of vitality, she felt that her body was much lighter. If Yang Nuanru brought people over now, Su Cha would be able to deal with them far more easily than before.

    After some time, Su Cha fetched her backpack and headed for school.

    Today, the school was bustling with noise. Everyone was from Yonggu Town. Other than the fact that Yang Nuranru was absent after heading out with Su Cha yesterday, the whole school found out about Su Cha’s audition clip from the competition!

    It was then that everyone found out that Su Cha actually went for the “Dreams In Progress” program!

    They never knew that Su Cha was so talented at singing…

    After watching the video clip last night, most of the male students regarded Su Cha as their goddess. In contrast, female students had complicated feelings. However, the female students recalled the dispute between Su Cha and Yang Nuanru and they suppressed their undesirable intentions.

    Everyone was looking at Su Cha with complex emotions. There were even groups of male students who believed that Su Cha was the most qualified candidate for their school’s most famous female student.

    She was beautiful, and her vista appealed to everyone. If anyone considered Su Cha to be ugly, it would definitely be attributed by others to jealousy. Su Cha’s beauty was highlighted by her simplicity and pureness, some may even say that she gave off an aura of elegance.

    Su Cha’s ‘simple and cute’ appearance was recognized by all the ignorant boys.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya saw Su Cha when she arrived in class, and their throats tightened uncomfortably.

    They shuddered in fear, like scared bunnies.

    No one else witnessed the fight yesterday. But, Le Anqi had a nightmare…

    The fear overrode the joy of her passing the audition.

    Su Cha walked over to her seat. As she unpacked her bag she softly whispered, “I saw on the organizer’s website that you have been promoted, congratulations.”

    Su Cha’s voice was sincere, but Le Anqi turned around in a panic.


    Sob sob sob, she is so beautiful, but how is she so scary T.T