Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!

Chapter 82 - The Duel Between New Recruits

Chapter 82: The Duel Between New Recruits Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Jiang Yu was better at concealing her emotions than Feng Meiyun. Noticing that Feng Meiyun only targeted one of them, she turned her head and looked at Feng Meiyun with a perplexed look on her face. “Yu Bao’er only hangs out with Gu Qingjiu, but why are you solely picking on Gu Qingjiu? Shouldn’t you hate Yu Bao’er more?” Jiang Yu’s words sounded delicate and didn’t appear to have any special meaning. Feng Meiyun, who sensed nothing amiss, divulged her innermost thoughts. “Although Yu Bao’er is annoying, don’t you feel that Gu Qingjiu acts noble and is more detestable? She pretended to be low-profile when she first entered the troops. But now that she became slightly prettier, she couldn’t restrain her true nature anymore.” When Feng Meiyun spoke, despite trying her best to hold herself back, she still couldn’t stop herself from sounding sour. It sounded kind of funny. Although Jiang Yu didn’t like Gu Qingjiu either, it wasn’t because of this reason. She curled her lips slightly, and to Feng Meiyun she said, “Alright Yunyun. They’re about to come up, stop talking about this, lest an argument arises again.” Shortly after, Gu Qingjiu and Yu Bao’er entered the dormitory. They didn’t speak with each other anymore. Although they belonged to the same room, they weren’t even as close to someone who didn’t belong to their dormitory. However, with her lips slightly arched, Jiang Yu casually dropped a question. “Qingjiu, I saw a guy escorting the two of you back just now. Why? Is he your friend?” Although her words didn’t seem to have malicious intent and it wasn’t  evident she was picking on her, it still made Yu Bao’er and Gu Qingjiu feel uncomfortable. The crucial point was it was hard to explain. In an unpleasant tone, Yu Bao’er said, “We don’t even know each other. He just led the way for us and then insisted on following us.” On behalf of Gu Qingjiu’s older brother, they expressed their gratitude towards the guy after he had led them the way. But going back to the dormitory, the way he had pestered them with a thick skin irritated them. “Oh.” Jiang Yu replied with a meaningful .’ Gu Qingjiu detected the hidden meaning in Jiang Yu’s response, and she smiled. Her eyes were clear as she cast a deep look at Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu’s heart tightened in an instant from that icy gaze. She felt that the gaze Gu Qingjiu gave her exposed her thoughts that she desperately wanted to hide, and that caused panic in her heart. Her mouth twitched before she turned around to talk with Feng Meiyun. Yu Bao’er didn’t notice the subtle confrontation between Gu Qingjiu and Jiang Yu, and instead, she was still wondering how Gu Qingjiu came to know Commander Huo. However, since Jiang Yu was around, she couldn’t very well press her for details, lest those two girls spread some malicious rumors again. After their usual training in the afternoon, Yu Bao’er started preparing for her duel with other recruits tomorrow. Because she had to train and accept Chen Haoyang’s arrangements for the next day, she got busy and forgot about that matter for the time being. The next day, the recruits’ training camp was buzzing with life. It was a rare sight to see. It wasn’t just the recruits that would take part in the duel which by then was a daily occurrence already, but old soldiers who had been around for a long time held their monthly match, too. Contrasting the recruit’s inexperienced moves, the fiery matches between the old soldiers were the highlight of the day. On Friday morning, army green troops surrounded the thousand-year-old ancient tree, standing straight and alert. Looking over, it was a dignified and solemn sight.