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Chapter 115 - : Why Is She So Stupid?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 115: Why Is She So Stupid?

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    In the resting room, the rest of the performing artists were showing their silent disapproval.

    Zhen Shanmei bluntly said, “They’re about to go on stage. You still want them to change songs?”

    The director showed an embarrassed expression.

    Li Haojie quickly pushed her aside.

    “This is a matter for the performance crew, don’t be a busybody.”

    The director looked anguished.

    “I know this is hard, but our program cannot have two people singing love songs. The other teachers have practiced hard and cannot change. You’re our only hope…”

    After all, Lin Qingbei had the weakest presence among all the other artists.

    Ning Meng could understand that only the ‘soft persimmons are picked’, but for them to pick on her own people? Just as she was about to voice out her dissatisfaction, Lin Qingbei suddenly said, “Sure.”


    Lin Qingbei nodded slightly toward her with a proud expression on his face. If Ning Meng tried to reverse this decision, the consequences would be hard to swallow. Lin Qingbei was the singer. His astuteness toward music was better than her. If he was sure about this, she had to let him sing the song.

    The director was grateful.

    “Little Bei, thank you for helping us solve such a big problem. The show starts in half an hour, I will ask the musicians to use the soundproof room next door. How about Teacher Su and you go over and rehearse?”

    As he said this, he turned toward Su Tiantian.

    “Teacher Su can go first.”

    Ning Meng was speechless.

    She glared at Su Tiantian and chuckled.

    “Su Tiantian has lost her voice after all. Since she is now singing a low difficulty love song, why not let Lin Qingbei go first?”

    The director did indeed feel bad about what had happened to Lin Qingbei. When he heard this, he knew he would have to bear the consequences of offending Su Tiantian but nodded anyway.

    “That’s fine. Thirty minutes a person, no more than that!”

    Lin Qingbei nodded and followed the director to the soundproof room, leaving the rest of them in the resting room. Su Tiantian threw a dismal stare at Ning Meng. Since there were still quite a number of people in the room, she decided to remain silent as she sat on the sofa.

    Li Haojie quickly went over to Su Tiantian and gave her some throat lozenges.

    “I just went to buy these, just hold on to them first and don’t panic. This love song has a low pitch. It is only with a hoarse voice that one can bring out the husky feeling of the song…”

    Su Tiantian gently looked at him. “Haojie, thank you.”

    Li Haojie paused, his voice turning warm as well. “We don’t need to be so courteous with each other.”


    Ning Meng threw a glance at Zhen Shanmei who was playing with her phone and coughed. Zhen Shanmei did not move. Ning Meng coughed again, forcing Zhen Shanmei to look up.

    “Your throat is feeling uncomfortable?”


    Ning Meng then brought her a slice of cake and a chewing gum. After giving it some thought, she brought a cup of water too.

    “My friend’s boyfriend has cheated on her. Should I tell her?”

    Zhen Shanmei, like an innocent child, answered, “Don’t tell her directly. Just hint at her.”

    Ning Meng sighed. “I did hint, but she did not get it.”


    She lowered her head and looked at the green tea cake, the green color packaging of the chewing gum, and the shiny green cup of water in Ning Meng’s hand.

    “Who? Why is she so stupid?”


    Anything that required the brain to move was hard for someone like Zhen Shanmei.


    At 7 pm sharp, the competition started. Lin Qingbei was nervous and had his earphones on to familiarize himself with the song. When people saw him, they could only let out a sigh. Just as Su Tiantian was about to go on stage, Ning Meng happened to pass her by. She tried to wipe off her sly smile but accidentally showed it.