Chapter 116: The Naïve Zhen Shanmei EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei went to the VIP box at the auditorium before the competition began. They were not sitting next to each other initially but Zhen Shanmei decided to switch seats to sit beside her. She exclaimed happily, “You will soon see for yourself the high-level singing skills of my Haojie! Hehe~” Ning Meng could not reply. Zhen Shanmei blinked. “Are you still worried about your friend? If she doesn’t understand your hint, why don’t you just tell her directly?” “But what if she decides to retaliate?” “You’re being kind enough to warn her, can she not tell the difference between good and evil?” Ning Meng was still doubtful. “You really think so?” Zhan Shanmei confidently answered, “Yes.” Ning Meng coughed. “OK, then I will say it. Don’t you think that Li Haojie cares too much for Su Tiantian?” Zhen Shanmei was stunned. When she regained her senses, her pitch went high and sounded desperate. “What do you mean?” Ning Meng quickly replied, “You just said that you would not retaliate.” Zhen Shanmei choked as she tried to suppress her anger. She then coldly laughed. “Lemon Essence, don’t you dare slander my Haojie just because I have been courteous to you! He is just friends with Su Tiantian!” As soon as she said this, she stood up and angrily went over to the person she had just switched seats with. “Get up! We’re switching again. I don’t want to sit next to her!” “…” As she leaned back against her seat, she could not say anything. Her eyes went dim and she grew despondent. The novel actually did mention what would eventually happen to Zhen Shanmei. Li Haojie had indeed had a crush on Su Tiantian for a while, but in the novel, the female protagonist had had a smooth sailing life. Li Haojie never had the opportunity to lend her a helping hand, and so, he never managed to express his love and could only suppress his deep feelings for her. Eventually, Su Tiantian had instigated for Li Haojie to break up with Zhen Shanmei. Zhen Shanmei, who could not take the blow, had impulsively taken sulfuric acid to pour onto Su Tiantian. However, Li Yichen had managed to block the attack, causing the Zhen Shanmei’s face to be disfigured instead. Afterward, she had served a life sentence in prison. The reason Su Tiantian had decided to harm Zhen Shanmei was due to the fact that the latter had helped pick the disheartened Ning Meng up. Ning Meng gave a sigh as she thought about this. Since she had entered the novel, she could not let this cute person head toward tragedy again. – Su Tiantian was the first to go up on stage. ‘Wrong Love’ was the trending song at the time, and so, the moment she started to sing, a loud cheer came from the crowd. After she had finished singing, Su Tiantian’s face was a bit dark as she went down the stage. Li Haojie quickly walked over to check on her. “Don’t be tense, your voice may have cracked when singing, but this was because you sang with so much feeling.” Su Tiantian lit up a bit but still sighed. “I’ve let my fans down. I’m afraid I will have the lowest number of votes this time.” Looking at her pale face, Li Haojie felt pain in his heart but had a glint in his eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you!” Li Haojie was the third to go on stage. As he walked up the stage, Zhen Shanmei shouted out, “Haojie! Haojie! Haojie!” She was not satisfied with only her being the one shouting. She looked at the strangers around her, decided to switch seats to sit next to Ning Meng once again and handed her a glowstick. “Shout with me and I will forgive you!” “…” The song Li Haojie was singing was the French version of a love song. After he was done, Zhan Shanmei started to cry. “Sniff, sniff, that was too touching.” Li Haojie did not leave the stage immediately. He breathed in a few times and said to the crowd, “Today, here and now, I would like to express my gratitude to this one person.” This caused the crowd to roar. Zhen Shanmei nervously held onto Ning Meng’s hand. “Ah! He’s making me embarrassed!”