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Chapter 117 - Your Weight Must Be Pretty Ligh

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 117: Your Weight Must Be Pretty Light

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    Ning Meng felt that there was something amiss.

    Li Haojie, who was up on the stage, started beaming.

    “All these years, she has helped me tremendously. It was during the lowest point of my career that she gave me encouragement and support. She believed in my capabilities, and she is also my role model.”

    Zhan Shanmei was drowning in tears but managed to choke out, “If you dare to tell me that my Haojie has cheated on me again, I will beat you up!”


    Li Haojie continued, “She was my guide even before I pursued this path, she is…”

    Zhan Shanmei lowered her head. “That’s it, Ning Meng. My makeup is ruined. My eyeshadow is smudged, right? What do I do when the light focuses on me later?”

    As she was saying this, Li Haojie shouted the name out. “Su Tiantian!”

    Zhen Shanmei abruptly stood up and covered her mouth. She had been about to wave her hand and greet the crowd, but what she had just heard stunned her and she just stood there speechless. All the joy she momentarily had before was frozen stiff on her face. A chill ran from the bottom of her feet into her body and right out of her head!

    Ning Meng could not bear to see her like that. She then heard Zhan Shanmei say in disbelief, “He must have shouted out the wrong name, right?”

    However, Li Haojie continued singing Su Tiantian’s praises onstage.

    “Teacher Su is the most dedicated actress and singer I have ever seen, there is none like her. Just like last night, she wanted to show everyone the prime of herself, so much so that she practiced singing for four hours until she lost her voice.”

    This declaration caused the fans in the crowd to cheer. “Su Tiantian! Su Tiantian!”

    Li Haojie stretched his hand to suppress his restlessness. “If it was not for Su Tiantian, there would be no me, which is why I would like to invite all the fans to vote for her! Thank you everybody!”

    He bowed as he said this and then left the stage in a charming way.

    She turned to look at Ning Meng. “How… How can this be? Why is he not trying to pull votes for himself at this crucial moment!”

    Even Zhen Shanmei’s heavy makeup could not hide the fury in her eyes. “Su Tiantian must have forced him to do this!” She then turned to leave. Ning Meng quickly tried to chase her in case she harmed herself.

    Zhen Shanmei was exuding a murderous aura as she went straight to the backstage area. She walked through the long corridor and saw Li Haojie talking to Su Tiantian.

    Su Tiantian was anxious. “Why are you trying to pull votes for me? If you do this, Miss Zhen will misunderstand!”

    Li Haojie had just finished singing, so his breathing was still unsteady. He just stared at the light glowing from her chest. “Why are you still so kind… I was just worried that your cracked voice might affect your rankings. I did not think further about anything else.”

    When she heard this, Zhen Shanmei paused in her tracks. She wanted to burst into anger but she couldn’t. Finally, with her eyes flushed red, she left.

    Su Tiantian immediately pushed Li Haojie. “Quick, go after her! Explain it clearly to her!”

    Li Haojie hesitated. “Can you handle this by yourself?”

    Su Tiantian smiled. “Of course, you go ahead.”

    Li Haojie then went to chase after Zhan Shanmei. This left Ning Meng standing there, and with her tone rife with sarcasm, she spoke out. “Su Tiantian, your weight must be pretty light?”

    Su Tiantian refused to reply, and Ning Meng coldly laughed.

    “It’s OK if you want to be shameless, but to be this heartless too?”