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Chapter 193 - A Dramatic Turn of Events

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 193: A Dramatic Turn of Events

    Xiong? Could it be Xiong Yunhu?

    Ye Jiuge’s heart skipped a beat.

    No wonder Xiong Yunhu had pretended to be a coward and forced his way into Medicine Refinery Hall. He had an ulterior motive.

    It seemed like the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had not just sent one disguised Sorcerer.

    Xiong Yunhu had been living in Medicine Refinery Hall for quite a while now. What he did there, no one knew. If he were really a disguised Sorcerer, then Ye Yu was in danger.

    Ye Jiuge was very worried. She was thinking about whether to send in someone to support Ye Yu.

    Suddenly, her bag moved, and a purple scorpion head peeked out.

    “Master, would you like me to find out more about the situation in Medicine Refinery Hall?” the Treasure-hunting Scorpion volunteered his services.

    “You?” Ye Jiuge was a little surprised. She’d never thought that the Treasure-hunting Scorpion would be so proactive about helping with their problems.

    But with Medicine Refinery Hall under such heavy security, she feared that the Treasure-hunting Scorpion was only going in so that it would be caught.

    “Don’t look like that, Master. I’m competent at moving underground,” the Treasure-hunting Scorpion waved its two pincers and said.

    Treasures and hidden gems were buried deep underground in caves. If it couldn’t move well underground, how could it find so many treasures?

    “Alright. Go on, then. But just try within your limits. Make sure to retreat at the first sign of trouble.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    If it entered the city underground, it should be fine.

    Last time, it had been able to find her location and appear by her window without anyone knowing. It was rather capable indeed.

    “Alright. Then, I’ll go now.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion crawled out of the bag and got ready to leave for Medicine Refinery City.

    “Wait a moment,” Ye Jiuge stopped the Treasure-hunting Scorpion. She popped out a Spiritual Beast Pill and offered it to the Scorpion. “Eat this to boost your energy.”

    “Leave it for my female!” the Treasure-hunting Scorpion replied immediately.

    “Eat it. If you perform well this time, then there will be other rewards,” Ye Jiuge ignored its request and stuffed the pill into the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s pincer.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was already enlightened. Although it felt sorry for its female, it wanted to complete the mission to gain the promised reward.

    With a crunch, it swallowed the Spiritual Beast Pill and tunneled underground, quickly disappearing from Ye Jiuge’s sight.

    Ye Jiuge channeled her Spiritual Eye and saw a pale purple shadow heading towards in direction of Medicine Refinery City. The shadow was moving fast.

    She was relieved and opened her bag to peek in.

    The female scorpion was quietly lying in the corner, fast asleep.

    It had been badly tortured in the past, so it was very weak. After swallowing the Spiritual Beast Pills, it had gone into hibernation to recover its strength.

    At the other end of the bag, the Black Fat Rat hugged its tail, curled into a small furry ball. It too was deep in sleep.

    Ye Jiuge poked its chubby body, calling out softly, “Black Fatty, Black Fatty.”

    There was no response.

    Ye Jiuge grabbed it from the bag and began rubbing and prodding its body as she pleased.

    But the Black Fat Rat was like a dead pig. There was still no reaction.

    If it weren’t for the fact that its tiny body was warm, Ye Jiuge would have thought that it was dead. The rat had been hibernating ever since it had drunk her blood essence. She didn’t know what was going on.

    Black Fatty was becoming more and more secretive. She had to figure out its background and motive.

    If only Zi Shang were here. The Black Fat Rat was terrified of him.

    Ye Jiuge couldn’t help but sigh.

    Bai Songling thought that she was worried about Wan Ziyang and consoled her, “Eldest Miss, you don’t have worry. Heaven helps the worthy. Ziyang should be fine.”

    “Hopefully!” Ye Jiuge stuffed the Black Fat Rat back into the bag. She was about to speak to Bai Songling and the rest about Xiong Yunhu when a purple glow shot out of the city walls and moved toward them at a fast pace.

    It was the glow from the Treasure-hunting Scorpion. Why was he back so quickly?

    Ye Jiuge was very surprised. She channeled her Spiritual Eye and saw a grey shadow following the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    With just one glance, she knew it was Ye Yu.

    Ye Yu’s shadow flickered on and off. It seemed like he wasn’t doing so well.

    Ye Jiuge immediately sent Bai Songling and Luo Tian to meet up with them.

    Ye Yu was already exhausted. He was running on his last bit of fuel and gritting his teeth to hold on until he reached the group.

    The moment he saw Bai Songling and Luo Tian, he finally collapsed with relief.

    Bai Songling carried Ye Yu on his back, and Luo Tian protected their backs. The trio quickly returned to where they’d come from.

    “Let’s change locations,” ordered Ye Jiuge decisively.

    Although there no one was chasing after Ye Yu, in the current situation, it wasn’t safe to remain in one location for too long.

    Jun Yichen led the way. They made their way deeper into the forest. When they reached a more hidden location, they settled down.

    Ye Jiuge started Ye Yu’s treatment immediately.

    His face was a very whitish pale. His eyebrows, temples, corners of his eyes, and his lips were stained a strange, deep red.

    His body burned, and the breath he spewed was hot. He had been hit with Fire Poison.

    Black Dictator sprawled on Ye Yu’s neck. Its black body had turned a deep red too.

    “How is Ye Yu?” Bai Songling asked worriedly.

    “He’s fine. Thank goodness Black Dictator absorbed most of the poison. Otherwise, even if he didn’t die, he would have been severely weakened.”

    Ye Jiuge forced Ye Yu to swallow the Icy Frost Powder, then took out the Lightning Fire Needle to prick Ye Yu and let out blood.

    Droplets of fiery red blood dripped to the ground, searing countless small holes into the grass.

    “What a devastating poison!” Bai Songling shivered at the thought of falling for such a poison.

    He looked at Black Dictator again, then glanced at Little Mute.

    The Bloodthirsty Sect’s poison magic was strange and unpredictable. If he hadn’t had the protection of the Legendary Venomous Insect, which Little Mute had cultivated, Ye Yu would have died multiple times by now.

    Bai Songling thought about it and subconsciously caressed Big Mouth, who was attached to his wrist. He secretly decided that he would ask Ye Jiuge for more Spiritual Beast Pills to nurture Big Mouth.

    After Ye Jiuge forced the Fire Poison from Ye Yu’s body, she pierced a needle into his upper lip acupuncture point.

    Ye Yu’s body jerked once. Then, he finally came around.

    The moment he opened his eyes, he struggled to sit up. His voice was raspy. “It wasn’t good—the situation in Medicine Refinery City.”

    “What isn’t good? How is Ziyang?” Bai Songling was impatient to have his questions answered.

    “Ziyang has been sent to jail,” Ye Yu said, his face pale as can be.

    “What? Who did it?” Bai Songling shouted angrily.

    Although Wan Ziyang’s military authority had been revoked, he was still working for the Emperor. Who would dare touch him?

    “It was the Crown Prince,” Ye Yu spoke through gritted teeth. “Su Junqing and the Crown Prince took advantage of Ziyang’s heavy injuries. They tied him up, and even squashed Ziyang’s Legendary Venomous Insect to death.”

    “Since when did the Crown Prince have a say in matters regarding Medicine Refinery City? Where were Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun? They just ignored his overstepping of boundaries?”

    Bai Songling suddenly thought of something and his facial expression changed. “Could they have been hypnotized by Su Junqing’s Mental Manipulation? That’s not right—otherwise, they would have been hypnotized long before. Why would they be hypnotized now?”

    “They were not hypnotized. According to the people at Medicine Refinery Hall, Ziyang was the one who was hypnotized and secretly poisoned Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun. Now, Great Master Dongfang is heavily injured and in a coma, and Li Zijun’s life is in danger. The entire Medicine Refinery City is in chaos. Ye Yuxuan collaborated with the Crown Prince. With the help of Zhang Peng, Medicine Refinery Hall’s second-in-command, they have taken over control of the city’s guards.

    “They have accused Ziyang of being the culprit and denounced us as Sorcerers in disguise. They are calling for our capture.” Ye Yu took a breath, then continued, “Even worse, Gong Honglei suddenly rushed back this morning. Hearing that Great Master Dongfang had been harmed by Wan Ziyang, he immediately sided with the Crown Prince.”