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Chapter 194 - Bait to Lure the Snake From the Cave (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 194: Bait to Lure the Snake From the Cave (1)

    “G*dmmit! Sc*ew those b*tches! Since when did the Sorcerers hypnotize us?” Bai Songling was so pissed that he wanted to rush back to Medicine Refinery City and choke the Crown Prince to death.

    “Xiong Yunhu was the real Sorcerer. He probably did the same thing as Jiang Shengjie and hid his aura with a magical weapon. Besides, his cultivation was even stronger than Liu Yunfei’s.” Ye Jiuge recalled what they knew about Xiong Yunhu in a murmur.

    “So, it was him. I knew there was something off about him. If not, why else would he suddenly pay a visit to Ziyang? It was obvious that he was up to no good. He must have planned it long ago.”

    Bai Songling was full of terrible regret. If he had known, he would have stayed at Medicine Refinery Hall with Wan Ziyang.

    “Regrets are useless now. We should be thinking of a way to rescue Ziyang.” Ye Jiuge’s expression was grave.

    Besides rescuing Wan Ziyang, she also wanted to visit Dongfang Yao and Li Zijun, who had been poisoned.

    She had the Lightning Fire Needle and numerous top-notch Medicinal Pills, which her grandfather had left behind. No matter how serious their injuries, she would still be able to save them.

    The only troublesome thing was that there were too many obstacles in Medicine Refinery City. The security at Medicine Refinery Hall was also too tight.

    With the Crown Prince, Ye Yuxuan, and Gong Honglei working together to stop them, it wouldn’t be easy to infiltrate Medicine Refinery Hall, even for her.

    What Ye Yu said next confirmed her suspicions: “The security at the jail wasn’t too bad. The guards were mostly ordinary soldiers.

    “But Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun’s compound—Medicine Refinery Hall—is surrounded by guards sent by the Crown Prince, Su Junqing, and Ye Yuxuan. It is so heavily guarded that a fly can’t buzz by unnoticed.

    “Furthermore, Su Junqing has even set a Fire Poison trap for me around Medicine Refinery Hall. If the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had not made a timely appearance and caused a disturbance to allow me to escape, I would have been captured.”

    Ye Yu gritted his teeth in fury as he remembered the Fire Poison trap that Su Junqing had set.

    The ruthless fellow had set it using human sacrifices.

    Otherwise, he would not have fallen for the trap.

    Sixteen guards, 16 lives—sacrificed just for the sake of that trap.

    Hearing Ye Yu’s report, everyone’s spirits sank, and the atmosphere became oppressive.

    It was ironic that they had only cleared their names yesterday. Today, they were facing another pickle that was even more troublesome and difficult.

    “Don’t be disheartened, guys. Think about it another way: this is the Sorcerers’ last gamble.

    “If we manage to rescue Wan Ziyang and heal Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun’s injuries, we will be able to thwart the Bloodthirsty Sect’s schemes once and for all,” Ye Jiuge encouraged the others calmly.

    “Eldest Miss is right. We have already killed Jiang Shengjie and Liu Yunfei. It is only a matter of time before we get Xiong Yunhu and Su Junqing, too. Once we expose their evil schemes, the Crown Prince, Ye Yuxuan, and Gong Honglei will have to brace themselves to be slapped with embarrassment!” Bai Songling cracked a sly smile, then continued, “They have been paving the way for the Sorcerers. If you ask me, they are the ones who consorted with the Sorcerers.”

    “That’s right. When that happens, we will watch as they try to clear their names.” Ye Yu thought about it and suddenly felt very excited.

    He had thought that it would be years before the Su Clan and the Crown Prince could be toppled from their positions. It had seemed like revenge for his clan was still far away.

    But, by a stroke of luck, the day of revenge was now closer than expected. If Su Junqing were taken down, the Crown Prince, who had conspired with the Sorcerers, would not be able to get off scot-free either.

    “What are you waiting for, then? Let’s go!” Bai Songling was pumped up and ready to act.

    Even the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, which was on Ye Jiuge’s shoulder, squeaked with a heated fighting spirit.

    Ye Jiuge was a generous Master. Since it had made a considerable contribution, it would surely receive rewards from her.

    “A bunch of fools!” Jun Yichen mocked expressionlessly. It was obvious that going into Medicine Refinery City was to seek death, yet they were praising the act like it was heroic and honorable.

    “Being a fool isn’t a bad choice.” Luo Tian smiled lightly.

    He had been always been curious.

    Wan Ziyang, Bai Songling, and Ye Yu were not simpletons. But why did they obey Ye Jiuge’s every command? Even his awkward and delicate Little Master trusted her a lot too.

    He finally understood now. Ye Jiuge was mysterious and alluring at the same time. No matter how difficult or against-the-odds a situation was, she could convince them of victory.

    If Ye Jiuge knew what Luo Tian thought of her, she would have laughed bitterly. She was merely trying to hoodwink the rest.

    Although she had pep-talked the group into feeling confident, she still dared not lead them and venture into Medicine Refinery City openly.

    She planned to rest for six hours, and when the soldiers were most tired, they would sneak into the city.

    Everyone agreed to this plan.

    After they had killed Jiang Shengjie last night, the group had rushed back to Medicine Refinery City without resting.

    There, they had fought with the Crown Prince and Ye Yuxuan, briefly visited Wan Ziyang, then rushed off to kill Liu Yunfei.

    After hurrying here and there, they were all exhausted.

    If their bodies hadn’t been very strong and aided by Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Revitalization Pills, they would have collapsed long ago.

    Luo Tian and Jun Yichen volunteered for the night watch.

    Their bodies were much sturdier and more resilient, and they specialized in the night watch.

    Jun Yichen took the first half, and Luo Tian took charge of the remainder.

    No one fought them for the night shift. Bai Songling and Ye Yu found a place to lie down and prepared to rest.

    Ye Jiuge climbed up an ancient banyan tree. She stood on a branch, looking at the brightly lit Medicine Refinery City in the far-off distance.

    During times like this, she always missed Zi Shang terribly.

    Although he wasn’t reliable, he always provided her with aid during crucial times. She looked down and caressed the purple imprint on her inner arm.

    It had been half a month since Zi Shang had gone into enclosed cultivation, and there had been no news from him. She wondered when he would return.

    Sigh. When Zi Shang was around, she found him annoying. When he wasn’t there, she missed him a lot. It was so absurd.

    As Ye Jiuge was agonizing over her own ironic and unreasonable feelings, the imprint seemed to stir.

    Her eyes widened, and she quickly raised her hand to peer at the imprint carefully.

    The flat imprint remained dull as ever. There was no visible change.

    It must have been a figment of her imagination.

    Forget it! She should rest and recoup so that she would have enough energy to rescue Wan Ziyang!

    Ye Jiuge pulled down her sleeve and closed her eyes to rest.

    Suddenly, there was a tremendous uproar from the walls of Medicine Refinery City.

    Ye Yu and Bai Songling, whose eyes were closed, woke up immediately.

    Luo Tian and Jun Yichen also appeared beside Ye Jiuge. Together, they looked toward the city’s walls.

    The city’s walls were still brightly lit, and a few Kongming lanterns had been also been lighted.

    Below the lanterns, glittering words could be seen: “Surrender, and Wan Ziyang will be spared.”

    It was an outright threat.

    “What should we do, Eldest Miss?” Bai Songling paled after reading the words. He felt very lost.

    The Crown Prince and Su Junqing had immensely hated Wan Ziyang for a long time now.

    She wouldn’t put it past them to deal with him first.

    “Wait and see,” Ye Jiuge replied gravely.

    No matter what, Wan Ziyang was the Imperial Envoy as decreed by the Emperor.

    Even the Crown Prince wouldn’t dare act rashly by harming him. He still needed to return to the Capital.

    If Dongfang Que were to find out about his actions and report him to the Emperor, the Crown Prince would not be able to get off easily.

    Just as Ye Jiuge predicted, the Crown Prince had not dared to kill Wan Ziyang.

    “Crown Prince, this is the moment when you should act decisively. Danger cannot be overcome without taking risks!” Su Junqing urged.

    If it were up to him, killing Wan Ziyang would be the wisest choice.