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Chapter 196 - Giving One’s Life to Feed a Tiger

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 196: Giving One’s Life to Feed a Tiger

    “Little servant girl, enjoy this!” Gan Er raised the whip dipped in chili water and cracked it toward Yu Die’s chest.

    With her eyes closed, Yu Die gritted her teeth as she awaited the arrival of the sharp pain.

    However, the pain did not come. Instead, the rope binding her suddenly broke apart, and she could hear the sound of the wind ringing in her ears.

    Yu Die immediately opened her eyes. An azure figure soared toward her and scooped her up. They landed safely on the ground.

    “Eldest Miss!” Seeing the beautiful face in front of her eyes, Yu Die thought that she was dreaming.

    “You are fine now.” Ye Jiuge quickly examined Yu Die’s body. After ensuring that she only had flesh wounds, Ye Jiuge passed her to Bai Songling.

    “You really came?” Su Junqing felt that Ye Jiuge was just a fool. She was so soft that she had risked her life for an unimportant maid.

    Su Junqing did not care about Yu Die.

    Even without her, Qing Hu and Qing Liu remained.

    Ye Shanshan had told him that the two maids had been transferred to Ye Ruyi from Ye Jiuge.

    “Su Junqing, you are the Su Clan’s oldest son, yet, you have used an innocent twelve-year-old girl to lure me here. Furthermore, you have abused her in front of everyone in the city. I wonder if this is your Su Clan’s custom or the Crown Prince’s orders.”

    As she stood in front of the city gates, Ye Jiuge’s beautiful gaze was tranquil and calm, but this made her expression appear proud.

    The night wind blew through Ye Jiuge’s long dark hair, and she looked like a fairy who rode the clouds. She was elegant and other-worldly, and her captivating beauty ensnared every soul present.

    Her chilly voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the entire city.

    At that moment, the Medicine Refinery City’s residents were on tenterhooks and unable to sleep.

    Although the Crown Prince and Su Junqing had been spreading the news that Yu Die was a Sorcerer too and Ye Jiuge’s accomplice. Their abusive methods were ruthless.

    Parents with young daughters held them close and covered their ears. They did not dare let them witness such a brutal scene.

    No matter Ye Jiuge’s reputation, everyone admired her righteousness when she arrived suddenly to save her maid.

    When the Crown Prince, who was standing at the city wall, heard this, his heart leaped.

    As the Crown Prince, who was supposed to place righteousness above all, it sullied his reputation to use such a vicious and despicable method.

    However, Su Junqing calmly said, “Ye Jiuge, you have killed and flayed so many people. You drained them of their blood for your cultivation, and your evil crimes fill the heavens. Yet, you dare to say that my methods are cruel? The Sorcerers act in defiance of the natural order, and everyone has the right to kill them. I am only working expediently. If you had surrendered quickly, I would not have done this to them…”

    “I am willing to surrender!” Ye Jiuge suddenly interrupted Su Junqing’s lengthy speech.

    “What?” Su Junqing was momentarily stunned. He thought that he had misheard Ye Jiuge.

    “Eldest Miss!” Bai Songling and Ye Yu cried out at the same time.

    Earlier, in the thick woods, they had been unable to bear letting the young maid suffer, so they’d decided to save her. However, they had not planned to surrender!

    “However, I have two conditions.” Ye Jiuge’s beautiful face was calm as a tranquil lake.

    “Let’s hear them,” Su Junqing replied with some interest.

    “Firstly, kill the guard who laid his hands on Yu Die earlier.” A murderous intent was clear in Ye Jiuge’s chilly voice.

    Hearing this, the blood drained from Gan Er’s face, and he immediately knelt down with a plop.

    He was about to beg for mercy when Su Junqing raised a finger. A black ray entered Gan Er’s body and sealed off his throat, preventing him from speaking.

    Su Junqing gave a meaningful glance to the guard beside him.

    The short but muscular guard immediately stepped on Gan Er and prevented him from moving.

    “What’s your second condition?” Su Junqing pulled back his hand and said.

    Although killing the donkey when the grinding was done would be detrimental to his reputation, Su Junqing did not care.

    Then, Ye Jiuge raised her voice and said, “Secondly, send Wan Ziyang out of the city.”

    Su Junqing frowned involuntarily.

    He would not agree to Ye Jiuge’s condition rashly. Instead, he asked, “Are you only surrendering yourself, or does your surrender include everyone else?”

    “I will exchange only myself for Wan Ziyang,” Ye Jiuge said, emphasizing every word.

    “Eldest Miss, no!” Ye Yu disagreed immediately.

    “I have the closest relationship with Ziyang. I should be the one to exchange myself for him,” Bai Songling cried out anxiously.

    “Eldest Miss, we must consider this matter more carefully.” Luo Tian did not agree either. He felt that it would be unwise for Ye Jiuge to give her life to feed a tiger.

    Jun Yichen rolled his eyes silently.

    “I have made my decision.” Ye Jiuge turned and showed Su Junqing her back.

    Her expression was calm. Her bright eyes looked at Bai Songling and the rest, and she winked mischievously. She whispered, “Trust me.”

    Bai Songling and Ye Yu were momentarily confused, and they exchanged glances.

    They had known Ye Jiuge longer than the others, and they knew that she was full of ideas. She was also powerful and usually did not take risks unless she was sure of the outcome.

    Seeing that Bai Songling and Ye Yu had agreed, Luo Tian and Jun Yichen did not oppose her any longer.

    While Ye Jiuge hinted to Bai Songling and the others, Su Junqing was discussing with the Crown Prince whether they should agree to Ye Jiuge’s conditions or not.

    “Your Highness, I feel that it is worthwhile to exchange a half-dead Wan Ziyang for Ye Jiuge.” Su Junqing was resolute. He was determined to obtain Ye Jiuge.

    The Crown Prince was still hesitant. He said unhappily, “Our reputations will suffer if we follow Ye Jiuge’s conditions for the exchange. If we were to make a deal, I want all of them.”

    “Your Highness, Ye Jiuge is undoubtedly their leader. If she were to land in our hands, do you think that the rest would escape us?” Su Junqing smiled and said confidently.

    “You are right.” After he pondered it, the Crown Prince felt that what Su Junqing had said made sense. He laughed and said, “Ye Jiuge is so stupid to think that it is righteous for her to exchange herself for the hostages. When she lands in my hands, I will make her pay.”

    As he spoke, there was a vicious glint in his eyes. He was probably thinking of countless torture methods he would use for dealing with Ye Jiuge.

    “Your Highness. No matter what, Ye Jiuge’s last name is ‘Ye.’ Although Great Master Ye has broken off ties with her, this will still affect his reputation. Please control yourself for now so that Great Master Ye will not be placed in a difficult situation,” Su Junqing advised earnestly.

    “These are Great Master Ye’s words?” The Crown Prince frowned.

    If this were Ye Yuxuan’s idea, he would have to reconsider.

    Recently, Dongfang Que had roped in many aristocratic families from the capital, and the Crown Prince desperately needed Ye Yuxuan’s support.

    Su Junqing gave a slight nod.

    In the Crown Prince’s eyes, the Su Clan and Ye Clan, as in-laws, were family. There was nothing wrong with Su Junqing representing Ye Yuxuan.

    “Alright!” Although the Crown Prince would have loved to deal with Ye Jiuge immediately, he told himself that there would be plenty of time for that in the future.

    “Your Highness is wise and brilliant.” Su Junqing gave a small sigh of relief.

    Bloodthirsty Patriarch had asked for Ye Jiuge to be personally delivered to him, so there was no room for mistakes.

    After Su Junqing finished discussing with the Crown Prince, he gave an order to the guard beside him, “Go and bring Wan Ziyang here.”

    The guards left, acknowledging his order.

    Then, Su Junqing said to Ye Jiuge, who was standing at the foot of the city wall, “I agree to your conditions. To show my sincerity, I shall fulfill your first request now.”

    Having said so, he threw Gan Er from the city wall.