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Chapter 479 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 11)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 479: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 11)

    Du Jiu Sheng prepared a room for her that was opposite his.

    The room was decorated in a very simple, elegant, and postmodern style.  Compared to the ancient style of the castle, it was very different.

    Luo Qing Chen walked around and finally her eyes fell onto the mural on the wall.  The mural had a very ancient style to it, but it was very elegant.

    There was a girl in white clothes and a girl in red clothes with their backs facing her, not showing her their faces.

    Her eyes finally fell onto the red clothed girl.  There was a large flower blooming behind her and even though it was a few strokes, it seems quite magnificent.

    She felt her breathing stop as her heart couldn’t help beating faster.

    “Kou, kou.”

    “Come in.”

    Du Jiu Sheng was very polite, not forgetting the convention between men and women because they were temporary partners.

    “Young miss Luo…..”  He paused for a bit when he saw her look over after opening the door before saying, “In light of our cooperation, I will call you Xiao Qing from now on!”

    Luo Qing Chen said with a nod, “Alright.”

    It seemed right.  Calling her young miss all the time, it didn’t seem natural.

    He put the glass of milk in his hand on the table and said, “Xiao Xi’s apology, she hopes that you can have a good rest.”

    Luo Qing Chen looked at the glass of milk and felt a bit of warmth in her heart.  She painted at the mural on the wall and said, “You painted this?”

    “A painting from my spare time.”  His eyes looked slightly stunned as he said, “Sometimes I paint what I see in my dreams.”

    “What you see… your dreams…..”  She slightly knit her brows as she remembered the nightmare that usually appeared in her mind.

    “Quickly drink the milk and sleep early.”  Du Jiu Sheng softly closed the door and a deep look appeared in his eyes as he looked at the LCD panel in his hand.

    It seemed like tonight was a restless night.


    Luo Qing Chen laid in bed and she could only hear the sounds of the clock ticking.

    There was a bottle of untouched milk by her bed.  Her ears perked slightly and she suddenly opened her eyes.

    She quickly came to the study on the second floor and found that the bookshelf had been open, revealing the narrow passageway.

    When Luo Qing Chen was about to move forward, she found that a large hand had pulled her back into a warm embrace.

    When she was about to fight back, she heard the other side’s cool voice in her ears, “Xiao Qing, it’s me.”

    Du Jiu Sheng?!

    He drew her behind the curtains and stared at the entrance of the study’s secret passage.

    Not long after, a person wearing night coloured clothes came out.

    Luo Qing Chen recognized that person with a single glance, it was her little sister Luo Zi Jun.

    She had the other half of the Destiny Life Map as her eyes were filled with joy.

    After that, she quickly jumped out the window and disappeared into the dark night.

    After a while, Du Jiu Sheng pressed the switch on the wall and the study was instantly lit up.

    “What is this?”  Luo Qing Chen jumped away from him with a frown and said, “You don’t believe me?”

    There were sleeping pills in the glass of milk.  The dose was very small, but she could still smell it.

    “I thought that since she was your little sister, you shouldn’t participate in tonight’s matters.”  Du Jiu Sheng had received information from his network that mister X had sent two more people after the Destiny Life Map and one of them was Luo Qing Chen’s little sister.”

    “Little sister?”  She said with a soft laugh, “Her relationship isn’t as good as my relationship with Xiao Xi, does sir head understand this?”

    “Oh?”  He raised a brow and his eyes had a deep look as he said, “Sisters fighting, is it because of a…”


    “Zuo Yu Chen.”