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Chapter 124 - Clear Headed

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 124: Clear Headed

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    Qianmo decided to call Black to scold him until he died from it. Then, she was going to give him one hell of a CPR to revive him. When he came back to life, she was going to tell him she was going to keep him for herself.

    And this time, she wouldn’t do it subtly like on the mountain. She would be frank; she would be outrageous!

    Sha Muyu was horrified. He knew how stubborn Yu Changmo’s temperament was. He was a person who never wavered.

    He wouldn’t let them tell her about his crush on her, yet he still did it. If Changmo knew what he had done, he would whoop his ass, hang him up on the ceiling, and lecture him about the core values right from the beginning of the universe, so he could repent and regret deeply from every single cell of his body.

    Yes, Changmo was entirely capable of that kind of inhuman punishment!

    The crux was, he himself wouldn’t feel how brutal he was after he had done it. That was the most horrifying issue about this kind of person!

    Sha Muyu heaved a long sigh of relief after he heard Qianmo said she wanted to confess and not complain.

    Little Sha covered his mouth in shock, and his heartbeat increased exponentially.

    Second Sister-in-law was going to confess her love to his Second Brother?!

    His wish as a butt-naked little angel was accomplished?

    Little Sha was agitated. The jubilation he felt in his heart now was even stronger than if he was the one being confessed to. Wouldn’t he be the hero if Second Brother was married off successfully?

    Sha Muyu was almost holding his breath as he looked at Qianmo making that phone call. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the time to witness a miracle.

    “His number is off…” Qianmo hung up the phone, feeling a little disappointed.

    It seemed like Black was rather busy at this moment.

    “Ah!” Sha Muyu banged his head on the wall disappointedly. He still thought he could marry Second Brother off to Second Sister-in-law today.

    “The conversation we had today and the things I had just done…” Qianmo looked at Sha Muyu meaningfully.

    Sha Muyu put his hand on his mouth and pulled an invisible zip across. “Please rest assured, Second Sister-in-law. I will not say anything even if they kill me. I will not tell Second Brother or anyone else!”

    Qianmo was satisfied..

    When she, Chen Qianmo, was going to confess her love, Black had to be first to hear it. She couldn’t allow the people around him to know before he did.

    Her Black always had to be number one, always.

    For the sake of having eaten a year’s worth of Scallion Pancake, Qianmo felt he deserved to be placed in the number one position in her heart.

    Therefore, Goddess Mo looked at her little friend, Sha Muyu, again. There was an additional meaning in Goddess Mo’s eyes.

    “I am a very peace-loving person who doesn’t like to dirty her hands. However, if some people couldn’t keep a secret—”

    Sha Muyu shivered, swiftly raised his hand, and swore, “Then you can have Second Brother beat me until I became a balloon and then burst me!”

    This was a recurring joke among the brothers. Sha Muyu just blurted it out without thinking.

    Qianmo suddenly stopped when she walked past him. She then turned and gave him a fierce gaze. “You, wish!”

    Then, she shut the door and left.

    She left the agitated Little Sha there wiping away his sweat. Oh my, he felt he just had a dalliance with death.

    It seemed like his instinct about his Second Sister-in-law was accurate.

    Little Sha, who had just survived an ordeal, ran to a phone. He intended to call his friends and family to report to them that Second Brother was no longer single. His flower had finally bloomed for him after he spent years guarding it.

    Little Sha had just picked up the phone when Qianmo’s scary gaze appeared in his brain reflectively. Scared and unnerved, he put the phone down again.

    He had to acknowledge a fact shamelessly: He was indeed terrified of this Second Sister-in-law of his…

    Sha Muyu felt so torn as he looked at the phone. Then, the door suddenly opened, and in came Qianmo. Sha Muyu quickly stood up with a terrified look on his face.

    “I am not making a phone call. I swear, I didn’t tell—”

    “Will he come for the Inauguration Ceremony Parade?”

    Sha Muyu huddled up in his chair and said pitifully, “I have no idea either. Second Brother always comes and goes without a trace, and he doesn’t contact me… But I guess… he most likely will come, but I am not 100% sure about it. After all, his job is special…”

    Qianmo raised her chin with disdain. “Your words are almost entirely nonsense.”

    After that, she walked away and left a humiliated Sha Muyu. He put his head on the table and howled after he was sure she was long gone.

    “I said a lot of nonsense… because you scared me!”

    As expected, a God could only be conquered by a Goddess.


    No one in the dorm room knew what Qianmo did when she went out for that short while.

    Qianmo had managed to stir up trouble easily. She had shaken Sesame Oil and Luo Duoduo’s confidence with one big maneuver of mass-sending the message. She felt so energetic after she returned.

    She began to practice marching with Sesame Oil. She would also use her free time at night to read her speech as the representative of the recruits.

    This change in her not only made Sesame Oil and Luo Duoduo, who were guilty, feel uneasy, but even Boss Lu, who had stayed clear of their affairs, sensed that Qianmo was acting unusually.

    Goddess Mo was an immortal who stood above the clouds. What did being a god entail?

    A calmness and indifference about the mess on earth. God was someone who slept when others were still toiling hard…

    When a god got busy, the whole dorm would be affected and worried.

    Boss Lu even discovered one morning when she woke up early that the school belle was s… smiling at the toilet’s mirror?

    Boss Lu shivered. Did something evil possess the school belle’s body? Wasn’t the difference before and after a little too much?

    Qianmo waved at Boss Lu when she saw her standing at the toilet’s entrance. Boss Lu walked into the toilet with an amazed expression, as if the whole scene was a dream. Qianmo held onto her shoulders, and the two of them looked at the mirror together.

    “Do you think I look a little fake if I smile like this?” Qianmo revealed eight of her teeth in the mirror.

    She had never felt so nervous even when she was attending the important events in her previous life.

    A few black lines seemed to have appeared on Boss Lu’s forehead. She reached out to feel Qianmo’s forehead. It was not feverish at all.

    “Second, are you okay?”

    “I’m fine. The thing is, at this hour, our brains are more alert. And we understand what we want better when we are alert.”

    Qianmo said that to her image in the mirror confidently.

    She had never been so sure of what she had wanted as she did now. She wished to leave a beautiful impression on Yu Changmo, then continue to renew that “most beautiful” image in his heart relentlessly. She was going to strengthen that part of his memory so that whenever he saw her, he would wistfully think…

    Those blinding rays of light, could it be… Boss Lu rubbed her eyes.

    Boss Lu rubbed her thumb and index finger together to hint crazily at Qianmo.

    “Wassup?” Qianmo looked at her with slanted eyes.

    “Hush money. I am the person who knows the secret of that “love cup” of yours. I am from a poor family, so it is easy to pay me off. Just give me 180 to buy snacks, and we will be good again.”

    Boss Lu laughed sinisterly.