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Chapter 125 - Never Met An Opponent Like This

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 125: Never Met An Opponent Like This

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    “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Qianmo wasn’t nervous, even though she was exposed. She continued to practice her expression for the speech in the mirror.

    Boss Lu pressed her body on her and held her shoulders. “Sigh, isn’t this secret worth a few dozens of satays?”

    Qianmo just gave her a radiant smiley face. Boss Lu saw she was unaffected, but she refused to give up and continued, “Sigh, we are both poor students, so I can understand you don’t have much money. Nonetheless, you have a boyfriend already. You shouldn’t lack money now.”

    “That’s not a sure thing.” Qianmo smiled. Her Black certainly had money, but she still needed to work for it.

    Boss Lu covered her cheeks with her hands. “Oh my, this shiny, glittering taste of love is so sour that my teeth hurt!”

    She was really trying to blackmail her here. But why was Second looking so proud?

    Boss Lu was perplexed by Second’s unfathomable thinking. She should be thinking:

    But Second was smiling in a mysterious and open manner, which was different from her usual self. It obviously meant,

    Boss Lu was rather disappointed that she didn’t get to prank the school belle.

    Giving up, she walked around Qianmo. “You have no weakness at all?”

    Everybody in the dorm room had displayed their individual characters after staying together for a while. Except for Qianmo, who was still as stable as a mountain. She had excellent emotional self-control and never showed what she was thinking. The only time that anyone saw her display any emotion was now, as she was preparing to go on stage.

    “Weakness? I do have them?” Qianmo placed her hands under her chin and said to her face seriously in the mirror, “Why am I so good-looking?”

    Boss Lu banged her head onto the wall. “School Belle, what’s wrong with you? Who caused you to behave like this?”

    Boss Lu used her leg to block Qianmo as she realized she was going to leave the toilet. She leaned on the wall and refused to make way for her.

    “You believe that was enough to seal my mouth?” She was a persistent person.

    Qianmo stopped. Boss Lu was at least successful in something.

    “Boss, I am not able to treat you. After all, my family’s financial situation should be the worst amongst the four of us.”

    This was a fact. Although her roommates were all excellent at pretending to be poor, nothing escaped from Qianmo’s eyes.

    “What are you talking about? We are all children of the poor and common people,” Boss Lu said with a smile, but her eyes had a deeper look.

    “Oh, then what’s the background of our roommates?” Qianmo sparred with her calmly.

    “Haven’t I said before? My father is an ordinary soldier; Sesame Oil’s parents are retired, and Duoduo comes from a normal family… Only your family has a sea cucumber farm, so you are, in fact, the richest.”

    Boss Lu repeated the information they had exchanged before without any expression.

    Qianmo closed the door and simply said a few words there. Boss Lu couldn’t manage to smile anymore.

    “There are four of us in the room. Although Sesame Oil, who claimed her parents are retired, is carrying a pirated phone that costs only a few hundred dollars, her sim card can only be obtained through special means.”

    Qianmo had borrowed the phone from Sesame Oil before.

    “No. Didn’t she remove the sim card when she lent you the phone?” Boss Lu believed Sesame Oil wasn’t a careless person. Even though she appeared to be carefree, that was only on the surface.

    Qianmo laughed and said, “She did remove it. She even did it behind my back. It was abnormal because she wasn’t careless when she should have been.”

    If she didn’t have something to hide, Sesame Oil would remove it right in front of Qianmo and would not deliberately run to the toilet to remove it.

    Boss Lu was shocked secretly. “What about Duoduo?”

    “Erm, she hides pretty well. If it wasn’t for this, I would have believed her.”

    Qianmo took the sunscreen that Luo Duoduo always used from the shelf holding the toiletries. Boss Lu came over to have a look.

    “Isn’t this quite normal?”

    “Open the cap and look again.”

    Boss Lu did as instructed and poured a little of the lotion out. She smelled it and then rubbed it on her hand.

    “Damn! This is La Mer’s sunscreen?!”

    The whole bottle of Dabao was holding this stuff!

    Boss Lu had an intense internal dialogue with herself. Her focus of attention was:

    “How did you discover it?” Boss Lu felt that Qianmo could really be 007. Or perhaps, Goddess Mo’s eyes were equipped with the latest high tech see-through X-ray machine?

    It was even better than the equipment used during security screening, as it could even see La Mer in a Dabao bottle?!

    “Our profession believes in one theory: There would be a trace if it happened. Criminal Psychology doesn’t need equipment. It only needs this, and this.”

    Qianmo pointed to her eyes, and then her brain.

    She could notice things that happened within a quarter of a second, so what was this to her?

    In her previous life, Black had given her a whole set of La Mer and laid them all over her bed. How could she not differentiate between these products?

    Thus, Qianmo had already felt something amiss when she saw Luo Duoduo use it only once. She didn’t deliberately pay attention to her, but as she had been practicing her observation skills, she could often notice many details unintentionally.

    Boss Lu was now looking at Qianmo with a totally different look in her eyes.

    “I am different from them—Wait a minute, have you discovered something about me too?” Boss Lu was feeling very confused in her heart.

    She had never expected to have a roommate like Qianmo. She had even struck her out first as a potential threat when she was investigating her fellow roommates.

    After all, this lass came from an ordinary family and didn’t have an impressive resume—apart from being exceptionally beautiful. She had never lacked suitors since she was young.

    She never ever could have expected that this unimpressive Chen Qianmo had already calmly discovered the hidden secrets of her roommates.

    Qianmo looked at Boss Lu with a smile.

    “Boss, the expression you are displaying now is the typical guilty expression.”

    Boss Lu recollected her emotions and looked at her emotionlessly. Qianmo smiled again.

    “What is the probability that an ordinary person can recognize La Mer immediately?”

    “I worked at a cosmetic counter before.” Even Boss Lu herself knew that her excuse was weak.

    Qianmo reached out and did her forehead tapping stunt in the midst of Boss Lu’s shock. Just like how she had taken care of the other two roommates.

    “You weren’t very shocked when I exposed Sesame Oil, which meant you already knew about it long ago. Could a person who knows about luxury products and special sim cards have hailed from an ordinary background? Anyway, I don’t believe it.”

    Boss Lu swore she had never met anyone like Qianmo. Even though she had received an entirely different education from ordinary people, she had never met an opponent like this.