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Chapter 126 - Give Me A Few Close-ups

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 126: Give Me A Few Close-ups

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    “Chen Qianmo, are you an agent that was dispatched from some agency?”

    She was a Boss who came to a recruit’s village to massacre them—although there were no recruits in this recruits’ village.

    “Excuse me. Currently, in the country, apart from the experts in the Criminal Psychology Research Institute, in which agencies can you find a talent like me?” Qianmo “flirted” in a not so very humble manner.

    At the same time, she didn’t conceal the appreciation for herself in the mirror.

    “I don’t know why I am so observant. Maybe I was destined to be a police officer.” This was the expectation her mentor had for her in her previous life.

    Only, the Qianmo then could never have fulfilled that wish.

    “Yes. ‘Destiny’ is a curse for many people.” Unexpectedly, Boss Lu’s eyes were suddenly filled with sadness.

    Qianmo took in everything, but she had no idea that the gears of destiny had already begun to turn around the four of them in the room. She just thought that it was Boss Lu’s helplessness when she was exposed. She displayed her skills as “the fortune-teller under the overhead bridge” and said, “There isn’t any ‘destiny’. It’s just that many people have to put in more effort to get away from the circumstances in which they were born.”

    This sentence had an immense influence on Boss Lu.

    Qianmo deduced that Boss Lu had a problematic background, but in reality, it was even more complicated than she had thought at that moment. That was the mysterious part with fortune-telling, oh no, psychology.

    A lot of people would resonate with the same sentence and feel that the words were meant specifically for them. It then created a huge impact in their lives.

    “No matter where you came from, I just want to tell you that it was not easy for all of us to gather in the same place at the same time. We have to treasure this friendship. Since the three of us address you as Boss, I hope one day… you won’t forget about us.”

    Qianmo reckoned that the discipline and outlook that Boss Lu had displayed unintentionally came from her background. A child who had this kind of upbringing usually hailed from the military and political backgrounds. Therefore, what Qianmo wanted to express in her final sentence was, “when you become successful, don’t forget us”.

    The issue, however, was that Qianmo was too subtle, so much so, Boss Lu felt uncertain.

    Qianmo pushed open the door and went out after speaking. She then heard Boss Lu’s quiet voice behind her.

    “Are you the devil… Chen Qianmo?”

    Qianmo shrugged and said, “Have you ever seen such an outstanding devil like me before?”

    Outstanding was a fact… This lack of humility… was a fact too.

    “Excessive humility is hypocrisy. I am only positioning myself appropriately.”

    Qianmo had done this purely based on her instincts. Although she had felt the other two roommates of hers were also not ordinary, she didn’t reveal herself in front of them. Qianmo only showed her cards to Boss Lu, not hiding her capabilities from her at all.

    This instinct of hers was refined in the business environment in her previous life. What happened later would prove that Qianmo had handled this issue very aptly. Sometimes, it only took a sentence or two to change the entire situation.

    The military training was over, and the police academy’s inauguration ceremony parade was held as scheduled.

    Qianmo went through the entire procedure with a strict and perfect police attitude, shining like a star in the crowd.

    On the roof of a building next to the police academy, a little secretary who wore a pair of black-framed spectacles was instructing the professional photographers hired by the bossy CEO. A few photographers were filming meticulously with top-notch equipment. The bossy CEO, Chen Haoxuan, was standing behind them with a telescope like a director.

    “President, don’t you feel our behavior is a little… perverted?” the secretary complained expressionlessly.

    The president had given her a series of calls in the morning to make her hurry up. She thought it was something of great importance, but in the end… they were merely bringing people to film secretly, that too next to the police academy?!

    Of course, the president was so “rich and ostentatious” that he could make a sneak shot look so elegant and refined. He even got his hands on such professional equipment—the secretary looked at the pantoscopic camera.

    “Am I the boss, or are you?” Chen Haoxuan lowered the telescope and rolled his eyes at her.

    Did she think he had wanted to come?!

    If his brother wasn’t so busy that he couldn’t come to Chen Qianmo’s inauguration performance personally, he wouldn’t have to go to the school next to them with so many people!

    “Couldn’t Aunt Chen just say a word for us to go inside the academy to film,” the secretary mumbled after the boss rolled his eyes at her.

    Actually, Chen Haoxuan was spitting loudly in his heart over what he had said.

    If his gauche brother had not opposed his mom’s help, they wouldn’t have to behave like paparazzi. They had to hide, so Chen Qianmo wouldn’t discover them?

    Yu Changmo said he didn’t want his family members to pressurize Qianmo on his behalf. The whole family was not allowed to appear in front of her before they confirmed their relationship.

    Therefore, the bossy CEO became a blockbuster director and filmed her remotely with a telescope in hand. He even neglected his business.

    After all, no business was more important than his brother’s courtship.

    Qianmo got up onto the stage and gave her speech. She looked valiant and smart in her uniform, blending beauty and integrity together flawlessly. She was the perfect embodiment of a confident and independent girl. The way she spoke had revealed her connotation and heritage, which couldn’t be built up by any cosmetics. She amazed the people present from the moment she opened her mouth.

    While she gave her speech confidently on stage, the audience below had different reactions.

    Sha Muyu was slightly surprised that she didn’t use the speech that he gave her.

    “A horse has to go across many ridges in a mountain; A person has to climb many stories to reach the top of a building. To make full use of our youth and fulfill our duties as a police officer…”

    Qianmo’s voice came over clearly via the microphone, and everyone felt their blood surging through their veins after they heard her speech.

    Her words were beautiful yet not exaggerated; her tone was firm yet still sincere.

    Sha Muyu had to admit that Qianmo’s literary skills were better than his. He didn’t know why this speech was exceptionally touching when she read it out.

    Later, when No.3 brought the video home and the whole family watched No. 2’s sweetheart’s demeanor, Chen Meng recognized it immediately.

    Qianmo had used the speaking skills from Psychology. Her pauses and tones of voice had been practiced professionally. That meant if this speech manuscript was given to another person, it would not have the same effect as she had.

    Qianmo stood on the stage and looked around her as the applause washed over her like waves. Although she didn’t see the person she had wished to see the most, Qianmo knew that from that day on, she could never be as low profile as she was when she first entered the academy.

    Since she had chosen the most brilliant man and the most brilliant mentor, she had to give her best in order to stand together with them. She didn’t want Black to look up to her, neither did she want to look up to Black.

    “Give me a few close-ups,” Chen Haoxuan instructed as he held onto the telescope.Erm, he could sell this speech manuscript to Black for a million bucks easily. And with these close-up shots of his Goddess, he could ask for another hundred thousand, too.

    It was three days later when Yu Changmo received the video of Qianmo on the stage.

    Qianmo was already on her National Day holidays. Yu Changmo couldn’t stop staring at her picture, and these words seemed to be engraved on his face:

    “I have spent blood and tears to film this for you, even forgoing breakfast and ignoring my business.” Chen Haoxuan was trying to get his older brother to recognize his efforts.

    Before he could finish his piece, his older brother slammed the photo onto the table with a loud “pia”, a murderous look in his eyes.

    “What is this?!” Black was furious.