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Chapter 95 - Leaving Without a Debt (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 95: Leaving Without a Debt (1)

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    Xu Shuai watched as Gu Yu’s face remained blank. The only indication that Gu Yu had heard him was the brief flutter of an eyelid before he soon retracted back into his shell and became emotionless again.

    Even though Gu Yu hadn’t replied, Xu Shuai had been utterly shocked by his own revelation. He paced to and fro, his brows furrowing in dismay.

    The reason why he detested Xu Weilai was because of the fact that apart from Gu Yu, he was the only other person who knew the real reason for the broken engagement!

    That reason alone enabled him to see Xu Weilai for who she truly was, and he felt outraged on Gu Yu’s behalf. He had been willing to let the matter go when she left. But now that she was back, she actually had the audacity to appear before Gu Yu! In efforts to avenge Gu Yu, he had used the company contract to lure Xu Weilai into drinking ten bottles of alcohol, and recorded her embarrassing behavior while she was drunk!

    However, when he showed Gu Yu the video in hopes of cheering him up, Gu Yu had smashed his phone instead. He previously assumed that Gu Yu was merely in a bad mood and that seeing Xu Weilai had added fuel to the fire, resulting in his anger.

    As he recalled the incident again, he realized that that may not have been the case at all! Rather, it was that Gu Yu couldn’t bear the thought of someone else mistreating Xu Weilai!

    And there was Zhang Lei, Xu Weilai’s prospective husband who was chosen by her parents. Rumor had it that they were already about to get engaged. However, he had fallen from grace overnight, without any chance of recovery.

    That matter had Gu Yu’s name written all over it!

    Xu Shuai was a muddlehead most of the time, but his intelligence could still be relied on when he needed it. He carefully recalled all the events that unfolded ever since Xu Weilai’s return, and the answer presented itself!

    However, he still refused to believe it. He knew that Gu Yu had never intended to accept their marriage that was arranged since they were children. It had been because of his car accident, and Xu Weilai’s persistent care that he ended up with her eventually.

    He doted on Xu Weilai very much, to the extent that Xu Shuai wondered sometimes if Gu Yu had truly fallen for her. But when he discovered everything that Xu Weilai had done, he had called off the betrothal cleanly, without any loose ends!

    1Later on, Su Ziqian came along, and he doted on her even more.

    A man doting on a woman wasn’t an avowal of love, thus he didn’t give it a second thought previously. He had assumed that Gu Yu’s special treatment towards Xu Weilai had solely been because of that matter!

    However, as he lined the incidents up and considered the big picture, the explanation he arrived at couldn’t have been more accurate!

    If Gu Yu wasn’t in love with Xu Weilai, given his personality, there was no need for him to be at odds with her! There were a thousand and one ways for him to make Xu Weilai’s life a living hell, he didn’t need to use his own marriage for that at all!

    Therefore, his marriage to Xu Weilai couldn’t be because of Grandpa Gu’s pressure. On the contrary, it was probably his way of keeping Xu Weilai by his side.

    That thought alone was enough to make Xu Shuai shudder.

    If the situation was as he deduced it to be, that meant that all the things Xu Weilai did back then would have been like a stab to Gu Yu’s heart. It would have been fine if he didn’t love Xu Weilai. But if he did, that pain would be like the devil, tormenting him every waking moment, and giving him unbearable agony!

    He loved her, and yet he couldn’t!

    If he treated Xu Weilai well, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. On the other hand, if he didn’t treat her well, his heart wouldn’t fare much better either…

    He knew that no one could emerge victorious in this situation.

    Xu Shuai was dumbfounded by his own realizations. He picked up a wine bottle on the table and began to down it to soothe his nerves.

    When he was done, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and without saying another word, he walked out.

    Wu Er had stayed by the door to wait for Xu Shuai. When he saw Xu Shuai emerge from the room, he craned his neck to look inside and asked apprehensively, “Boss, are you just going to leave him like this?”