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Chapter 96 - Leaving Without a Debt (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 96: Leaving Without a Debt (2)

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    What else could he do?

    Xu Shuai barked resentfully, “What the hell am I supposed to do? He’s in this state because of love! He’s facing a problem that has no solution! What the hell do you expect me to do about it?”

    “Well…” Wu Er’s eyes widened in alarm. “Boss, are you kidding? That’s Gu Yu you’re talking about! How can a man like that be in such a bad state because of a woman?”

    Those words had been Xu Shuai’s thoughts exactly. He glanced at him and didn’t bother to refute.

    Wu Er stroked his chin and thought for a moment, before nodding his head and sighing. “Oh well, then again, navigating a woman’s mind is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Us men can never tell what they’re thinking or what their hearts are feeling! That’s why we are at their mercy all day long!”

    Xu Shuai disagreed immediately with that statement, and countered, “That’s where you’re wrong. The reason why we can’t read what their hearts are feeling is that their breasts are too meaty–”

    Although his boss was well-known for occasionally sharing his “nuggets of wisdom”, Wu Er was still stunned by his words.

    This really took the cake…

    Wu Er gave Xu Shuai a thumbs-up in admiration and said, “You’re indeed the big boss! Your words hit the nail on the head! It’s ingenious! I’m in awe!”

    Xu Shuai accepted his flattery unabashedly, and said, “You’ll have much to learn from me in the future! Keep it up!”

    “Roger that!”

    Xu Shuai turned around to glance at Gu Yu in the private room, and instructed, “Don’t bother him. Just get someone to keep an eye on him. When he’s finally asleep, send him to the room upstairs. Let me know if anything else happens.”

    “Got it,” Wu Er replied.


    When Xu Weilai returned to the apartment, it had already stopped snowing outside. The ground was covered in a layer of white, and the whole place resembled a Winter Wonderland.

    Even though Xu Weilai was exhausted, she couldn’t fall asleep. She sat on the windowsill, hugging her knees, and stared outside the window blankly until night turned to day.

    When the rays of the sun came streaming in, the fog in her mind finally lifted as well, and she snapped out of her trance.

    The first snowfall in the middle of the night reminded her of the beautiful start of their love story, but it had also destroyed her last bit of resolve.

    It dawned on her suddenly that she had really lost Gu Yu for good. She had lost the man who she thought loved her once before.

    Right now, the special place in Gu Yu’s heart could be filled by anyone but her.

    Although Gu Yu’s words were very hard to swallow, she had to admit that she agreed to marry him only after taking the billion yuan. Therefore, she didn’t have any dignity to speak of when she was around him!

    She wanted a divorce, she wanted to allow both Gu Yu and herself to pursue their true desires. But the billion yuan she took had to be returned!

    But this was a billion, not a hundred! She acknowledged the fact that it would take a long time before she could earn the amount. However, regardless of how hard the process would be, she was going to do it! She wanted to return the money, and leave the marriage without owing him a single cent!

    Xu Weilai was feeling tired and sticky as she got off the windowsill. As her feet touched the ground, her legs collapsed under her weight.

    The memory of the way Gu Yu had humiliated her in the car by the beach surfaced in her mind, and she gritted her teeth. She forced herself to stand up and doggedly made her way to the bathroom.

    No woman would ever be willing to be treated so badly by the person they loved. No matter how much love she had for him, she would still feel disappointed by his actions.

    She soaked herself in the bathtub and forcefully scrubbed herself clean. Only when she rid her body of Gu Yu’s scent did she finally emerge, finding herself a set of clean clothes after.

    After leaving from the bathroom, she carried her laptop with her and sat on the couch. She turned on her computer and opened her inbox. Her fingers tapped furiously on the keyboard as she typed out a new message and sent it to her boss!