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Chapter 97 - The Mysterious Boss

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 97: The Mysterious Boss

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    She couldn’t ask the Xu family for the amount. Setting aside the fact that her family didn’t have that kind of money, if her parents ever caught wind of her decision to divorce Gu Yu, they would never allow it! They were still intending to use her to reap all the benefits they could from the Gu family, and wouldn’t care what she thought!

    Therefore, she could only rely on herself. And her only way of obtaining money at the time was through her job.

    All these years, her job as a reporter had allowed her to earn some income. Although it was still a long way off from the required amount, she had no choice but to work even harder and continue fighting on! In order to get the highest possible remuneration, her request to her boss this time was this—she wanted an A-level assignment!

    The magazine publication company categorized their assignments according to various levels, and the amount of remuneration that was awarded corresponded to the various levels. The higher the level, the higher the payment, as well as the risk that came along with it!

    Assignments included unearthing unglamorous news related to individuals in society, and digging up the illegal activities of the rich and powerful. Such information was not easily obtained, and the reporters were at risk of various dangers if their covers were blown along the way.

    The furthest that Xu Weilai had ever progressed within the company was to accept a B-level assignment. Although the task was difficult, it didn’t come with many risks, and the monetary compensation had been above average.

    Being a reporter had always been her passion, as she had majored in journalism in college. It was never her intention to allow her passion to evolve into a tool for monetary gain, and for money be her sole motivation as a reporter.

    However, during her three years in exile, the Xu family had abandoned her in almost every aspect, allowing her to only keep her name. Her parents hardly provided any money for her, and she had no choice but to earn her own keep. Furthermore, in order to have more autonomy over her own life, and to prevent the Xu family from controlling her, she needed money too!

    In current society, it remains hard to get anything done without money! If she wasn’t able to fill her tummy, what passion and interest were there left to speak of? As a result, her motto at work had become “Don’t talk about passion. Talk about money!”

    There was a huge time difference between China and the other country. While it was currently morning here, it was nighttime over at the other side.

    When Xu Weilai sent the message, she assumed her boss was asleep, and she would have to wait for some time before he could reply her. Hence, she got up and headed to the kitchen to prepare a sandwich and coffee in the meantime.

    She hadn’t eaten much the previous day at the family gathering, and after a whole night of torment, her stomach had been growling for a long time. She hadn’t felt hungry while her heart was hurting, but now that she was awake and energized, she was famished.

    She couldn’t allow her health to be implicated; her body was the most crucial part of this revolution! At the very least, she couldn’t allow herself to crumble before returning all that she owed him!

    Although she didn’t have much of an appetite, she took her sandwich nevertheless, and munched it down, bite after bite!

    Surprisingly, when she was only halfway through her sandwich, her laptop chimed. It was a notification that a new message had been received.

    Xu Weilai was stunned and held her sandwich in hand as she headed to the bedroom. She checked her mail, and indeed, there was a new message from her boss.

    She opened it, and read the reply.

    Big Boss: Why are you making such a request? You’ve never done an A-level assignment before!

    Xu Weilai’s brows rose in surprise. This elusive and mysterious Big Boss of hers was a key figure in Z Magazine and had the most authority there. Z Magazine operated more like a studio than a company. Their scale wasn’t huge, but every individual the company employed was outstanding at their role. Every reporter was akin to a representative of the company and carried a certain weight within the industry.

    Back then, she had gained entry into Z Magazine only after she had written a huge expose on the academic fraud of a famous foreign scholar. That expose had taken half a year of immense effort. When she was about to release the report, the scholar sent some people to intimidate her into holding back the report, in efforts to cover up the truth.