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Chapter 98 - The Mysterious Boss (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 98: The Mysterious Boss (2)

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    At that point, she refused to yield, even when her life was on the line. She had refused to hand the evidence over, and the thugs were on the verge of beating her up. As a woman, she was no match for those hulking men. She had tried to resist and make her escape, but she was eventually caught and pinned to the floor!

    They had threatened to cut both her arms off to prevent her from being able to continue her career in journalism. But just as they raised the knife, someone saved her in the nick of time.

    A few bodyguards, donned in black, suddenly appeared and easily overpowered the thugs, beating them to a pulp before sending Xu Weilai to the hospital.

    When she regained consciousness in the hospital, she noticed a fresh bouquet of beautiful red roses placed by her bedside. Attached to the bouquet was a card.

    The card had read, “I am Zuo. I admire your courage. Welcome to my magazine publishing company!”

    It was only then that she found out that the person who rescued her was the boss of Z Magazine, Mr. Zuo. His company never had the practice of recruiting employees in a conventional manner. Instead, they were invited to join through various methods! Moreover, all of them answered directly to Mr. Zuo. He was their only boss. Everyone else was on equal footing within the company.

    That dangerous encounter had turned into an opportunity for her!

    After joining Z Magazine, she had always wanted to find an opportunity to invite Mr. Zuo for a meal to thank him for saving her life. However, she had never met him before. The same was for everyone else, no one had ever seen him before.

    No one knew who he was, what he looked like, or how old he was. Even his contact number was unknown! Everyone contacted him through email. He would assign a task to his employees, and once the task was accepted and completed, the money would be transferred into the reporter’s bank account!

    She had been working for this company for a few years, and it had been a very meaningful collaboration.

    However, Mr. Zuo had never mentioned or asked about anything else beyond assignment delegation—especially not about the private lives of his employees! Therefore, she was very surprised that he had asked her such a question instead of simply just handing her an assignment like he usually did.

    She placed her sandwich down and dusted the crumbs off her hands before placing the laptop on her lap, replying back to him.

    Xu Weilai: I need money!

    Big Boss: Since when have you not needed money?

    Xu Weilai’s expression did not falter even as he continued questioning her. Her reply: I need more money! SOS!

    Big Boss: At present, I do have one A-level assignment, and it’s coincidentally one that takes place in China. Upon completion, I can split half the money with you. However, it’s a very dangerous assignment, and I don’t recommend taking the job. I don’t want to lose a capable employee!

    Xu Weilai was very honored by his recognition of her hard work and capabilities. Her boss never held back his praises for his subordinates, and everyone working for him felt a great sense of achievement while carrying out their assignments!

    Xu Weilai: I’ll take it. Regardless of how dangerous it is, I’m willing to do it! I’ll definitely complete it. Please give me the assignment!

    However, after sending the message, there was no news from her boss for a while. Xu Weilai waited for almost an hour, and just as she was about to go nuts just from the wait, her boss replied.

    After sending her the details of the assignment, he added a message behind: This person is not one to be trifled with. Be careful. If anything happens, call this number: 187xxxxxxxx. He is my assistant based in China. I hope you won’t need it. Good luck!

    Xu Weilai replied with two words: Thank you.

    She opened the document file and perused the details of the targeted individual that was under investigation. He was Pang Hai, the tyrant of L City, and had established an infamous reputation within the underground world. He was very arrogant, and his actions were cruel and vicious. In all, he was a frightening character!

    Many other reporters who had previously tried to dig up dirt on him were met with very tragic ends. Xu Weilai took a deep breath. He was indeed not someone to be trifled with. But even if there were great risks involved, she was still motivated to meet the danger head-on.

    She retrieved her cell phone and quickly saved the assistant’s contact. Following that, she searched her networks and began to track Pang Hai’s movements.

    Very soon, someone provided Xu Weilai with updates. This person was also a reporter. After the call ended, the person on the other end thought for a moment and dialed another number, exposing the fact that Xu Weilai was investigating Pang Hai!