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Chapter 118 - Lin Qingbei! Lin Qingbei!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 118: Lin Qingbei! Lin Qingbei!

    In the corridor.

    Su Tiantian’s eyes, for just a few seconds, glared, sharply leering. However, due to them still being inside the TV station, she quickly regained her composure so as to maintain her appearance.

    “Meng Meng, I don’t know what you mean?”

    Ning Meng raised an eyebrow, “You still don’t understand? Wow! What’s wrong with you today, hmm? Have you transformed into a pair of pigs? Now you’ve become even more stupid than just one pig!”

    Su Tiantian took a step back and raised her voice. “Meng Meng, why are you insulting other people like this?”

    Ning Meng crossed her arms over her chest and continued roasting, “I would never insult a human. Look at you. Your brain is just as good as a pig’s while your personality is as malleable as a donkey. Not only that, but you also bark at others all day like a rabid dog! Tell me, what part of you looks like a human?”

    After hearing this, Su Tiantian finally lost her temper. As a frown was pinched upon her face, she replied, “Enough, Ning Meng! I know you have always looked down on me but you can’t…”

    Ning Meng interrupted her. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve never looked down on you! That’s because I’ve never really paid you any attention at all!”

    Su Tiantian put a hand on her chest to calm her throbbing anger. “If you have time to exchange heated words with me, you might as well go and check up on Lin Qingbei!”

    As soon as she finished her words, Su Tiantian looked at the monitor screen on the wall.

    “See? He’s now onstage!”

    Ning Meng stopped saying anything and looked at the monitor.

    Lin Qingbei was wearing a full suit, the very picture of a gentleman, and he ascended the stage calmly.

    Then, the music started! The audience was instantly excited and turned into a passionate mob by the explosively fiery and zestful music!

    Moving his slender body agilely, Lin Qingbei danced expertly to the music!

    20 seconds later, the prelude was over. He put a hand over half of his face as he stood on the stage aesthetically, arousing every single audience off the stage!!

    “Lin Qingbei! Lin Qingbei!”

    The audience was cheering for him fervently, getting out of control by the second!

    Ning Meng was also astounded by what she was seeing.

    Such a graceful and passionate dance! Such powerful ovary-exploding charm! Was this the magic of the future “Heavenly King of Chinese Pop[1]”? He was essentially the brightest star on stage tonight, glistening like no one else ever had before!

    Su Tiantian’s face was once again pinched into a frown upon seeing this. She knew that Lin Qingbei was a good singer, but she had not known that he was great at dancing as well.


    Su Tiantian let out a cold smirk. “So, he’s a little good at dancing. So what? This is a singing contest. The real drawing point is his singing capabilities. All this dancing is just some prattling way to stall for time before he loses the competition!”

    As soon as those words left her mouth, the music began playing again. When Lin Qingbei opened his mouth and sang, almost everyone off the stage was so moved that they could kneel down in tears!!

    His voice was so heavenly that it caused everyone to stop breathing.

    Su Tiantian’s smirk was frozen in place.

    Lin Qingbei’s singing went a pitch higher… and higher…

    It went even higher than the original singer! That was impossible! If she went higher than that, it could easily go out of tune!

    However, this did not happen to Lin Qingbei.

    Su Tiantian had her eyes closed and listened carefully, trying to find the tiniest flaw! When that happened, she could then head back to write an official statement to begin a PR assault!

    A while later, Lin Qingbei had finally reached the peak of the song. Yes, this was the most difficult part! After accepting the invitation to participate in this TV show, Su Tiantian had trained for a whole whopping month!

    There were 23 sharp turns of high and low pitches that were practically impossible to do without proper training!

    And yet, Lin Qingbei was able to do every single one without error!

    Shocked at what she was witnessing, Su Tiantian raised her head and stared straight into the monitor again.

    Lin Qingbei had finished singing the song without much effort! The applause and cheers from the crowd were rocking the entire TV station like a massive tsunami!

    He did it…

    Su Tiantian was stunned.

    Even Ning Meng was cheerfully clapping her hands! She had never heard such wonderful singing before! Lin Qingbei was indeed a genius!

    In the resting area, every senior and veteran singer was also praising Lin Qingbei’s singing.

    “Wow, his voice range is really wide!”

    “I think we’ve witnessed the birth of a new Heavenly King of Chinese Pop!”

    “He sang even better than the original singer!”

    Su Tiantian pulled a long face after hearing the praises for Lin Qingbei.

    Ning Meng turned her head back toward Su Tiantian with a smile. “Hey, thank you for giving that song to Lin Qingbei. This has helped him realize his true potential.”


    [1] In Chinese pop culture, a male celebritiy who has achieved extremely distinguishing height in their singing career is usually given the title of “Heavenly King” (天王). The “Heavenly King” titles started with the “Four Heavenly King of Cantopop” (四大天王) in 1990s Hong Kong, given to Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Andy Lau.