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Chapter 119 - How Do You Know About “Nun Of Yer Biz”?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 119: How Do You Know About “Nun Of Yer Biz”?

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    “Throne of Songs” was broadcast live nationwide. In an instant, the show became the talk of every town in the country!

    And thus, #Lin Qingbei# became the hottest search tag on the internet.

    Lin Qingbei’s beautiful voice had shocked and moved everyone who had been watching the show. This, in turn, made everyone realize that the popularity of “Wrong Love” had not been out of sheer luck. No. It was because Lin Qingbei was the real deal. He had what it took to be a new Heavenly King of Chinese Pop!

    Naturally, he had also acquired the most number of votes on the online poll!

    Although Li Haojie’s cheering for Su Tiantian had stirred up some drama on the internet, now, no one was talking about it at all on Weibo—this showed that Zhen Shanmei’s family was really quite influential in the media.

    Having arrived at home, Ning Meng threw herself onto the sofa and logged onto her “sourandsweet” Weibo account.


    Oh, it was a message sent by Su Tiantian’s fan management: [sour, just now, the manager told me that Lin Qingbei’s song was originally Tiantian’s. However, due to Tiantian suffering a sore throat, Lin Qingbei was able to step into the spotlight tonight by singing her song! His success was entirely thanks to Tiantian and yet, he did not even say a word of gratitude on his Weibo at all! What a jerk!]

    [sour, we’ll be rallying the other fans to protest on Lin Qingbei’s Weibo. Are you coming?]


    So… Su Tiantian, who was a senior in the celebrity scene, wanted to use Lin Qingbei to hype up her own popularity?

    Tsk tsk! What a shameless c*nt!

    Rubbing her chin, Ning Meng gave it a long thought before replying: [No. Actually, we should thank Lin Qingbei.]

    The fan management: [??]

    Ning Meng: [I think you have misunderstood what the manager wants. In these kinds of shows, the songs are usually prepared beforehand. Lin Qingbei actually saved our Tiantian because he was willing to go against the norm and switch songs with her~]

    The fan management: [… I see! Oh my, I misunderstood the manager’s words. Thank God we haven’t started the protest yet!]

    Su Tiantian had used her manager’s account to send a message to the fans, asking them to make a fuss in Lin Qingbei’s Weibo. She did not really need to do anything at all since she was already popular—no one would think ill of her because of the song-switching.

    However, she could not stand to see Lin Qingbei gain success like this.

    Whenever she recalled how she had unwittingly contributed to his success, Su Tiantian became so angry that she got out of breath!

    5 minutes later, the fans had arrived at the battlefield. Heh! Now then, just what kind of attacks would they would hurl at him… hmm??

    [Thank you, Brother Bei! You’ve saved our Tiantian! You’re like a benign angel descended from the sky!]


    Su Tiantian was so pissed that she smashed her phone against the wall!


    Dangling her silky legs, Ning Meng smirked in joy after seeing Su Tiantian’s fans’ comments.

    Suddenly, her door was pushed open. Ning Meng anxiously sat up straight and saw a tall, handsome figure walking into the house hurriedly.

    It had been 2 days since they had last met in person. The man appeared to have gotten thinner, and as a result, his neat tailor-made suit appeared to be loosely hugging his slender body. Upon entering the house, his eyes gazed vibrantly at Ning Meng.

    Ning Meng walked toward the door with a sweet smile. “Hubby~ you must be a carbonated soda in your previous life! If not, why else would I get so excited that I’m fizzing bubbles whenever I see you~”


    After spouting her usual flatteries, Ning Meng then asked, “Are you tired from the trip?”

    She stepped closer to him.

    “No, I’m not tired.”

    The man, unlike before, actually responded to her question. His voice was oddly sore. Hmm… perhaps this was due to his long and tiresome trip.

    “Then, are you hungry?”

    “No, I’m not hungry.”

    Seeing him so compliantly docile, Ning Meng mustered up her courage.

    Standing in front of him, she raised her head and gazed into his eyes casually.

    “Hubby~ can I ask you a question?”


    Ning Meng cautiously asked, “How do you know about ‘Nun of Yer Biz’?”