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Chapter 127 - A Patch Of Green Grass Above The Head

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 127: A Patch Of Green Grass Above The Head

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    The photo that made Black furious had Qianmo holding a bouquet of flowers.

    Chen Haoxuan stretched his neck to take a look and then feigned ignorance.

    “The face and the flowers were equally rosy, and the beauty was even more beautiful than the flowers. The professional photographers from our own screen production company are indeed something else. Come and see how nice she looks from this angle.”

    Yu Changmo’s piercing gaze made his younger brother make a series of “tsk” sounds. “If you had used this imposing aura on your dream girl, you would have conquered her a long time ago.”

    “Explain this,” Yu Changmo said concisely.

    His meaning was obvious: Explain why his Momo was holding a bouquet of flowers. Chen Haoxuan knew what he was asking, but he deliberately wanted to prank his brother.

    “Oh, explain, ah… This issue was actually very simple. Women, they all prefer men who are a little overbearing. If you want to win over a woman’s heart, you have to do this…”

    He held onto his older brother’s shirt as he spoke and executed a technique called “The understanding Bossy CEO”. The buttons on Yu Changmo’s white shirt snapped open and revealed his solid muscular chest.

    Chen Haoxuan had seen this technique from a comic on his secretary’s mobile phone. Apparently, this was a technique that every bossy CEO must know. And today, he would teach it to his dear brother, who was inept in love.

    “Little Black Pup, I have prepared the gifts you’ll bring to Q City. Give them to Qianmo’s dad when you are there—Aiya!” Chen Meng saw her sons’ “eccentric love of the century”.

    She saw No.3 push No.2 against the wall with the legendary seductive smile on his face, still clutching onto No. 2’s lapels. No.2, who had a frosty expression, was furious. And the half-covered muscular chest, tsk.

    It had the feel of a blockbuster.

    As a mother witnessing such a scene, Chen Meng’s brain reacted immediately. She whipped out her mobile phone and took a series of photos of her sons together. She was still talking as she looked for a better angle.

    “Don’t move, maintain this posture. That’s right. We got to portray the especially pure brotherly love between the two of you! Pure love!”

    Yu Changmo jerked his shirt back and stared at his ridiculous brother.

    “What kind of nonsense books are you showing her at home?” He didn’t have to think too hard to know that his dear mother was not thinking about anything good.

    Chen Haoxuan shrugged.

    Chen Meng saved the pictures, then she pressed twice on the phone.

    She put away her ridiculous look satisfyingly after sharing the photo and said to Yu Changmo seriously, “I have put everything in the car trunk. Go to Qianmo’s dad’s house first when you reach Q City. Remember, have a sweet tongue and be sincere in your eyes. Gotta leave a good impression on them, okay?”

    Yu Changmo nodded.

    He had a few days of leave, so he was prepared to go to Qianmo’s house to check on her and butter up Chen Baichuan while at it. His future father-in-law didn’t have a good impression on him earlier, so he had to grab every chance he could to rectify that.

    “Hmm.” Yu Changmo memorized everything his mom said in his heart.

    “So troublesome. It’s only a woman, and you make it seem as if you are running for President.” Chen Haoxuan felt two beams of razor-sharp gazes directed at him from the peripheral of his sight after he finished speaking.

    It was already too late for him to hide, though.

    “Who taught you these male chauvinistic thoughts? Explain what’s ‘it’s only a woman’? Are you created by men asexually?” Chen Meng twisted her son’s ear despite the protests from the bossy CEO.

    “Mom, I am already old enough. Can you not do this, please?” Chen Haoxuan was trying to escape when he saw his aloof dad come in. He stopped struggling immediately.

    Chen Meng didn’t care about her son’s age when she was disciplining him. Couldn’t she whack him when he said stupid stuff?

    “I discovered you are getting more degenerate recently. But you still try to influence your older brother when you yourself have failed to learn the right attitude? If I hear you say anything degrading about women or show any tendency of that, including and not restricting to your previous comment, all the Cleaning Aunties in our house could take a break!”

    “We are changing to Cleaning Uncles?”

    Chen Meng released her grip and said with a cold smirk, “You will take over all the cleaning duties, including the toilets! Your mind is empty when you don’t exercise your body. Why are you not born from a rock since you are so capable?”

    Little Three was helpless.

    “Ai, I don’t feel so good. Hubby, I am agitated by this little rascal. Am I having a heart attack?” Chen Meng turned around, held her bosom, and looked at her man. The second master immediately held onto his wife’s shoulders and stared at the punk who had caused this problem with a murderous look.

    Little Three pouted. “Mom, how many years have you been using this technique? Look at your rosy and healthy complexion. Anybody could get heart’s disease except you.”

    Yu Changmo sat down and waited for a good show to start.

    As he had expected, his dear father’s iron leg swung across and kicked onto his little brother’s stomach after he said that stupid stuff. Little Three didn’t dare avoid it either. His dad was very protective of his wife. He was lucky it was only a kick, and the matter would be done if he didn’t dodge. If he moved, however, it would be a series of never-ending revenge and counter-attacks. He couldn’t afford to antagonize him…

    Poor Chen Haoxuan took a few steps back after he was kicked. Yu Changmo “kindly” gave him another kick from behind to prevent his little brother from colliding with the wall. Therefore, Chen Haoxuan was kicked by his dad in the front and by his older brother at the back. He must be the bossy CEO with the worst fate in history.

    “Be careful of your skin if you make your mom angry again.” The second master hugged Chen Meng and left in style after throwing his son a warning.

    Chen Haoxuan was prepared to leave too, but his brother held onto his collar.

    “Explain.” Yu Changmo hadn’t forgotten the original issue even after enjoying the show before. What was the situation with that photo? He had to clearly state who gave her the flowers.

    “That bouquet of flowers was given to her by her roommates. Relax, ‘A patch of green grass above the head, Heart as wide as the blue sky’ kind of incident won’t happen to you yet.”

    Yu Changmo relaxed his tensed up nerves after he got an answer he was satisfied with. The bossy CEO was whacked by his brother again a mere second later, though.

    “What do you mean, ‘A patch of green grass above the head, Heart as wide as the blue sky’?”

    There was a price to pay for being foul-mouthed.


    Qianmo rested for a few days at home.

    When she had returned three days ago, her little aunt rushed over in an exaggerated manner when she saw her. She held onto her arm and had said dramatically:

    Actually, it wasn’t as excessive as Mu Mianmian had described. Although Qianmo looked darker than before, she was much fairer than her fellow cadets. She was only skinnier in her little aunt’s imagination as her weight was maintained around 45kg. But her body was firmer than before. She even felt that she had trained up some muscles.

    To recharge the energy that Qianmo had lost during her military training, Mu Mianmian displayed all her cooking skills and made all kinds of steamed, stewed, deep-fried, and stirred-fried meat dishes. She was also given two big sea cucumbers as a tonic every day. Qianmo felt she was already glowing from all the replenishment as she looked into the mirror.

    At this moment, Qianmo heard a man’s voice from downstairs while gazing into the mirror.

    “Uncle, is Qianmo at home?”