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Chapter 781 - The Marketing Department of the Wen Corporation

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 781: The Marketing Department of the Wen Corporation

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    The resolute Old Mr. Wen immediately called the manager of the Wen Corporation’s marketing department, Ye Jingzhou. He informed Ye Jingzhou to let Wen Xinya be in charge of the advertising of the Ai Shang Group’s skincare products.

    Wen Xinya then received a call from Ye Jingzhou.

    He suggested that she turn up at the office to speak to him in person.

    Wen Xinya agreed since it was the weekend.

    Wen Xinya changed into a light blue, short-sleeved shirt, paired with a floral skirt which made her look beautiful and refreshing.

    She then put on some makeup to look more mature.

    She then headed to the garage to get her car before driving to the Wen Corporation.

    Wen Xinya arrived at Wen Corporation ten minutes before the time that she was supposed to meet Ye Jingzhou. She walked towards the front desk to see that the receptionist was using her mobile phone. Upon hearing the footsteps approaching, the receptionist looked up and got a great shock. She sprung up from her seat and spluttered nervously. “Miss… Miss Wen, hello!”

    Wen Xinya said smilingly, “I’ve arranged to meet Manager Ye at three this afternoon. Please inform him that I’m here.”

    Feeling a huge sense of relief, the receptionist said, “Please hold on, I’ll call Manager Ye right away.”

    Wen Xinya nodded smilingly.

    The receptionist soon managed to get through to Ye Jingzhou and she explained the situation to him briefly before hanging up. “Missy, Manager Ye is making his way down now. Please wait for a moment.”

    Wen Xinya did not have any objections.

    The receptionist was nowhere as calm as Wen Xinya. Throughout the two years that the receptionist had been working at the office, Wen Xinya had rarely visited, and she used to only show up with Old Mr. Wen.

    This time, Wen Xinya came alone. The receptionist wondered,

    She suddenly remembered that Wen Xinya had already become an adult and was allowed to take part in the management of the Wen Corporation. She reckoned that she must be here to show her face.

    She was extremely excited about this piece of news that she had just discovered and was extremely eager to share it with her close colleagues.

    Before Wen Xinya even realized, the news of her joining the marketing department had already spread like wildfire within the Wen Corporation.

    The doors of the elevator opened with a ding and out came Ye Jingzhou, who seemed a little flustered. He strode towards Wen Xinya and greeted. “Missy, sorry to have made you wait.”

    Who would dare to procrastinate when Old Mr. Wen was the one who gave out the orders personally?

    However, he was impressed by how punctual Wen Xinya was.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Manager Ye, you’re being too formal. I was just early.”

    Ye Jingzhou heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Missy, this way please.”

    As a senior executive of the Wen Corporation, he obviously paid attention to the successor of the Wen Corporation. When she first reunited with the Wen Family, he despised her and looked down on her abilities. However, he began to change his opinion of her after seeing her achievements. Now that she had earned the recognition of Old Mr. Wen and turned from a gangster to the most prestigious heiress of the city, he clearly realized that she was not simple.

    It was little wonder that she had been taught by Old Mr. Mo.

    The elevator stopped on the sixth floor where the marketing department was.

    “This is the marketing department,” Ye Jingzhou said while ushering Wen Xinya into the office, in which there were a few employees working overtime. Some of them greeted Ye Jingzhou.

    Ye Jingzhou went to the extent of introducing them to Wen Xinya.

    Everyone was stunned.

    However, no one understood why she had chosen to join the company when her final year examinations were just around the corner.

    Ye Jingzhou continued, “We have a total of four teams. However, when the Wen Corporation acquired Ai Shang Group two years ago, some of their employees joined us and so, we formed another team. This time, you’re in charge of Team No. 5!”

    Wen Xinya immediately understood that the members of Team Five were probably the employees from Ai Shang Group who were the core of the marketing department.

    Ye Jingzhou then introduced her to the situation going on within Team Five.

    Wen Xinya found out that the team leader of Team Five was Wang Siying, and that Team Five had been helping the other four teams. She was pleased with the arrangement.

    Ye Jingzhou then cleared his throat and said, “Find out the details from Team Leader Zhang later.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Thank you, Manager Ye.”

    Ye Jingzhou was extremely polite and he regarded her with great respect. Throughout the entire time, she had been calm, composed and reserved. Whenever she spoke, she would ask important questions. Most importantly… she was not arrogant and was well-mannered.

    She was definitely outstanding.

    Ye Jingzhou then led Wen Xinya to a meeting room.

    There were some complaints coming from the employees in the meeting room.

    “How unlucky. It’s clearly the weekend and yet, we don’t get to rest at all. This Miss Wen is really troublesome. She’s just a green-horned and yet, she already wants to participate in the management of the company. What a joke.”

    “I have it worse than you. I was in the midst of watching a movie with my boyfriend when I received a call from Manager Ye. I had no choice but to bail on my boyfriend. He’s definitely mad at me now. Seriously… she’s going to sit for her final year examinations soon and yet, she’s still not focusing on her exams. Instead, she’s here to create trouble for everyone. How annoying.”

    “Cut it out, guys. She’s the heiress of the Wen Family and Wen Corporation belongs to her family. They can do whatever they want. If you’re not happy… just pray to Buddha that you’ll be born with a golden spoon in your mouth in your next life.”

    “But, you should also pray that you don’t go missing right after you are born and become a gangster. Not everyone is as impressive as Miss Wen, to be able to find a way out for herself despite having a vicious stepmother and cunning stepsister, as well as a scheming adoptive sister.”

    “Alright! Alright! You guys, enough! We’re in the office and the walls have ears. It must be something important. Otherwise, the manager wouldn’t have called us to come back. He’ll be here anytime soon.”

    Ye Jingzhou did not expect that his subordinates would talk about Wen Xinya behind her back. Feeling a little awkward, he glanced at Wen Xinya timidly to see that she was still rather calm, maintaining a composure that made him feel a little scared.

    Ye Jingzhou said, “Miss Wen…”

    Wen Xinya glanced at him calmly and pressed the button on the door before entering the meeting room.