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Chapter 83 - Eating Together

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 83: Eating Together

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    Her classmates all treated Su Cha as a monster.

    This pretty girl had impressed many of them when she had just come to their class. But as time passed by, she appeared to be ordinary and boring, and they gradually got used to her beauty.

    When they looked at Su Cha again, they felt that she finally showed her real charm.

    Even if she sat in the last row, her glamorous charm could not be hidden.

    Many boys thought that they must have been blind before, and wondered whether they could start to chase her now…

    Class began. Some students were in a trance, but they knew better than to distract other classmates by speaking in class.

    Le Anqi found that Su Cha had been silent for a long while, so she became bolder. She whispered to Su Cha, “Su Cha, I think you are good at singing. You have a unique voice…”

    Before she could finish, Su Cha stopped her, “Shh, listen to the teacher.”

    Le Anqi closed her mouth immediately.

    Su Cha did not speak harshly to her, but her voice forced people to obey.

    Le Anqi looked at Su Cha as if she were looking at a monster.

    Su Cha did not like to speak in class before, she used to be absent-minded and often fall asleep…

    When did she start to work so hard?

    Le Anqi thought that Su Cha must have been put under a spell!

    But she did not dare say it out loud.

    She did not worry about her study as she had a backup plan. As an art student, she just needed to pass, which Le Anqi believed that she could.

    Her grade was not very poor but was also far from being good.

    Su Cha seemed to be behind her. It was necessary for her to work hard from now on.

    Le Anqi found Su Cha to be more serious. She had been concentrating in the class the whole morning and ran more seriously than ever in a rare PE class.

    Besides Le Anqi, Cai Ziya also found her strange.

    They had both witnessed Su Cha’s scary secret yesterday, and thus they shared a common topic. Cai Ziya whispered to Le Anqi, “Don’t you feel that Su Cha has turned into a different person?”

    “Haven’t you noticed it before?”

    They sat on the grass in the playground, looking at Su Cha who was hanging upside down on the horizontal bar after the run. Le Anqi said mystically, “I think she might be under a spell.”

    Cai Ziya felt silent.

    She thought Le Anqi was the one who was under a spell.

    She laughed, “What are you thinking about? How could she be hexed? I think she was provoked by something, that’s all.”


    Le Anqi did not understand, “She has always lived a mundane life. What can provoke her?”

    Very few people knew about Su Cha’s story with Zhai Yao. They had never heard about it. Besides, it was impossible for them to think about Su Cha’s rebirth, so they just fell into contemplation.

    Su Cha kept hanging upside down for a while. She did not stop until she felt a little dizzy as blood flowed to her head.

    She felt nimble and free. But other people could not tell the difference from this single movement.

    PE was the last class this morning. Soon it would be lunchtime. Le Anqi and Cai Ziya walked to her, and asked Su Cha cautiously, “Su Cha, would you like to go to the canteen and have lunch with us?”