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Chapter 84 - The Superstar Classmate

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 84: The Superstar Classmate

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    Su Cha looked at the two girls. Seeing how they were trying to be courageous when they were obviously afraid, Su Cha smiled, “Sure.”

    She was not really cruel and knew how to differentiate good from evil.

    The two girls had extended their goodwill to her, she would not reject it.

    Su Cha joined the girls for lunch at the canteen.

    As their last class was physical education, they had the benefit of having their meal in advance.

    As the aunty at the canteen saw the three girls walking over, she scooped plates full of food for them.

    Le Anqi was bewildered, “That’s weird, she never served us so much before.”

    Cai Ziya chuckled while Su Cha remained expressionless. The three girls found a seat near the window.

    The food in the canteen was unpalatable. To Su Cha, the food was merely meant to fill her stomach. While they were eating, Cai Ziya asked curiously, “Su Cha, why did you choose to participate in the “Dreams in Progress” program? You sing so well!”

    Cai Ziya’s face glimmered in admiration. When she saw the video last night, she could not imagine Su Cha singing such a sad love song, while she could beat the hooligans up mercilessly with a rod…

    It was a brutal beating!

    Le Anqi also admired her, “I watched your audition clip. The judges were pleased with you. Unlike me, they only promoted me because of my strong following on Meiyin… Do you know Yu Siqing? She is nasty. She said that I lack character, and am merely popular online. Although that was the truth, it was upsetting!”

    In the end, it turned into a complaint.

    This judge, Yu Siqing…

    Su Cha raised her head and smiled, “She rebuked me too.”

    Le Anqi was surprised, “She rebuked you too? Your performance was outstanding. Both Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian praised you, how could she criticize you?”

    Although Le Anqi was not a professional singer, she practiced hard for the show. She had a sweet voice and barely managed to make it past the audition round. She would have a tough time in the future.

    But, she could easily tell that Su Cha had a unique voice. “Wild Pigeon” itself was a difficult song to master, and Su Cha had performed it so wonderfully, what was Yu Siqing finding fault with?

    Su Cha: “She said I went off-pitch.”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    Cai Ziya watched as Le Anqi’s face became distorted with confusion as she held back her laughter. Cai Ziya asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Le Anqi finally burst out in laughter, “I have learned just a few basic singing skills. Even I know that Su Cha did not go off-pitch, it was just an adaptation to the song. Yu Siqing said that you went off-pitch? My god, no wonder some people had said that she got this judging role through personal connections. Knowing this, I would also agree that she definitely has no clue about music!”

    Le Anqi sneered.

    Cai Ziya asked curiously, “To be honest, I do not understand what you just said. But it sounds cool. I just want to know, would Su Cha advance to the National Finals?”

    Le Anqi nodded, “I’m sure she will. Su Cha’s voice is unique, and the judges adore her. If nothing goes wrong in the Yonggu Town regional divisions, she will make it to the National Finals.”

    As Le Anqi knew some contacts, she could do some rough estimates. Hearing that, Cai Ziya became very excited, “Then, wouldn’t Su Cha be famous in the future?”

    If Su Cha became a celebrity, they would be the classmates of a superstar. That would be amazing.