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Chapter 85 - Disappeared

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 85: Disappeared

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    Seeing them more excited than herself, Su Cha shook her head gently, “Nobody can predict the future, but I’ll try my best.”

    She looked at Le Anqi peacefully, “You should step up your efforts too.”

    Le Anqi thought to herself that she would be happy to just have passed the next round, but she felt ashamed to say so. She mumbled the words, “Ok…Ok, I’ll try my best!”

    Cai Ziya held Le Anqi’s hand and kept shaking it violently, “Come on you two! I wish that you both enter the national finals!”

    Le Anqi forced a laugh.

    She was clear about her ability and was planning to drift along. She treated the contest as a way to increase her influence and would find other chances in the future.

    She would at best strive to see which stage she could get to.


    Today was surprisingly peaceful.

    Yang Nuanru’s people did not come to seek revenge, neither did Zhai Yao.

    Su Cha found it strange.

    She kept exercising these days and almost forgot that she was just an ordinary person.

    Su Cha realized that her thought was risky, but she devoted herself to reviewing and practicing martial arts.

    The videos of the contest were updated each day. Finally, better singers had outshone Su Cha, which led to a decline in Su Cha’s popularity. But quite a few people knew her now. People started to recognize her on the streets of Yonggu Town.

    The girls might be junior high school students, as they looked younger than Su Cha.

    They got cold feet at the sight of Su Cha’s high and cold appearance but finally plucked up courage.

    They called her Sister Su Cha sweetly and wanted her autograph.

    Su Cha agreed and signed for them.

    They looked happy and wished that Su Cha would win the national contest before they left.

    Although they might not be serious, Su Cha found their blessings warm. It was the first time that strangers encouraged her genuinely.

    Bo Muyi was busy handing over his work these days. He could only manage to call Su Cha at night and had time to pick her up in person.

    Su Cha would report everything about her day to him on the phone, but she kept the matter of martial arts as a secret. After she found the correct time, she would tell him.

    Bo Muyi felt less stressed after he knew Su Cha’s whereabouts.

    He was spoiled. After he got used to spending time with Su Cha, it was torture for him to not be with her.

    Yang Nuanru did not return to school until Friday.

    She got rid of her old aggressive posture. Her classmates said that she behaved very low-key now, or at least she stopped picking fights with others. When she heard Su Cha’s name, she would even panic.

    Word passed around later that Yang Nuanru had been threatened after she left school that day. All her proud big brothers went missing the day after it.

    It was said that people who were close to those loafers were forced to call the police.

    Yang Nuanru was interrogated by the police at the station, but she knew nothing. After that, she became more silent.

    However, Su Cha was not aware of any of it.