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Chapter 120 - Was She That Scared Of Him?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 120: Was She That Scared Of Him?

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    After asking the question, Ning Meng carefully observed the man standing before her.

    However, before she could see the expression on his face, her entire body was forcefully pulled into the man’s embrace.

    A strong, masculine scent rushed into her nostrils with every whiff she breathed in.

    Instinctively, Ning Meng tried to push him away, however, Huo Beichen’s arms were powerful, locking her in his clasp.

    “Don’t move.”

    His voice was deep and magnetically inviting, making Ning Meng’s heart race uncontrollably. Her waist was burning hot as she felt his huge, warm, dry palm through her thin silk pajamas.

    Aaaahhh!! Ning Meng had never had any boyfriends in the real world. Sure, she had intended to change “Ning Meng’s” fate after entering this novel world… but she had not planned to sleep her way to reaching that goal!

    She stuttered, “Lord Chen… we… um… we made an agreement when we first got married… I’ll only sell you my arts, not my body!”

    Well, if “ass-kissing” could be considered an art, that is!

    “I know.”

    Her chest, which was sticking close to the man’s, quavered when he spoke.

    “Don’t be scared.”


    The pupils in Ning Meng’s eyes started to dilate. She was so nervous that she almost forgot to breathe, it was as though all the air in her lungs was gone.

    The night was quiet and peaceful as the crystal chandelier hung above the living room, reflecting the soft, dimming light, unleashing Huo Beichen’s longing thought of missing her.

    After an undetermined amount of time, right when Ning Meng was about to run out of air, the man finally let go.

    Ning Meng shuddered as she backed away.

    Seeing that the girl was startled, Huo Beichen opened his mouth, wanting to comfort her. It was then that the girl asked in a frightened voice, “Then… then… if you and I have had bodily contact… does that break the rules of our agreement?”


    All the words that he was about to say were stuck in his throat.

    After freezing for a moment, Huo Beichen squeezed out 3 words from his mouth.

    “No. It doesn’t.”


    The girl patted her chest, letting out a sigh of relief. “Thank God. I was scared sh*tless just now!”


    Just as Huo Beichen took a step forward, the girl jumped away like a spooked kitten, running upstairs. “Ah! Hello?! Hubby, I’m sorry, I’ll need to take this… Hello? Yes, it’s me…”

    Huo Beichen looked at her fleeing away in silence without pointing out that she was holding her phone upside down.

    1After watching as she slipped out of sight, Huo Beichen froze in place for a long time before loosening the tie on his neck in frustration.

    Was she… was she that scared of him?

    Huo Beichen climbed up the stairs and entered his study.

    Sitting on his sofa, he thought about what had happened earlier. Then, he took his phone and called up Qi Shan, Su Ye, and Fei Bai for a real-time voice conference.

    Qi Shan was the first to accept the conference invite. “Boss, what are your orders?”

    Su Ye calmly opened his notebook. “Preparing to jot down the meeting minutes.”

    Sitting on his sofa, Huo Beichen stared out into space for a while before opening his mouth.

    “How do I court a lady?”


    Qi Shan spewed out the water that he had gulped down earlier.

    “What?! Wait, who is this? Who is mimicking our boss’s voice?”

    Su Ye was also confused. “Boss… did we hear wrong? You want to court a lady?”

    Huo Beichen nodded. “Yes. I want to court a lady.”

    Qi Shan exclaimed excitedly, “Thank God!! Our boss is finally going to ditch that good-for-nothing woman! Our boss is going to get himself a new missus soon!!”


    Although Su Ye did not approve of cheating on the current Mrs. Huo, he still provided some ideas. “Well… perhaps you could try preparing some gifts? Or a surprise…”

    Qi Shan retorted, “Gift? What gift?! Just throw her bundles of cash! That’ll do!!”

    Su Ye rolled an eye at his phone. “You’re such a dope! If you do that, the girl might think you’re insulting her! What if she doesn’t agree to be with our boss?”

    Fei Bai, who was usually quiet, suddenly spoke up. “If she doesn’t agree, I’ll kill her.”


    Qi Shan and Su Ye stared at their phones in confusion.