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Chapter 128 - Buttering Up Father-In-Law

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 128: Buttering Up Father-In-Law

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    Qianmo recognized the voice immediately after she heard it.

    Wang Xiaoyao, the Vice-president of the Student Council. She had seen him once or twice at school, but basically, they didn’t have a chance to speak to each other.

    Qianmo saw her father and Wang Xiaoyao on the sofa, having a good conversation when she went downstairs.

    It seemed like her suggestion of setting up the Sea Cucumber Alliance was successful. Otherwise, given the bad blood between their families, her dad wouldn’t be so cordial.

    “Little Wang, it is all thanks to your family’s help previously that my sea cucumber farm was able to tide over the crisis. However, you have to tell your dad when you go back that the sea cucumbers he reared were of lesser quality to mine. I had to make do with them in order to fulfill my contract.”

    Chen Baichuan exposed his motive after a few sentences. He still had to insult Old Wang whenever he could.

    It was fortunate that Wang Xiaoyao was a magnanimous person who wouldn’t get angry with him. He had a smile on his face as… he looked at Qianmo on the staircase.

    “Senior,” Qianmo greeted him actively.

    Wang Xiaoyao stood up and said, “Are you free this afternoon, Junior?”

    Chen Baichuan’s tea-pouring motion was frozen in mid-air, and he looked at Little Wang from next-door with a piercing gaze. Wang Xiaoyao maintained a gentle and sincere look on his face all the way.

    “There are some school issues that I would like to discuss with you for your opinions.”

    Chen Baichuan relaxed after hearing that and continued pouring the tea.

    “It’s good to discuss work. Let’s do it here, so I can also hear how different the police academy management style is from the traditional middle schools of our times.”

    It was obvious that he was going to be the third wheel. He couldn’t rest assured when any male species got near his daughter.

    Qianmo smiled brightly and said, “Perfect, you can try Little Aunt’s culinary skills too. She baked some snacks, which we can have as afternoon tea.”

    They really were biological father and daughter. Wang Xiaoyao laughed in his heart.

    Old Wang next-door had too many previous records. He had been eyeing Chen Baichuan’s chubby wife for many years; thus, Chen Baichuan was also very vigilant when he looked at Little Wang.

    Wang Xiaoyao sat down and talked to Qianmo about the school’s stuff. He didn’t say anything else, except admonishing her on the characters of her instructors and what she needed to pay attention to. They were mostly superficial words, which didn’t seem to have any underlying motives.

    Chen Baichuan felt relaxed again. Coincidentally, the farm called at this time to report an issue, so he went out.

    However, he dragged his chubby wife over before he left and whispered softly in her ears, Don’t let the kid take our Momo out alone, understand?”

    Mu Mianmian nodded profusely.

    The stories that her brother-in-law told her about Old Wang meeting pretty married women secretly in her early years had taken roots in her heart. Therefore, even the Little Wang next-door’s image was affected. Wang Xiaoyao didn’t know that he had already lost by default at the starting line because of his father.

    Wang Xiaoyao beat around the bush for a while after Chen Baichuan had left. Then, he brought the conversation topic into focus.

    “How do you know President Sha, Junior?”

    Qianmo blew at the tea leaves in her cup. “I can say that it is all due to fate. Why is Vice-president asking this for?”

    Qianmo’s heart was as clear as a mirror. Whatever Wang Xiaoyao had said before this was all a ruse; this question was his real motive.

    “President Sha is very concerned about Junior. He instructed me to take good care of you. I know of a new milk tea shop that is not bad. Shall we go together in the afternoon—Who are you calling on the phone?”

    Wang Xiaoyao had a bad premonition when he saw Qianmo making that call. The line was soon connected, and Sha Muyu’s voice could be heard on the speaker.

    “A milk tea shop is good. Let’s have a date! I’ll go with you!”

    Sha Muyu clenched his teeth. He had only relaxed for a little while, and this punk went to seduce Second Sister-in-law?!

    With him around, he would protect Second Sister-in-law with his life!

    Wang Xiaoyao’s expression was ghastly. “Forget it. I’m afraid the non-dairy creamer in the milk tea will clog up your already tiny brain. Bye!”

    Qianmo hung up the phone and did an “I’m sorry” expression.

    “You see, Senior, President Sha doesn’t seem to appreciate your kind gesture.”

    Wang Xiaoyao looked at the woman sitting opposite him, feeling annoyed and intrigued at the same time.

    He had never seen such a direct woman before. Did she really not understand his hint, or was she just pretending? Sha Muyu was only an excuse that he brought up, and yet, she called him right in front of him. This was his first time ever meeting such an unromantic woman.

    “I still have to revise my homework in the afternoon, so I’ll not be able to keep Senior company. Please make yourself comfortable.” Qianmo got up gracefully.

    Wang Xiaoyao called out to her, “Junior, you have to give me an equal chance to compete?”

    He thought his competitor was Sha Muyu.

    He didn’t believe an intelligent person like Chen Qianmo wouldn’t understand such an obvious hint.

    Qianmo turned around and continued saying with a smile, “Aren’t you and Sha Muyu always competing?”

    This type of ambiguous answer wouldn’t offend people nor make a clear stand. This was a skill that every successful woman possessed.

    “I will not lose to him.” Wang Xiaoyao stood up, said his goodbye, and then left gracefully.

    Mu Mianmian brought a plate of fruits over and nudged Qianmo.

    “Why don’t you tell him directly that Yu Changmo is an outstanding young man?”

    Qianmo blinked and said, “I have to be crazy to say that. Little Aunt, you better learn from me. We cannot be so straightforward sometimes.”

    If she had told the Vice-president, “Aiya, my boyfriend is so great and outstanding. You all are just Big Potatoes!” Wasn’t this giving people a chance to stack the deck against her?

    The academy disallowed romantic relationships, so even the relationship that she was going to have with Black would be developed “underground”. She only wanted to enjoy her “best man in the world” alone in secret.

    Thus, let Sha Muyu and Wang Xiaoyao go and fight it out. Sacrificing Little Sha to divert Wang Xiaoyao’s attention was called “pretend to advance along one path while secretly going along another”. However, Qianmo believed, even without her issue, the two of them had already been competing for a long time.

    Mu Mianmian looked at Qianmo’s back as she went up the stairs and mumbled softly, “Where did this Yu Changmo go? Other guys have come knocking to our house already. If he isn’t more proactive, our Qianmo, who is so fine, will be snatched by them.”

    The Yu Changmo mentioned by the little aunt was busy working quietly.

    The workers said that there were algae in the rearing ponds. Although there was not too much of them now, if they spread, it would be a disaster that could close down the farm.

    Chen Baichuan quickly rushed over to take a look. He saw a cool SUV parked at his farm’s gate when he reached there.

    “Whose car is it?” Chen Baichuan asked the worker, who pointed inside the farm.

    “It’s your daughter’s friend’s. He’s inside now.”

    He suddenly recalled!

    He almost nostalgically remembered the “FuChun Mountain” cigarettes with a fantastic palette when he thought of Yu Changmo. He was delighted with the cigarettes he had brought previously. . He would never agree to hand his daughter over to these rascals.

    Chen Baichuan entered the farm, fully determined to find trouble with Yu Changmo. He decided he would send Yu Changmo away immediately when he saw him. How could he be so arrogant? He pursued all the way to the farm?

    However, Chen Baichuan had to concede defeat quickly. He couldn’t send this rascal, Yu Changmo… away.