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Chapter 99 - Enemies Often Cross Paths (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 99: Enemies Often Cross Paths (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The day after Ms. Li had instigated Su Ziqian to drug Gu Yu, the moment she stepped into the office, she was immediately notified by the Human Resource department that she was fired and was no longer Su Ziqian’s agent. No reason had been provided whatsoever, and she was asked to hand over all her tasks to the new agent immediately!

    Ms. Li knew deep down who had been responsible for that decision. Su Ziqian had failed to bed Gu Yu, and she—as the accomplice—naturally had to bear the brunt of Gu Yu’s fury.

    Despite how reluctant she was to accept it, she didn’t dare to defy the instructions. She packed her belongings, placed them in a cardboard box, and carried it out, feeling the gleeful gazes of everyone else on her.

    The media company was set up for Su Ziqian alone. The position of her agent was second only to the bosses. She had gotten used to being able to assert her dominance, and impose her tyrannical ways on everyone else. Furthermore, in order to avoid getting replaced, she intimidated all her subordinates excessively. Those working for her felt no connection or sentiment for her, and now that she had fallen on hard times, they were over the moon witnessing her misfortune!

    But they had obviously forgotten who she, Ms. Li, was! The fact that she was able to attain this position in the first place, meant that there was no way she’d fear any of these insignificant people anyway! Therefore, as she walked out, she held her head high.

    Because she knew she’d be back one day!

    Regarding the matter of drugging Gu Yu, she had assumed full responsibility on Su Ziqian’s behalf. Su Ziqian now owed her a huge favor. Furthermore, although she couldn’t fully understand Gu Yu’s feelings for Su Ziqian, she was certain that Gu Yu must have possessed some feelings for Su Ziqian. This deduction was based on the fact that Gu Yu didn’t lay a hand on Su Ziqian, and only punished her for the issue.

    As long as she held onto Su Ziqian, and helped Su Ziqian remove all the obstacles that laid in her path, eventually when Su Ziqian marries into the Gu family, she’d be able to get her job back at the snap of Su Ziqian’s finger!

    Therefore, over the next few days, after placating Su Ziqian, she turned her attention to Xu Weilai, in the interest of finding out what she was up to.

    At present, Xu Weilai was Su Ziqian’s greatest obstacle. Su Ziqian had told her that Xu Weilai and Gu Yu were already married in secret. Xu Weilai was scheming enough to force Gu Yu into marrying her, but Gu Yu didn’t love Xu Weilai, and that was why the marriage stayed under wraps the whole time!

    Although Gu Yu hadn’t publicly acknowledged Xu Weilai, she did, after all, hold the position of Mrs. Gu. As long as she was there, Su Ziqian stood no chance of obtaining that title. Her top priority then was to remove the nuisance known as Xu Weilai!

    Ms. Li had been in the entertainment industry for many years. She had learned many tricks of the trade and had amassed a huge network of contacts. She was also on good terms with many reporters. She had requested for those same reporters to help her keep an eye on Xu Weilai. If Xu Weilai had any updates or made any moves, she wanted to be the first to know!

    When Ms. Li received the call from the reporter, her lips curled up in a smile, and her eyes lit up. She said to the reporter, “Thank you. I owe you a coffee.”

    After the call ended, she thought about the reporter’s words, and her smile grew increasingly ominous.

    Pang Hai, was it? Heaven was indeed helping her…


    It was Xiao Chun’s first official day working at the Gu Corporation, and she was given the position of Public Relations Manager. As Mr. Gu Sr.’s god-granddaughter and Gu Yu’s god-sister, on top of the prestige that was associated with her background in the Xiao family, the board of directors had voiced no objection when her appointment was proposed.

    After the meeting, Xiao Chun stayed behind and entered Gu Yu’s office. As she sipped on the coffee brewed by his assistant, she looked at Gu Yu sitting behind his desk, and said, “Brother Gu, I heard you did Weilai a huge favor at the recent family gathering, and even made Gu Xue and Gu Shuang cry. So, does that mean you’re acknowledging Weilai as your wife now?”

    Gu Yu didn’t bother to look up and continued looking through his documents. But his mood seemed to darken significantly.

    Xiao Chun put her coffee down and got up. She walked over to his office desk and leaned forward with both palms planted on the table. Unafraid, she continued probing, “Brother Yu, I want to know! Does this mean that it’s happily ever after for you and Weilai now?”