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Chapter 100 - : Enemies Often Cross Paths (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 100: Enemies Often Cross Paths (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The pen in Gu Yu’s hand paused imperceptibly before he completed his signature on the document. He slammed the folder shut and tossed it aside, picking up another folder from the pile on the table.

    As his eyes scanned the documents, his said tonelessly, “I didn’t get you to come to Gu Corporation so that you could talk bullshit here. Either you shut your mouth now and get to work, or you can get in your resignation and get lost!”

    The smile on Xiao Chun’s face froze, and she remarked, “How heartless!”

    She knew there was no way she could force Gu Yu to say anything he wasn’t willing to, and that staying on in his office was going to be a waste of time. With a pout, she turned to leave. She had barely taken a few steps when she heard the sound of a dry cough behind her.

    She paused midstep and turned around and found Gu Yu covering his cough with his fist with an intense frown on his face.

    Xiao Chun’s eyes darkened. “Brother Yu, are you ill?”

    That explained why his voice sounded so low and hoarse. As she scrutinized his face there and then, she found it a little pale.

    She had heard from Xu Shuai that Gu Yu had spent a whole night drinking at A-PUB a few days ago. Had he fallen ill due to the after-effects of too much alcohol?

    Gu Yu’s had reached the end of his patience. “Get out!” he yelled.

    Xiao Chun froze on the spot, and grievance slowly filled her. She was concerned for him, and he was treating her so coldly. Even though she knew he was always this emotionless… she had seen the gentle side of him before. Three years ago, he had been so gentle towards Xu Weilai. Would it have killed him now to be a little gentler towards her as well?

    Xiao Chun grit her teeth and strode out without another word.

    Unfortunately, enemies were destined to frequently cross paths!

    The moment she stepped out of the office, she saw Su Ziqian, dressed to the nines, walking over in her high-heels with a lunchbox in her hand.

    One glance and she knew Su Ziqian was here to cozy up to Gu Yu!


    Su Ziqian had come to the office today because her attempt to seduce Gu Yu the other day had failed. Gu Yu had unsympathetically chased her out, and hadn’t answered a single call from her after that. He hadn’t paid her any attention either. She was like a pampered consort that had fallen out of favor and had been abandoned in isolation!

    Moreover, Gu Yu had removed Ms. Li from her side, and sent a new agent in her place. This new agent was so strict, and insisted on governing everything she did. The frustration was about to drive her insane!

    She couldn’t bear the cold shoulder any longer. She knew that it was her actions that had displeased Gu Yu, and had decided to personally prepare some snacks and play coy in an effort of appease him.

    She recalled that once before, when she had angered Gu Yu, she had brought food to the office for him. He seemed to appreciate the gesture, and instantly forgave her for her infraction.

    Therefore, she was here to reapply the same trick!

    Su Ziqian spotted Xiao Chun, and her expression sank. But Su Ziqian was a woman on a mission, and didn’t want to waste her time with her. She pretended not to see her, and with her chin in the air, continued walking.

    However, as she passed Xiao Chun, Xiao Chun suddenly stuck her arm out and rudely blocked her way.

    Su Ziqian suppressed the anger that had ignited within her and forced a smile out. “Hello, Miss Xiao, here we meet again!” she greeted, “I’m in a hurry to meet Yu, and won’t stay to chat with you. I treat you to a meal if we get the opportunity to meet again next time!”

    Xiao Chun was already in a bad mood due to Gu Yu’s attitude towards her, and considering that Su Ziqian was someone she disliked, she unleashed it on her. She immediately refuted her, and said discourteously, “Forget it. If it were your treat, I might very well choke to death!”

    “How dare you!”

    Xiao Chun glanced at the lunchbox in her hand and mocked, “Su Ziqian, the office is a place for working, not for you to engage in your romance! Even if you’re trying to seduce a man, you need to judge the setting! Stop displaying those slutty tricks you learned from the entertainment industry! It’s embarrassing!”