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Chapter 86 - It Has Started, A Beautiful Future!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 86: It Has Started, A Beautiful Future!

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    Su Cha raised her brows in amazement as she listened to Le Anqi, who was deviously telling her about the matter.

    As her attacks were not heavy-handed, Su Cha was sure that she had only knocked the hooligans unconscious.

    Why did they suddenly disappear?

    Could it be that they had offended someone else? Did the person take advantage of the attack, and hid behind Su Cha to get back at the group of hooligans?

    After all, it was not uncommon to see an average person get back at the arrogant and lawless individuals who bullied the weak in society.


    Bo Muyi’s name flashed past Su Cha’s mind.


    Bo Muyi had promised her that he would not send someone to trail her, he would keep his promise.

    If I did not tell him about it, how would he have known about this matter?

    Su Cha very quickly put her doubts about Bo Muyi at the back of her mind. She could not question Bo Muyi about it. If Bo Muyi accused her of not trusting him, that would be a real injustice.

    It was impossible to determine if it was retribution, but this did not concern Su Cha, and the police were not involved. Hence, Su Cha need not be bothered by it.

    Soon, the weekend arrived. Although there was no time for respite, the senior class had the privilege of having one less afternoon class, and the seniors could head home earlier.

    Su Cha made full use of the extra time to embroider.

    Under Su Cha’s nimble fingers, the head of the kingfisher quickly transformed into a complete kingfisher. Contrasted with the white cotton fabric, the completed embroidery piece came to life. The bird was perched on a black embroidered branch, and it seemed like it would start chirping anytime.

    The art was filled with vitality.

    Su Cha carefully trimmed the white cotton fabric with the sewing machine before she hand-stitched the cut material on a T-shirt.

    With her diligent practice over the past few days, the flow of vitality through her body was more intense. Su Cha felt more agile and skillful in her actions, and her five senses felt sharper too.

    Her embroidery work was far more dexterous than before.

    Before she ended the stitch, Su Cha skilfully embroidered her initials in the body of the kingfisher. As she utilized the same colored thread, the initials were unnoticeable. One could only see the initials when they looked at the art diagonally.

    The embroidered initials would be the logo that marked Su Cha’s original works to prevent piracy.

    Embroidery works can be easily counterfeited, but it would be impossible to mimic the logo.

    The sleeveless t-shirt was wide and long, and girls could choose to wear it as a dress. On its own, the plain white t-shirt was inconspicuous. But with the embroidered lively kingfisher on the bust area, the entire dress took on another aura and became extremely vibrant.

    This was her first piece of work, and Su Cha had wanted to keep it. Su Cha knew that the embroidery techniques were complex. If she had worn it out, everyone would know that she had made this piece and that would have brought her unnecessary trouble.

    After deliberating it for a while, she registered for a seller’s account on the nation’s largest online shopping site, Pet Cat Shopping Site. She listed her embroidered piece online and emphasized that it was S’s first embroidered work.

    The selling price was 1000 yuan.

    An average consumer would not purchase it. But, what Su Cha was selling was a premium handcrafted item. If she gained fame, the price of the piece would only increase further.

    At the same time, Su Cha had recorded the embroidery process as a video.

    Su Cha monitored the video to ensure that she did not leak any vital information in the background. After learning how to edit the video online, Su Cha cut and compressed the video into a short one-minute clip before uploading it onto her Meiyin channel.

    Now, she would have to wait for the video responses.

    Su Cha was looking forward to selling the embroidered shirt and hearing responses to her Meiyin video.

    If there were no responses, she would not be discouraged. She just had to slowly work harder.

    Everything should be done, a step at a time.

    After thinking about it, Su Cha prepared to work on her next embroidery piece. This time, she decided to embroider a more intricate design.