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Chapter 122 - How To Conciliate The Boss?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 122: How To Conciliate The Boss?

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    Huo Beichen had eagerly assigned the manor’s housekeeper to prepare xiaolongbao1 and pumpkin porridge, Ning Meng’s favorite dishes, for breakfast.

    However, when Ning Meng had finally come down from her room, she had gone straight to the door. Huo Beichen did not even get to talk to her!

    Besides… Lin Qingbei? Who was that? No one was better than him?

    Huo Beichen’s face turned dark as a whiff of cold air swirled wildly in the dining hall. He had now lost his entire appetite even though there was a full table of breakfast prepared in front of him.

    He stood up from his chair and walked toward the front door. Before he could even reach it, the pink Maserati had zoomed out the gate with a loud vroom.


    Huo Beichen’s face turned even darker than before, emitting a seethingly dangerous aura from his body.

    Raising his phone, Huo Beichen typed a message to Ning Meng: [Where are you going?]

    Ning Meng was driving when she received the message. Needing to concentrate on the road, she sent him a voice message: “Good morning, hubby~! I didn’t see you anywhere in the house when I woke up! Aww~ I felt that my blood sugar started to get so low that I was getting hypoglycemia! How could you go to the office that early~ Oh, I’m heading to the TV station for work right now, but don’t worry, I will come back home early tonight to prepare noodles for you~”

    Hearing her voice message, Huo Beichen stared at his phone’s screen for a while before unwillingly deleting the message [Come back.] that he was about to send.

    At the Huo Group.

    After Huo Beichen had entered his office, Qi Shan barged into the office, ignoring his boss’s bad mood, and asked, “Boss! So~ who is this new lady that you intend to woo?”

    Huo Beichen shot him a look. “Don’t have anything to do, do you?”


    “Get the documents of that Project City H prepared for me by this evening.”


    There were a lot of papers involved in that project! It would take at least 3 days to get it done.

    After understanding that he might have said something wrong, Qi Shan shut his mouth and stood aside silently.

    After a while, Su Ye and Fei Bai had also arrived. While they waited for Huo Beichen to sign the papers they had brought in, the three stooges stood together, quietly awaiting their next orders.

    They did not dare to talk, thus, they took out their phones and started chatting in the “Is Boss Angry Today?” WeChat group.

    Qi Shan: [sobs! Boss is so scary today! What should we do?]

    Su Ye: [I don’t know. Please teach us how to conciliate the boss? @Ning Meng]

    Qi Shan: [Will boss be happy if I give him half of all my money?]

    Su Ye: [Do you think the boss will care about that meager amount of money you possess?]

    Qi Shan: [Then, what should I do? I have no experience in calming the boss down.]

    Fei Bai: [One’s mood will get better after killing someone.]

    Ning Meng, who was dilly-dallying at Lin Qingbei’s resting room, had seen these messages.

    Heh, Mr. Fei Bai was still as trigger-happy as ever.

    Ning Meng: [So, are you three the only ones near Lord Chen right now? Well, of course we can’t have Lord Chen kill Fei Bai. Su Ye is a doctor. Due to the law of war, you can’t kill a doctor. Thus, the only one left is a retard who can’t contribute anything. Let him kill that one.”

    Qi Shan could not help but yell out, “Argh! This stupid woman is so heartless!”

    As he was about to type a reply, Ning Meng sent another message:[So, are you not willing to admit you have low IQ? Okay, quiz time~ The Math teacher has given us 10 sets of homework. We have completed 3 sets. Now, how many sets are there?]

    Qi Shan: [This is easy! 7!]

    Ning Meng: [Heh!]

    Su Ye: [10]

    Qi Shan looked at Su Ye in confusion. “Why?”

    Su Ye replied, “This isn’t a Math problem. Use your head.”

    When Qi Shan looked at his phone again, he saw that Fei Bai had also replied: [10]

    Qi Shan looked at Fei Bai, “Why did you answer ’10’ as well?”

    Just as Fei Bai was about to explain to him, suddenly, they felt a surge of cold air clouding over them.

    The three stooges slowly turned their heads toward the desk, and they saw that Huo Beichen was glaring sharply at their phones. “You have a WeChat Group with her in it?”